C.O.P.S. Program

  1. Foreword
  2. Community Policing Defined
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Goals
  5. Objectives
  6. Seat Belt Safety Program
  7. Eddie The Eagle
  8. Helmet Smart
  9. Bicycle Patrol
  10. House Checks
  11. Business Checks
  12. Foot Patrol
  13. Safety Town
  14. Juvenile Diversion
  15. D.A.R.E.
  16. Neighborhood Watch
  17. Hug-A-Bear
  18. Resident / Motorist Assistance
  19. Fingerprinting
  20. Child Passenger Safety Seats

Foreword To C.O.P.S. Manual

The Mantua Police Department has established many community-oriented programs to better serve the citizens of the Village of Mantua. There is a wide diversity of programs to meet the requests of the community. They serve not only to provide assistance to the adults and children, but they also educate and provide a partnership that has increased the quality of life here in the Village of Mantua.

Community Policing Defined

Community policing is an organizational philosophy and management approach that promotes community, government and police partnerships. Our approach to problem solving is to encourage proactive community support to address the causes of crime, the fears of our community and the welfare of all.

Mission Statement

This Police Department is a caring and sensitive organization dedicated to the concepts of personal excellence, teamwork and focused performances.

We believe in the dignity of all people, and we desire to protect individual rights. We aspire to contribute to the quality of life for all people by providing understanding and compassionate Law Enforcement services.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life throughout our community, which promotes safe and secure neighborhoods.

We take great pride in our professional accomplishments and abilities, and we profess an open partnership with citizens of the community and other Law Enforcement agencies for shared responsibilities.

All that serve on the Mantua Police Department will undertake this mission.


  1. Partnership: Develop a partnership in the community with businesses and citizens, to also include Village Council, Service agencies and the Portage County court systems to effectively achieve our goals.

  2. Structure: Develop an organizational structure and environment that reflects community values and concerns.

  3. Problem Solving: Better community living through pro-active policing with the assistance of the community to reduce the incidence and fear of crime.

  4. Accountability: Police and the community are jointly responsible for activity in the community.

  5. Service Orientation: To remember we are serving the community, equally, fairly, and without delay.

  6. Understanding: To increase the community's understanding through educational programs about crime.


  1. Increase our ability to deter crime, fear of crime and make community living issues better.

  2. Increase trust and understanding between the community and the Mantua Police Department.

  3. To establish effective community programs to support community efforts to fight crime.

  4. To use all resources available to establish long term programs to fight crime.

Seat Belt Safety Program

The Mantua Police Department currently teaches seat belt safety to our community's school district at the third grade level. The program was introduced by this department in 1990 and is part of a statewide program, which is funded by the Department of Public Safety. During this program our children are taught the importance of wearing a seat belt while riding in a motor vehicle. The Department of Public Safety supplies material ranging from coloring books to brightly colored tee shirts for classroom use.

The Police officer demonstrates the proper use of a seat belt. The officer encourages the children to ask their parents to wear a seat belt during the operation of the family car. The officer demonstrates the results of wearing a seat belt and not wearing a seat belt in a crash. This is accomplished by using an egg, a small car and tracks that are sloped downhill. The demonstration is conducted with the egg buckled in and not buckled in. We have found this to be a successful educational program and ask you "WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK."

Eddie The Eagle Program

The Eddie the Eagle Program is currently being taught to our community's second graders in the Crestwood School District. Since 1995, statistics in deaths involving firearms have increased dramatically. The most disturbing fact is the increase in deaths among young children. The program addresses the issue of firearms with children. The program uses coloring books and a video that show children what to do and not what to do if they find a firearm. The main point that is stressed for the children is to never touch a firearm. The program was highly successful and we will continue to offer it to the schools.

Helmet Smart / Bicycle Safety

Each year the Mantua Police Department participates with other local police departments and AAA in the Helmet Smart Program. The children are educated on bicycle safety and the necessity to wear a bicycle helmet while riding. Local businesses and AAA sponsor a citation program, which gives gift certificates to children found practicing safe biking. These certificates range from a free pizza to movie passes and are issued by local police officers. This past year during the AAA safety awards three children were picked after receiving the citation to have a new bicycle given to them. Statistics have shown that the wearing of a helmet during the operation of a bicycle have significantly reduced serious head injuries.

Bicycle Patrol

The Mantua Police Department established a bicycle unit in 1995 to assist in implementing our Community policing policies. The bicycle patrol allows direct contact between the officer and the public, which they serve. The bicycle allows patrol officers to be in the area of pedestrian traffic were conventional patrol cars can not have access. The bike patrol allows silent and quick response to areas where criminal activity is being conducted. The Bicycle unit has received wide community support. The department currently has five OPOTA certified officers in urban mountain bicycle tactics.

House Checks

The Mantua Police Department provides the community with the use of house checks for home security. The citizen is able to contact the department requesting a check of their residence by hand or spotlight. These checks are generally performed when the citizen is on vacation or out of town for any reason. Each officer will check the residence on his/her tour of duty at different times. These checks are logged in central dispatch. The officer will report any irregularities to dispatch and will take proper action to assure that the home owner's interest is protected. A key holder will be notified as well as the owner upon their return home. The Mantua Police Department provides a copy of the house check sheet to the citizen upon their return and request.

Business Checks

Business checks are performed in the same manner as house checks. They are performed on each officer's tour of duty. Any irregularities or problems are reported to the owner at the earliest possible date and time. The business parking lots are patrolled to ensure the safety of employee property and to reduce the risk of vehicle break-ins. Officers will stop in local businesses to speak with shop owners about pressing concerns within the business community.

Foot Patrol

Each officer's tour of duty requires foot patrol to be conducted in the community's residential areas. This type of patrol allows the officer and the citizens to have a one on one relationship. Personal contact is essential in establishing good community policing practices. This type of patrol deters crime by individuals engaged in criminal activity. The officer is able to approach without the forewarning of an approaching patrol car.

Safety Town

Once a year the Mantua Police Department assists the Portage County League of Women Voters with Safety Town. 150 to 200 children ranging from 4 years to 6 years of age attend this program. During this program the children are given lesson in safety. The lectures range from seat belts to bicycle safety. Officers show the children different police equipment that is safety related and encourage the children to understand that the police are their friends.

Juvenile Diversion Program

The Juvenile Diversion Program was instituted in 1998 at the Mantua Police Department. This program will be used to handle juvenile crime within the community. It is our belief that holding the child responsible for his behavior in the community will enable them to be a better citizen for the community. The program will require the child to perform tasks under the supervision of the juvenile officer that benefit the community of the child's victim. The required hours of community service will vary from the type of crime committed to repeat offenders. This program can be used in lieu of filing criminal or traffic charges or also in conjunction with charges, whichever shall provide the best interest of this community and the offender. The program will strive to educate the child that there is a consequence for every action.


Drug Abuse, Resistance and Education

The Mantua Police Department currently has one part time D.A.R.E. officer in our community's school system. Out target group is our system's sixth graders. D.A.R.E. addresses the issues of drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence in our society. The students are required to complete an essay and work books before graduating from the D.A.R.E. program. The core program is a 17-week plan with a 4-week visitation program. At the completion of the program, awards are presented to the top essay writers.

The D.A.R.E. officer has regular visits to the system's elementary schools and one area parochial school. During the year the D.A.R.E. Program participates in community activities to promote drug and alcohol awareness.

The Portage County Sheriff's Office is currently providing this service to our community due to staff and funding cuts within this department. The Mantua Police Department assists the Sheriff's office with our officer when needed to do so.

Block / Neighborhood Watch

In 1998, the Mantua Police Department instituted the use of Neighborhood Watch in our community. An informational pamphlet was distributed door to door in the community on the benefits of the watch. Neighborhood Watch meetings are set for the first Thursday of each month and held at the Mantua Park Lodge. The meeting will address the issue of crime in our community's neighborhoods and the most effective way to deal with the problems. The police department provides you with educational material or resources that will help us better serve you. Neighborhood Watch provides a link to the Mantua Police Department where you become our eyes and ears and together we work to provide a better quality of life here in the Village of Mantua.


The Hug-A-Bear program was established for children who have been through a traumatic experience, ranging from the death of a parent to many types of abuse. They have also been found to help assist the officer to develop a relationship with a child who has been lost and/or scared of the officer. Each patrol car for the Mantua Police Department is equipped with one stuffed bear. The officer will give the child in distress a bear as a calming influence and to gain the trust of the child. The bear remains with the child as a gift from the officer.

Resident / Motorist Assistance

The Mantua Police Department provides many types of assistance to our residents and motorists in the Village of Mantua. These services include but are not limited to battery jumps, locksmithing, escorts, welfare checks and vehicle services. It is the policy of this department to provide the best possible assistance to our citizens. To meet your needs with courteous and professional service. To Serve and Protect.


The Mantua Police Department provides to the Village of Mantua citizens, businesses and all of the Crestwood School district personnel fingerprinting. There are several reasons why one would require fingerprinting or want fingerprinting done. Fingerprints are used to provide identification purpose for adults or our children, in addition to prints a photograph can be attached to the print card by this department. An employer or organization may request you be fingerprinted if you work with children. Laws require this, to protect our children. Also you may be required to be printed for some jobs as part of their background checks and criminal history checks. The department provides fingerprinting only on Mondays between 4 PM and 6 PM. The prints taken by this department are given back to the person being fingerprinted or the parent requesting the prints.

Child Passenger Safety Seats

In June 2002 the Mantua Police Department put into service a Child restraint inspection program. According to the NHTSA, 64% of all children killed in a motor vehicle crash are either unsecured or improperly secured in the motor vehicle. NHTSA also reports that 90% of all child restraint seats are installed or used incorrectly. The child passenger restraint program will allow the Mantua Police Department to do inspections as well as educate our community on the proper ways to secure children in motor vehicles. This Department will make available to our community a Certified and trained officer to assist and educate parents and care takers on the proper installation, fit, compatibility and compliance issues of child restraints. When requested we will also check child restraint seat to insure that they meet current guidelines. Our Department will also conduct child safety seat checks at special events and gatherings.


Chief H.W. Buchert