Village of Mantua
Safety Committee Meeting
February 24, 2011

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chief Buchert, Marty Hura, Giles Seith and Linda Schilling



CALL TO ORDER: Chief Buchert called the meeting to order at 6:30 a.m. January 2011 minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes by Giles, 2nd by Marty, all ayes.


  1. Appropriation /Overtime Report to date reviewed. Overall doing good 2.5 hours over last year at this time in overtime.
  2. Laptop in vehicle 1028 up and running. Seems to be doing a good job. It is a little more heavy duty than the old. Officers happy with it.
  3. Ordinance for Auxiliary Officers- any questions or concerns? Committee discussed section in handbook that spells out Auxiliary Officers. Recommend to Finance Committee again
  4. New Hire, Auxiliary Officer Al Gilbert, was Chief’s choice. He is a Police Officer in Hiram and we anticipate no problems.
  5. Cameras for Glacier Eskar Trail- Mike Lewis has submitted what he thinks will be the best fit for that area. His recommendation is a Hunter Camera. This would watch the decks. Just an idea at this time – no prices were given. Committee discussed and recommend that Chief get prices on this type of unit.
  6. Wage Agreement- copy passed out to Committee. Chief advised he is working with Anthony, Michele and Jenny. Inner column reflects a 3% increase – outer column reflects the range it could go to. It was sent back to Anthony to adjust the hourly rate to salary for water and sewer operators. Hope to have it completed by Finance Committee.
  7. Jim Barrett has resigned effective December 23, 2010. Letter received and accepted
  8. Committee Chairperson Giles Seith addressed Chief Buchert and Committee with the concern of the truck traffic issue. Giles is disgruntled with the recent events and the direction it is taking for the businesses and the Village of Mantua. Committee discussed options and concerns, Giles Seith made motion to repeal Ordinance 2011-01 Truck Routes. Linda Schilling 2nd the motion, vote was taken, all ayes, move to Council.
  9. Chairperson Giles Seith brought forward the motion to Amend Section 339.02 of the Village of Mantua Codified Ordinance that addresses the 5 ton Gross Weight Limit to remove said language and revert to the ORC. Marty Hura 2nd the motion, vote take, all ayes, move to council. The decision for the motions were after extensive committee discussion. Committee felt it is the only way to protect the best interest of the Village of Mantua.
  10. Linda Schilling advised she will be leaving for Florida on March 11 2011- she advised she would like to be at Council if meeting could be moved. Giles will check to see if possible.


  1. Election of Chairperson for Safety Committee- Linda Schilling nominated Giles Seith to continue as Chairperson; Marty Hura 2nd nomination, all ayes. Giles accepted nomination and will continue as Chairperson of Safety Committee
  2. Chief Buchert addressed Committee about considering a No Left Turn on Main Street southbound only, at Grand Elm between the hours of 7am – 3pm ,Monday thru Friday. Due to excessive traffic this area gets very congested very quickly. Committee discussed and has no problem with this and recommends it to Council
  3. Easement agreement has been dropped off at Barky Mart. This will be forwarded to his attorney and they would like to get this behind us and have this taken care of.

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL: Repeal Ordinance 2011-01; Amend 339.02 Village Ordinance; No Left Turn on Main St. at Grand Elm, restricted hours

ITEMS REFERRED TO FINANCE COMMITTEE: Ordinance ref Auxiliary Officers and Wage Agreement



NEXT MEETING: MARCH 31, 2011 @ 6:30a.m.

ADJOURNED: Meeting adjourned at 7:15 a.m. Motion to adjourn by Giles, 2nd by Marty, all ayes.

Giles Seith, Chairperson

H.W. Buchert, Chief of Police