Village of Mantua
Safety Committee Meeting
December 18, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chief Buchert, Giles Seith and Marty Hura


OTHERS PRESENT: Asst. Fire Chief Matt Roosa and Linda Wilke

CALL TO ORDER: Chief Buchert called the meeting to order at 6:35am. October minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes by Marty, 2nd by Giles, all ayes.


  1. Chief passed out summary reference overtime costs, year to date, cut by 368 hours from last year, for a savings just under 9500.00. There will be an extra pay this year due to 27 weeks instead of 26.

  2. Appropriation Summary passed out and discussed. Police Department will end in the black. Money has been moved around to help Village Hall cover funding.

  3. New computers are in and up and running. CAD software has not been transferred yet.

  4. We have been contacted reference the Night Vision Goggles. Someone will have to attend training Feb. 8,9,10 in Washington D.C. All expenses are paid. Goggles will then be given out there. At this time we are looking to send Rodney

  5. No one in attendance for the 2nd snow removal meeting. Chief went to all the merchants and spoke with them reference the concerns. Everyone seems to be on the same page. Ed will be adjusting the ordinance.


  1. Homeland Security is hosting a meeting on Monday, Dec. 22 at 6pm to discuss Central Dispatch for Portage County. We participated in a grant survey study for this area. Our concern is with Central Dispatch being at Fire Com. LEADS has to go thru a police district- not a fire district. Chief and Mayor will be attending the meeting. Marty advised he also would like to attend.

  2. Copies of Lay Off letters were passed out. Parting checks between the two officers will be almost $11,000.00. This includes Vacation, Holidays and Comp. time earned. This has to be paid off the top and will impact the General Fund. Chief has discussed this with the Clerk. Chief discussed with committee the fact of open shifts for the road.

  3. Requisition request form for 2009 has been implemented for purchase orders

  4. Dispatch/FD contract discussed- it is currently a revolving agreement with a 3% increase each year. Asst. Chief Roosa advised for Fire Department radio issues contact Brian Summerlin.




NEXT MEETING: January 29, 2009 at 6:30am

ADJOURNED: Meeting adjourned at 7:15 am, Motion to close by Giles, 2nd by Marty all ayes.

Giles Seith, Chairperson

H.W. Buchert, Chief of Police