Village of Mantua
Public Records Requests

The Village of Mantua Government belongs to the citizens of Mantua Village. We conduct our government activities in the open, and we are proud of our strong commitment to this important principle of democracy.

If you would like to request public records, you can make a request in writing any time. A written request is not mandatory, but it will help us provide the public records you are requesting in a more timely fashion. You may also keep your identity private if you prefer.

If you want to inspect a record, there is no charge, but it must be done on Village property when the record is available and during regular business hours of 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. There is no charge if you would like the record emailed to you. If you are requesting paper copies, the cost is $0.05 per single-sided page. The cost of a CD is $1.00 (one dollar). If you want something mailed to you, postage costs are assessed at actual cost. The employee handling the request will figure the total cost for you. Advance payment may be required before your request is fulfilled.

We will do everything possible to fulfill your request in a reasonable amount of time. If the request is for an older record or a large request, it may take some time to locate and prepare the response to your request. The proper subject of a public records request is a record that actually exists at the time of the request; the Village has no duty to create a record to respond to a request, nor to provide records that were not in existence at the time of the request or that the Village does not possess, including records that later come into existence.

If you need more details on our records policy, please ask, and we will be happy to show you or answer your questions.

Click here for public records request form.

Village of Mantua Public Records Policy

  1. Introduction
    We are an open government. We welcome participation by our citizens. We believe openness leads to a better informed public, which leads to more transparent government and better public policy. Citizens are entitled to access government records and the Public Records Act should be interpreted liberally in favor of disclosure.

  2. Hours and Costs
    You may make public records requests in any Mantua Village Government Office between the hours of 8:00AM and 3:00PM on weekdays, excluding government holidays.

    For copies of public records on 8.5 x 11 inch one sided paper in black ink, the copy cost is five cents per page. CDs are $1.00. We may require you to pay the estimated copy costs before copies are made. All other copies (photos, etc.) will be provided at actual cost. If records are mailed to you, we may charge you, in advance, postage and the cost of mailing materials.

  3. How To Make A Public Records Request
    We will provide prompt inspection of public records and copies of public records in a reasonable period of time. When you make a request, we will ask you to complete a Public Records Request Form RC 101, which will help us locate the records and expedite your request. You are not legally required to fill out the form, identify yourself, or give the purpose of your request. If the records cannot be provided while you wait, we will contact you when the records are available.

  4. Definition Of Public Records
    Under Ohio law, public records are those items that meet all of the following elements:

    1. Any document, device, or item, regardless of physical form or characteristic, including an electronic record;

    2. That is created or received by, or coming under the jurisdiction of a public office; and

    3. That documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office. This does not include records kept for our administrative convenience.

    You may ask for a copy of our records retention schedule, which will familiarize you with the types of records available.

  5. Records That Will Not Be Released
    Under Ohio law, some records that meet the above three elements will still be withheld from release because state or federal law makes the record confidential. Some commonly-requested records that are confidential include:

    1. Attorney-client privileged information and trial preparation records

    2. Social Security numbers

    3. Records of ongoing investigations

    4. Medical records

    5. BMV records

    6. Records that a judge ordered to be sealed per a statute
    7. Peace Officer, firefighter, EMT, prosecutor, assistant prosecutor, children's services worker, or corrections officer, Residential and Familial Information (R.C. 149.43(A)(7));

  6. Limitations
    We may limit to ten the number of public records mailed to you, unless you certify in writing that you do not intend to use the records for commercial purposes.

    We will not provide copies of public records that we create or receive after your original request is completed.

  7. Questions or Concerns
    If you have questions or concerns about Ohio Public Records law, please contact your state legislator. You can find contact information at