Mantua Matters

September 2006


Hi everyone! A hot, rainy summer is over, the kids are back in school, leaves are turning color and soon the great smells of fall will be in the air. Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas shopping lists will be here before we know it.

This issue covers September, October & November, plus some past events. Please read and enjoy!


On July 9th, 2006, approximately 300 people attended the open house at the new Government Center on West High Street.

Reverend Jeffrey Jackson gave the invocation. In the Mayor’s absence, Village Solicitor David Benjamin acted as emcee.

A representative from the office of Rep. Steve Latourette presented a certificate of Congressional Recognition and Achievement and an American flag. Rep. Kathleen Chandler presented a Proclamation on behalf of the House of Representatives of the 126th General Assembly of Ohio. Portage County Commissioner Maureen Frederick gave the Village a County flag and spoke to the crowd.

Members of Council passed a resolution dedicating the new Government Center to Mayor Claude E. Hopkins for his diligent effort and hard work in making this a successful venture. A plaque was presented to the Mayor’s wife, Linda, in his absence.

A proclamation was also presented to Mike McCauley and the Chrysler Corporation for their generous efforts in assisting with the completion of the necessary renovations. Mike generously donated his time and the Chrysler Corporation allowed Mike to work as part of a special community work program.

Also recognized were the Mantua Township trustees for their collaboration in the Village’s purchase of the building.

Reverend Douglas Riley did the closing prayer. Those attending were then invited to tour the new facility and to enjoy a lavish array of refreshments.

The new offices are now up and running and for those of you who could not attend the open house, please feel free to stop in for an informal tour.

Betsy M. Woolf,
Clerk Treasurer


The Village is happy to welcome new Assistant Clerk, Sue Skrovan. Sue has lived in the Mantua area since 1992. She grew up in Northfield, OH, one of seven children. Her siblings all still reside in Northeast Ohio.

Sue worked in Twinsburg and Northfield Village before coming to Mantua. She has worked in an office setting for over 25 years.

She is very involved in the community, as a member of the Ladies Cemetery Assn in Mantua Township and current president of the Mantua Center Garden Club. She has been secretary for the Mantua Township Zoning Commission since May of 1999.

Sue is an eager volunteer, loves gardening and yard work. She enjoys doing puzzles, reading and watching good movies.

She loves living in this area and is very excited about her new job with the Village. We are happy to have her here and wish her the best of luck.


If you’re looking for a digital photographer to take pictures of your wedding or other special event, then Terry Sneed is your man.

Terry recently moved to the Village and is available to do digital photography. He will place the photos on a CD for you, so that you can email them to relatives or friends that could not attend or would like a picture.

He provides 800 - 1000 4" by 6" pictures included in your package. He will also include enlargements and has a portfolio of his work for you to see.

For more information, call Terry at 440-655-9007 or on the web You can also email him at

We are pleased to welcome Terry to our community and wish him the best of luck.


This report covers the months of May, June and July, 2006

Total Cases: 167
Traffic/Parking Cites: 115
Warnings: 168
Criminal Arrests: 22
Calls to Dispatch: 1,728
Total Mileage: 6,832
Mutual Aid Calls: 105
Officer Hours Worked: 2,600
Dispatch Hours Worked: 2,272
Citizen/Motorist Assists: 121
Open Doors/Windows: 41
Suspicious Persons/Vehicles: 74
House Checks: 134
Bar Checks: 62
Water/Sewer Plant Checks: 205
Reservoir Checks: 193
Lift Station Checks:924

The Department will move to the new Government Center building, at 4650 W. High Street on August 28th. Phone numbers remain the same and the mailing address is PO Box 775, Mantua Ohio 44255.

NEW WHEELS The Police Department has taken delivery of 2 new, 2006 Chevrolet Impala police cars. Both are fully equipped with the latest police equipment and should be on the road by September 1st.


Consumers wishing to give to charitable causes benefiting the victims of tragedies, should be on their guard. Here is a list of tips to follow before giving:

Examine all charitable options before giving.

Be wary of charities with “sound-alike" names of more familiar organizations

Do not agree to give money over the telephone if 1) the caller is hesitant to answer your questions 2) high-pressure tactics are used 3) you are guaranteed to win a prize if you make a donation 4) the caller offers to have a carrier immediately pick up the donation.

Under Ohio law, professional solicitors must disclose the following information before asking for a donation: 1) that they are a professional solicitor 2) the name of the solicitor and 3) the name and address of the charity for whom they are soliciting.

Consumers should ask the following questions when asked to give to charities.

If you have questions or suspicions about charitable giving, call the Attorney General’s Office at 1-900-282-0515.

H. W. Buchert, Chief of Police


The Portage County Soap Box Derby held their annual Local race on Saturday, June 17. The race was again held on the East High Street hill in the Village of Mantua.

Following a week of inspections, 37 cars were impounded at Vanguard Lazer, waiting for race day. On Saturday morning Board members and volunteers were busy preparing the track, including lining the entire track with end to end hay bales for safety purposes.

It was a beautiful day, with not a cloud in sight. Although the temperature was in the high eighties, there was a wonderful breeze blowing, making it a perfect day for the race.

The first heat of the day was on the hill at about 10:00 and the race progressed smoothly until the last heat was run. The race ran perfectly, with no problems, no accidents, and only one car striking the timer. This caused only a very short delay.

Winning the stock division was Kameron Kukasky of Atwater. Super stock winner was Anna Heritage of Mantua, and our first time masters race was won by Tyler Gallagher, also of Mantua. All three winners qualified to race in the World Championship in Akron on July 22. Although none of our winners won the All American, they are all still champions, as are all of our racers.

Regional Director, Pat Taylor, of South Charleston, West Virginia, attended the race and was greatly impressed with the Village, the track, and the job done by the Board. He made several comments that this was the most impressive race he has ever attended, and should be used as an example of how a race should be run.

The awards banquet was held on Thursday, June 23rd, where every racer was presented with a trophy and a tool bag filled with several other nice prizes. Although there were torrential rains the night of the banquet, most of the racers could be found in the parking lot after the ceremony, soaking each other with squirt guns, one of the prizes they were awarded. Everyone had a great time, and all are looking forward to next years' race.

Portage County Soap Box Derby members are very proud to have received an OUTSTANDING RACE 2006 award. This award is presented, based on safety, compliance with All American rules, sportsmanship, overall atmosphere, and other conditions. The award was one of four presented out of a field of 168 race cities worldwide. This was a great honor and exemplifies the dedication the Portage County Board shows in planning and running this race.

Board members are already starting to plan for next years' race. There is a tremendous amount of work involved and it has to be started early to raise funding, find sponsors, and schedule work shops, etc. We are always looking for sponsors, and anyone interested can contact any Board member for information. Sponsoring the race is a great way to support the children of Portage County. We could not keep this going without the support of the community.

We are also looking for new racers and new Board members. Soap Box Derby racing is a great program for kids and families alike, and being a Board member is a very rewarding experience. Anyone interested in becoming a racer, a Board member, or a sponsor should call Bob Sovil. 330-584-6235 (E-Mail or Dean Olson 330-274-8475.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information can also come see us at the Portage County Fair, starting August 22.

Barb Sovil
Portage County Soap Box Derby


Rotary-sponsored Mantua Farmers’ Markets have shown some growth this summer. Our fall dates are September 16 and October 21 (the third Saturday of the month). Hours are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Buchert Park on East High Street.

Shoppers may make selections from fresh garden produce, apples, peaches, honey, jams, jellies, vinegars, maple products, Spanish bread and baked goods. You don’t want to miss this great selection of local farm products.

Rotary Club is planning its third annual Variety Show at Haydn Auditorium, Hiram College early in 2007. It’s not too early to get a musical number together - solo or ensemble - or if you know of someone who should be performing, encourage them to contact us. Watch for more details in the future.




The Crestwood Lions Club would like to congratulate member, Doug McIntosh as the newest recipient of the Melvin E. Jones Fellowship Award. Lion Doug was surprised by the award which was given to him for an outstanding 22 years of dedicated service to the community as a Lion. This award is the highest award given by Lions International to individual members for outstanding years of service.

The Crestwood Girls Track Team was honored with a special plaque by the Lions Club at their Annual steak fry dinner. The team’s coach, Bernice Usher, her husband Randy, Crestwood Athletic Director Steve Matheos and his wife Bonnie were present at dinner. Congratulations to the girls on all their accomplishments.

Thanks to all those who have donated to the Pilot Dog program for the sight impaired. The current cost of one sight dog is $7,500. Lion Harold Ullman has given much time to this endeavor and has raised enough money each year to sponsor a guide dog for a needy individual. If you wish to make a donation, please contact Lion Harold at 330-274-2516.

Please look for and support the Crestwood Lions Food Trailer, as it will be out at various events this year. All proceeds go towards the sight needs of the community and other community projects in the Crestwood School District.

The Potato Festival Parade will be led by none other than Lion Harold Ullman as the Grand Marshall of the 2006 Parade. Congratulations to Lion Harold for being selected. He has also been voted in as the next Deputy District Governor of Lions Multiple District 13-D for the 2006-07 year.

This means he will visit clubs and make sure that district clubs are performing their duties as governed by Lions International.

Lions International is made up of Lions Clubs dedicated to serving their communities by volunteers. If you are interested in learning about the Crestwood Lions Club, contact Lion Harold Ullman at 330-274-2516 or check us out on the web at or email us at


On August 4, 5, 6, 2006, Shalersville held their Bicentennial Celebration on the grounds of the former Shalersville elementary school, which is now owned by the Township.

Opening ceremony was held at 6:00 pm on August 6th. The first settlers, the Joel Baker Family, were represented by the Carlton Resh family who arrived in a horse drawn wagon. Birthday cake was served to all in attendance.

The evening opened with live entertainment and each day we had new entertainers. Those enjoying the music could sit in a tent, at picnic tables or bring their own lawn chairs.

On Saturday, a judging was held for costumes on the lawn of the newly-opened Historical Museum. If you did not get a chance to visit the museum then, watch for cars there and you can tour the building.

130 folks attended the Harvest Dinner on Saturday at the Town Hall. Following the dinner, all enjoyed walking down memory lane with long-time friends and classmates.

There were many displays, a craft tent, games for children, a variety of foods to enjoy and a car show on Saturday.

Sunday brought many out to see the Civil War ladies fashion show, followed by a baking contest. Baked goods were then sold and enjoyed.

A needlework display in the school building on both days, with quilts, both old and new, a wide variety of needlework including afghans, wall hangings, doilies and some very intricate hand work.

What a great weekend!! We were especially blessed with beautiful weather.

All in all, if you weren’t there, you missed a great chance to celebrate the 200th Birthday of Shalersville Township.

Many sincere thanks to our local supporters and to all who made this celebration possible.

Dorothy Caldwell,Clerk, Shalersville Township.



Call police immediately. Vehicle theft should be reported as soon as possible. However, before the vehicle can be listed as stolen, you need to have your vehicle’s license number and/or the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Stolen vehicles are sometimes used in the commission of other crimes. Quick action can result in the recovery of your vehicle as well as the prevention of another crime.

If the criminal is apprehended, be willing to file charges and to testify in court.


If you recover your own vehicle, do not touch or move it in order to preserve possible evidence. Call 911 to report the recovery. If you do not, your car will continue to be listed as stolen.


Etch Vehicle Identification Numbers on window glass trim. Engrave expensive accessories such as T-tops, radios, etc. with car’s VIN. Drop a business card into the door frame.

If possible, retain copies of all vehicle paperwork at home in a safe place. It is not good practice to keep the original certificate of title in the vehicle. If the car is stolen, this title can be altered easily and/or your signature can be forged.


Beware of fast sell pressures. Be cautious of the low-priced bargain car. Check the VIN to see if it has been altered. Be suspicious of fresh paint on a car. Verify that the inspection sticker and license plate are current and from the same state. Do not accept duplicate car keys. Complete all paperwork at the time of the sale.


Never allow a person to test drive the vehicle alone. Ask to see a driver’s license and write down the name, address, license number, etc. Make certain that the driver’s door contains a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Label with the VIN. Presence of this label is required by law.


Rules of flag decorum are set down in the Flag Code, composed in 1923 and adopted by Congress in 1942. This Code declares, “The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing". Based on this Code, there are many widely ignored flag “do’s and don’ts"

The flag should be displayed only from sunrise to sunset. If displayed at night, it must be “properly illuminated".

Unless it is an all-weather flag, it should not be displayed during inclement weather.

On a vehicle, the flag’s staff should be fixed firmly on the chassis or clamped to the right fender. It should not be flown from the antenna or displayed as a decal on the window.

There should be no writing or drawing on the surface of the flag.

The flag should never be used as apparel.

No part of the flag should ever be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform. Exceptions are made for the uniforms of military personnel, firemen, policemen and patriotic organizations.

The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, for example, the traditional Super Bowl display of a flag stretching across the field.

It is widely - but incorrectly - believed that a flag that touches the ground must be destroyed. The Code says not to let a flag touch the ground, but it does demand disposal of such a flag. It does however state that when a flag is no longer serviceable, it should be destroyed, preferably by burning.

The federal Flag Code states, “The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever".

So fly “Old Glory" proudly, but always remember, it is a “living thing".

Source - USA Weekend 2006



Again this year, Mantua Village will be participating in the annual events along the beautiful Cuyahoga River. We look forward to this Saturday every year, as we join with you and your families, in celebrating along our river.

This year, Mantua will host “Riverscape 2006" during the Potato Festival in September. This is a venue sponsored by the Upper Cuyahoga River Watershed Task Force. Mantua Village, along with over 11 other State, County and area agencies who come together with activities that are fun, educational and interactive for all.

These activities include displays, demonstrations on the river, scenic river canoe trips, kid’s casting contests and much more and will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2006, from noon to 5:00 pm.

Brush Pickup

The monthly brush pickup is underway and will continue on the 2nd Monday of each month unless a holiday.

The last brush pickup this year will be on Tuesday, October 10th. Remember, wood chips are available to all Village residents. They may be picked up at the Service Department on E. High St. beyond the river or contact us at 330-274-8188 for delivery.

Fall Leaf Pickup

The leaves will soon be falling. Remember to get your clear leaf bags, free of charge, from the Village Police Department, Service Garage or Fire Station. Fill them with leaves only (no brush, bushes, etc.) and place them on the tree lawn. The Service Department will then pick them up.

The Village is proud of the fact that over 95% of the bagged leaves from past years have been recycled into nurseries and other area agricultural uses. This approach has saved the Village quite a sum of money. The key to the program’s success is the effort put forth by you, the citizen.

No Fall Clean-UP

The Village will NOT be having a Fall Clean-up this year. There will be a Spring pick-up in 2007, the date to be announced later.


After a brief summer hiatus, the American Legion and Auxiliary Soup Suppers resumed on Friday, September 1st.

Suppers are held the first Friday of every month at the Village Park Lodge at 6:00 pm. Please note that they have had to increase the cost to $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under age 12.

For this you get soup, hot dog and sausage bar, salad, dessert and beverage, no tax and no tip. As an added bonus you get great fellowship with friends and neighbors and sometimes even pick up a bit of gossip.

Keep in mind that if you bring a crockpot of soup, you receive one free dinner, and the chance to show off your favorite soup recipe.


The American Legion meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month from September through May 2007 (except November) at 7:30 pm at the Post Home on East High Street. Congratulations to new Post Commander, William O. Cartwright.

The Legion conducted a flag presentation at the opening of the new Government Center and at the Historical Society of Shalersville for their 200th Birthday Celebration. They will also provide Color Guard and parade participation at the Potato Festival.

The American Legion Auxiliary meetings are held on the second Monday of each month from September through May, 2007 at 1:00 pm, also at the Post Home Congratulations to new Auxiliary President Kathleen (Pat) Miller.

Poppy Days in May were a great success thanks to organizer Ruth Balge, all of the Legion & Auxiliary members to stood in the cold and rain and collected over $1,000. This money is used to benefit veterans and their families. Thanks also go to area residents who generously contributed.

Strategies for Downtown Revitalization

Commercial revitalization improves communities, reduces blighted areas, increases property values and reduces sprawl.

Learn what can be done to improve the Mantua- Shalersville area at the follow-up to our March community visioning meeting.

You won’t want to miss the next community meeting to be held the evening of September 20 in the cafeteria of Crestwood Intermediate School. Four experts on revitalization will discuss their areas of expertise from funding to marketing a strong commercial district. Results of the Village business survey and the prior meeting’s visioning exercise will also be available

Mark your calendar now and watch for details about this important event!

Chamber of Commerce