Ordinances passed so far this year, include:


By now, most of you have had a chance to see the new Welcome to Mantua sign on the Triangle at the south limits of the Village.

This beautiful addition to our community was designed and donated to the Village by former resident, Janice Abram, daughter of John and Ethel Berg.

It was constructed by Greg Benner of Benner Concrete Construction.

The Village wishes to express their appreciation for this very generous gift.



Do you know what could happen to our child if left alone in a vehicle?

___Heat Stroke & Death
___Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
___Child Abduction
X All of the above

Leaving our child in a parked vehicle can be a deadly mistake!

Heat Stroke & Death:

Because of its many windows, the inside of your car is like a greenhouse. It sounds incredible, but even if the weather is mildly warm and you leave your windows slightly opened, the temperature inside the car can reach 120 to 140 degrees in a matter of minutes.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion include high body temperature, mental confusion, headache, nausea, muscle pain and cramping. A heatstroke is an extension of heat exhaustion in which a child’s temperature rises to greater than 104 degrees. In extreme cases, coma and death may occur if treatment is delayed. Also remember that your pets can be affected too.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Everyone is a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, deadly gas. Because you can not see if, taste it, or smell it, carbon monoxide can kill you before you know it is there.

Fumes from a running automobile contain carbon monoxide. Leaving your child or pets in a running automobile puts them both at risk, especially if the heat or air conditioning is left on and the windows are rightly closed. This causes the carbon monoxide to be trapped inside with your child and pets.

Child Abduction:

The statistics are startling when it comes to missing children. The FBI estimates that as many as 2,300 children are reported missing to the police each day.

Infants and young children need appropriate supervision at all times to keep them safe. Leaving your child unattended, even for a brief time puts your child at risk of being abducted.

Older children need to be warned of the dangers and properly informed of the safety issues - issues that might save their lives.




Now that school is over for the summer and the kids are out and about, here is a reminder regarding the curfew that exists in the Village.

Children under the age of 14 are not to be out, on the streets, between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am; ages 14 & 15 between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am; ages 16 & 17 between midnight and 6 am unless they are in the company of a parent or legal guardian.




If you think Mantua is a bit of an unusual name, try living in:

All are real, legitimate towns in the good old US of A. Honest!!


Mantua Village will once again be participating in the annual events along the beautiful Cuyahoga River. We look forward to this Saturday every year, we join with you and your families, in celebrating on and along our River.

This year Mantua Village will host “Riverscape 2004” during the Potato Festival in September. This is a venue sponsored by the Upper Cuyahoga River Watershed Task Force. Mantua Village, Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department, along with over 11 other State, County and area agencies who come together with activities that are fun, educational, and interactive for all.

Look for the time and date in future Mantua Matters and Potato Festival Flyers.



The monthly brush pick-up is underway and will continue on the second Monday of each month through October l2, 1004.

All brush is to be placed at the curb with the cut ends facing the street. Branches over 8’ in length or 4” in diameter will not be picked up, nor will thorny bush trimmings or yard waste.

Chipping is intended for brush collection that has been trimmed by homeowners during routine maintenance. The Village crew will spend 20 minutes maximum at a property. The homeowner will be responsible for the disposal of brush/limbs from removal of tree(s), lot clearing, clearing along fence line or property boundaries and is not to be placed at the curb. If a contractor has been hired to perform the work, the contractor is responsible for brush/limb removal.



PHASE I - This portion of the Headwaters Trail in the Village was completed in 2002. This stretch of trail starts at McDonalds and proceeds West towards Mennonite Road.

This is a Village project and was paid for by a Grant we received from ODNR. We also plan to develop rest (benches) areas along the trail this summer.

PHASE II - This part of the trail will connect the section from Garrettsville By proceeding West across the Cuyahoga River pedestrian bridge and then along Mill Street to the Phase I trail

We hope to have this link completed by mid-July.



The Village Water Line Loop project on Franklin Street is nearly complete. This project looped the dead end line on Franklin to Prospect and replaced an old, deteriorated water line between Bank One and the gas station. The loop should now provide for better water quality and fire protection flows.

The Reservoir Booster Station project should be completed by mid-July. This work will provide better pressures to the Reservoir Drive residents, an on-site back up generator power system and needed flows to the new schools located off Bowen Road and Pioneer Trail.

We are just starting the Main Street Signalization and Turn Lanes project. This consists of total intersection widening and reconstruction at Main and High Streets including new traffic lights and crosswalk signals. Also, turning lanes for North and South bound traffic will be added. Turning lanes for North bound traffic are also being added at McDonalds restaurant and the High School drive entrance. This work is scheduled to be completed by the 1st week in August.

50% of the funding for this project is being provided by a Grant from Issue 2 money from the Ohio State Public Works.

The Main and High Street intersection work involves some major power line changes in that area. We have asked for First Energy, “Ohio Edison” to move some poles and this work has involved tree trimming in the area.

Under the review of Chuck Englehart, Mantua Shade Tree Commission Chairman and Dave Connor, First Energy Forestry Arborist, every effort has been taken to minimize the impact to the trees while working under the tight constraints of the utility location.

We thank all of you for your patience and understanding during these various projects. Your cooperation has been and will be greatly appreciated here at the Village Service Department.



July 3.……..Stay Out of The Sun Day
July 4.………………Independence Day
July 17.…….Cow Appreciation Day
July 29.…………….Parents Day
July 31.……..Mutt’s Day

July is National Recreation and Parks Month


August………………Very dull month - NO Holidays
August 6.…..National Fresh Breath Day
August 14.….National Garage Sale Day
August 25.….Kiss and Make-up Day
August is National Inventor’s Month


September 6.……Labor Day
Sept. 5.……..Be Late for Something Day
September 11.…Grandparents Day
Sept. 19.…….Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 23.…First Day of Fall
Sept. 27.…….National Good Neighbor Day
September is National Chicken Month



Jul 1, 1961.……………..Princess Diana
Jul 5, 1810.……………..P.T. Barnum
Jul 24, 1898.……………Amelia Earhart
Jul 30, 1863.……………Henry Ford

Aug 1, 1779.…………….Francis Scott Key
Aug 8, 1797.…………….Mary Shelley
Aug 24, 1890.…………..Duke Kahanamoku

Sep. 7, 1533.………Queen Elizabeth I
Sep 15, 1890.………Agatha Christy
Sep 21, 1866.………H. G. Wells
Sep 26, 1898.………George Gershwin


Q: What is it like to fall in love?

A: “Like an avalanche where you have to run for your life.” (Roger, 9)

Q: How do you feel about love?

A: “I’m in favor of it as long as it doesn’t happen when the “Simpsons” are on TV.” (Alan, 7)

Q: What is the proper age to get married?

A. “I am going to wait until I’m done with kindergarten.” (Tom, 5)

Q. How important are looks in love?

A. “Beauty is only skin deep. But how rich you are can last a long time.” (Christine, 9)

Q: What do you need to know before you get married?

A: “One of you needs to know how to write a check. Even if you have tons of love there are still bills to pay.” (Ava, 8)

Q: “What are people thinking when they say “I Love You”?

A: “The person is thinking, Yeah, I really do love him, but I hope he showers at least once a day.” ( Mary, 10)

Q: How do you make love last?

A: “Be a good kisser. It might make your wife forget that you never take out the trash.” (Randy, 8)


Please keep in mind that this is “your” paper, I welcome all ideas, suggestions, and even complaints and criticism. If there is something you would like to know about or read about, please let me know.

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I hope you enjoyed this issue of Mantua Matters. Next issue will be in September.

Bye for now,

Diane Hura, Editor

Remember: Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance!