Village of Mantua
Safety Committee Meeting
December 9, 2010

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chief Buchert, Marty Hura, Giles Seith and Linda Schilling



CALL TO ORDER: Chief Buchert called the meeting to order at 6:30 a.m. October 28, 2010 minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes by Linda, 2nd by Marty, all ayes.


  1. Appropriation statuses to date- Doing OK. Overtime Report to date -savings of $3200.00 compared to last year.
  2. Siren Tower Scott will be in on Monday or Tuesday
  3. Park Monitoring System is being installed and almost completed. It should be operational by Monday 12-13-2010. Potato Festival Committee agreed to tying into the Potato Festival Building.


  1. NAPA/Mantua Auto Parts- Dan Denzinger has donated 4 new tires to Mantua Police Department for the patrol cars. This is a cost of about $560.00- would like to make a motion to council to accept this donation. Thank you letter will be sent.
  2. We received a radar unit from the State of Ohio for the Click it or Ticket enforcement program. Would like to make a motion to council to accept.
  3. Chief has drafted a letter for the residential garbage collectors reference the ordinance passed and advising them of the change. We are going to start handing the letters out and try to be pro active. Copy of the ordinance will be attached to the letter.
  4. New transmission was put into 1028. Cost was covered under warranty. It started leaking fluid again and was taken back. Seems to be running properly now.
  5. We had a laptop go down in the patrol car, the screen went out. To send back will cost $130.00 just for Panasonic to look at it and then the repair cost. We contacted our vendor TAC and they suggested we replace the laptop instead of repair due to the age and technology. We have contacted a vendor that can replace it for approximately $700.00. Mayor gave approval- will contact Ben for approval. Committee discussed and advised to move forward with the purchase
  6. Working on a policy reference Face Book, Tweeter, etc. as to what can be put on these sites as an employee. Police activity is a definite no. Chief is working with Michele on this.
  7. After the first of the year we need to purchase 3 monitors for the dispatch computer. This will allow for us to monitor the park camera at all times. Also this will allow dispatch to have several windows open at once. Committee discussed
  8. Chief advised committee that his banked comp time has all been paid in full. No one else in the Police Department has comp time now.

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL: Accept Donation from NAPA for Tires// Accept Radar from State of Ohio




NEXT MEETING: JANUARY 27, 2011 @ 6:30a.m.

ADJOURNED: Meeting adjourned at 7:05 a.m. Motion to adjourn by Giles, 2nd by Marty, all ayes.

Giles Seith, Chairperson

H.W. Buchert, Chief of Police