Village of Mantua
Safety Committee Meeting
JULY 30, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chief Buchert, Giles Seith and Marty Hura

MEMBERS ABSENT: Asst. Fire Chief Matt Roosa


CALL TO ORDER: Chief Buchert called the meeting to order at 6:30am. May 2009 minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes by Giles, 2nd by Marty, all ayes.


  1. Current appropriation summary for Police Department was passed out reviewed. Overall we are $4100.00 less than where we should be. It should work out to the numbers by the end of the year. Overtime was down 49 hours from last year- savings of approx. $800.00. Chief advised the un employment rate will continue to be high until we hit the $9000.00 platform.

  2. Siren Tower –Chief advised committee that an engineer that works on towers took at look at ours and had concern. He did not suggest us trying to fly a flag from it. Committee discussed the platform repair and agreed to move forward. Repair quote was $500.00. Also going to contact Bob Russell (former Fire Chief of Garrettsville)

  3. Hiram Council has passed the dispatch agreement. Chief discussed with committee for ˝ of funds to go to Police Capital. This will help costs within Police Department. Committee agreed and Ordinance should be done, will recommend to Council.

  4. Chief was contacted by the Cops Grant reference the Stimulus money. Application was not denied, however we were not awarded anything at this time. Our application will remain on file. Only 14% was granted money. If more money becomes available we will be considered for the fiscal year of 2010.

  5. Committee agreed on an evaluation form. Chief will update the form and give it to Committee and also to Service Committee Chairperson and to Council members.

  6. At this time the cemetery drive issue has been taken care of. They are parking in driveway. If it becomes a problem we will address it. Parking was reviewed by members.


  1. Ptl. James Clemens is back working the road. Three officers are not currently working road time at all. Chief explained to committee the need for everyone to put in time. Chief will be writing a letter to the officers advising that they will need to work atleast 1 8 hour shift per month. If this is not feasible they may want to reconsider their employment with the Mantua Police Department.

  2. Community Service worker has been doing yard work, washing the cruisers and cleaning up around the Administration Building and Police Department. Incidents with Police Department seem to be much less.

  3. Chief will be attending training in August, 8-18-2009 and 8-28-2009. Liability and Policies in Streetsboro. Missing Adults and Elder Crimes in Canfield.

  4. Potato Festival liquor permit has been signed

Committee Comments:

  • Giles advised of a new golf cart running around town. Chief will check into it.
  • RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL: Ordinance on Hiram Dispatch Agreement



    NEXT MEETING: August 27, 2009 at 6:30am

    ADJOURNED: Meeting adjourned at 7:10 am. Motion to adjourn made by Giles, 2nd by Marty all ayes.

    Giles Seith, Chairperson

    H.W. Buchert, Chief of Police