Mantua Matters
December 2005


Building permits have been obtained for the new Government Center and and the project is expected to be completed in the Spring.

The State audit is ongoing, but should be completed by the end of the year.

Some of the Ordinances passed this year include: Adoption of the meeting schedule, Adoption of the Rules of Council, Acquisition of a police cruiser, Offering the present Village Hall for sale, Approval of Dental and Life Insurance for the next 3 years, Establishing and describing the boundaries of Mantua Village Reinvestment area, designating a Housing Officer and creating a Community Reinvestment Housing Council and Tax Incentive Review Council.


This report covers the months of August, September and October, 2005.

Total Cases:133
Traffic/Parking Cites:147
Criminal Arrests:12
Calls to Dispatch:2,072
Total Mileage:12,266
Mutual Aid Calls:158
Officer Hours Worked:2,415
Dispatch Hours Worked:2,324
Citizen/Motorist Assists:171
Open Doors/Windows:34
Suspicious Persons/Vehicles:43
House Checks:144
Bar Checks:121
Water/Sewer Plant Checks:261
Reservoir Checks:219
Lift Station Checks:902


SnowÖ.SnowÖwhere are you? Although we have been fortunate to not have very much snow yet this winter, the likelihood that we will be burdened with heavy snow is still there. The heavy snow and your handling of it, potentially threatens the safety of our pedestrians, especially our children.

Snow Parking Ban

Remember that with the bad weather of winter, come special considerations to allow our Service Department crews to keep ahead of Old Man Winter. An overnight parking ban is in effect from 3am to 6am on various streets in the downtown business district year-round, but is especially critical when the snow flies.

In addition, if a SNOW EMERGENCY is called (usually after, but not limited to a snowfall of over 2-3 inches) there is to be no parking on any Business District street or any other Village street during the designated period of time. Any vehicle parked in these areas may be towel.

During the regular snowy days, you would make life much easier for your Service crews, if you would be a good neighbor and park off-street as much as possible. It helps them to do a better job of clearing the snow, which makes it safer for all of us.

The Village of Mantua will not be responsible for replacing any type of improvements made by residents within the road right-of-way, if damaged by snowplow operations. Examples include, railroad ties, decorative gravel, sprinkler heads and lines, lighting, shrubs and trees.

With the winter season upon us and in order to help our employees to continue to do an excellent job of keeping our streets clear, the Service Department would like to inform you of certain procedures that apply to the removal of snow and the salting of streets throughout the Village.

Streets must be plowed from side to side as quickly as possible, to allow full width emergency equipment and to provide full driving lanes for motorists. Plowing will be performed on all primary streets first followed by secondary.

Drainage basins must be kept clear of ice and snow to allow melt water to drain properly and to prevent ice dams and ice buildup that creates road hazards. All residents must make every effort to comply with a snow parking ban to allow the Service Department full access to pavement for thorough snow plow and salting.

We must all work together to keep our sidewalks clear and snow piles low for safety. This is a community-wide problem. Together we can solve it. If assistance is needed or questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact the Village Service or Police Departments.

Christmas Trees

The Village Service crews will pick up your discarded Christmas trees. Place the tree at the curb or on the lawn. The trees are then chipped and recycled.


As the holidays approach, the Village Service Department: Ed Trego, Donna Maynard, Time Wojtas, Paul Brannon and Tom Bowersox with for the Citizens of Mantua ----Peace-----

Peace in our World, Peace in our Country, Peace in our state, Peace in our Community and Peace in our Hearts. The Service Department would like to take this opportunity to thank the local companies and individuals who have made generous donations of their time and/or materials to the Village for use in the parks, trails, cemetery and all other Village properties.

It is the generosity of people like this that helps to make Mantua a great place to live, work and raise a family. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


ďOhioís winters are known for their unpredictability,Ē commented Chief Buchert. ďI suggest you take the following precautions in order to stay safe on the road.Ē

Chief Buchert mentioned that preparing an emergency kit for your car is also a good idea. Include such items as: blankets, extra clothing, dry rations (raisins, nuts, candy), a flashlight with extra batteries, flares, a steel shovel and sand in case you are stuck, and waterproof matches with candles.

The Chief said that the best protection from problems with winter driving is winterizing your car--get a tune up, consider snow tires or chains. Chief Buchert concluded that winter driving does not have to be a hazardous undertaking. A few simple precautions can prevent accidents from happening and keep you prepared just in case they do occur.

The key to having a survival kit in your car is to have it within reach. You must be able to access your survival kit from inside your vehicle. The following is a list of basic items that you should have assembled in some sort of bag or carrier in your vehicle, especially during winter months.


The Village Planning & Zoning Commissions need your help! The Village has a contract with Portage County Regional Planning Commission to prepare a Comprehensive Growth Plan over the next 18 months.

Citizen involvement is critical in the development of this plan. In the first half of January 2006, a questionnaire will be mailed to each household requesting basic information and soliciting opinions. A public meeting in the second half of January will be held to discuss the results of the survey.

Watch Channel 25 or the Village website for the time and date.

If you want your voice to be heard regarding the direction the Village is heading (or should be heading), this is your opportunity. Get involved and make a difference.


The annual Christmas tree sale is currently under way at the Mantua-Shalersville Fire Station. The cost is $25 per tree. We have Douglas fir and Scotch pine this year. We will continue selling until they are gone. Hours are: weekends from 9 am until dark. Contact Tom or Brenda Mesaros at 330-527-0725 for more information on weekday hours.

The Crestwood Lions would like to thank everyone who participated in the Lionís turkey shoot this year. Raffle winners will be announced at a later date. We look forward to this event next year.

The Carnation Day sale has come and gone again this year. Much thanks to the Mantua Flower Nook for helping us put this together. The proceeds from this event are going to the 4Cís food baskets this holiday season. The Lions have committed to helping the 4Cís raise money and acquire competitive pricing for turkeys for the holiday food baskets given out. The need has been greater this year for individuals and families. Much thanks to Lion Harry Hunter for working with Pat Sargent on coordinating the needed information to help the 4Cís. Thank you to Pat Sargent and the 4Cís for letting us have a part in serving the needs of the community.

Lions International is made up of Lions Clubs dedicated to serving their communities by volunteers. If you are interested in learning about the Crestwood Lions Club, contact Lion Harold Ullman at 330-274-2516 or check us out on the web at or email us at


The Rotary Club would like to say thank you to all who participated in the Biennial Christmas Tour of Homes. Thanks also to the Village Service Department for the Christmas decorations in the downtown area and to the merchants who decorated their store fronts. All of this contributed to the Holiday atmosphere of the tour.

The success of the tour will enable Rotary to purchase a clock for a downtown street, perhaps near the new Administration building on High St. Plans are already formulating for the Homes Tour 2007.

Another entertaining Variety Show is being planned for Saturday, February 11, 2006, at Hayden Auditorium at Hiram College at 7:30 pm. There will be some new acts to compliment the favorites of last January. You wonít want to miss it!

Circle the date on your new calendar - February 11 - and plan to come and bring your friends to a 2 hour show of music, dancing, clogging and fun entertainment.


Election day was a little different for Mantua residents this year, with the use of electronic voting machines. Pamphlets were available with instructions for their use and there were poll workers to help anyone having a problem.

Congratulations to area winners: Crestwood Board of Education members Norm Erickson and Martha Phillips. Shalersville Township Trustees Dennis Bujak and Larry Solak. Mantua Township Trustees, Victor Grimm and Mark Hall. Village residents re-elected Council members Jim Rogers and Marty Hura and elected new members, Ben Prescott and Giles Seith.

Turnout was good with 366 out of 708 registered voters showing up at the polls.


The Mantua American Legion Auxiliary Unit # 193 was chartered on August 24, 1928. Charter members were: Ella Carlton, Ella Winchell (your editorís grandmother), Erma Ross, Alva Knowlton, Carrie Heisa, Ines Coit, Martha Glenn, Ida Turner, Helen Haas, Catherine Bouhall, Gladys Magruder, Myrtle Jenkins, Eva Newhouse, Opal Seymour and Anna Haas.

The Unit now has 98 members and is seeking more. To join, one has to direct kin to a legion member or any deceased veteran.

In l985 Iris Shields served as Department (State) President. She died in office. Presently, Dorothy Brady serves as Department VA Hospital Representative. She has logged hundreds of volunteer hours at Brecksville VA Hospital.

The Unit spends itís entire income on Veterans, Children, Community, Poppy and Educational programs. They are presently collecting names and address of those serving overseas in order to send Monthly packages to them. The Unit is grateful to Betty Moore for providing postage money.

If you know of anyone presently serving overseas, please send the name and proper address to Myrtle Mayfield (330-562-6374), Ruth Balge (330-274-2107) or Kathleen Miller (330-274-8606).

The Unit also supplies American flags for all classrooms at Crestwood Schools.

The Auxiliary sponsors girls from the Junior Class at Crestwood to attend the famous GIRLíS STATE program held in June at Ashland College. Contact Carol Oros (330-274-2360) for further information on Girlís State.

In cooperation with the American Legion, the Auxiliary serves the monthly Soup Supper the first Friday of the month. They also serve dinner at the monthly Ruritan meetings.


As I remind everyone, in each issue, this is YOUR paper. It is about Mantua, its people, places and events.

If you have anything you would like to hear about, any ideas, suggestions or criticism, please let me know. Write to me c/o Village Hall, 4736 E. High St., Mantua, OH 44255. Or, you may call at 330-274-8737.

If you belong to an organization or club, I would be happy to print any information on your meetings or upcoming events.

Bye for now, see you in the Spring!!
Diane Hura, Editor