Village of Mantua
Safety Committee Meeting
January 29, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chief Buchert, Marty Hura, Giles Seith

MEMBERS ABSENT: Asst. Fire Chief Matt Roosa


CALL TO ORDER: Chief Buchert called the meeting to order at 6:50am. December minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes by Giles, 2nd by Marty all ayes.


  1. Summary for 2008 passed out showing overtime was cut by half for the year. Savings of approximately $9300.00 from year before. This year already cut in half from last year, hope to stay on the same track. Passed out recommendation for Police Department Appropriation for this year.

  2. Submitting a P.O. to Jen for additional cost that we were not aware of for the B&E case. Barky Mart had to have a company copy the video for our evidence. There was a cost to him and he should not have to be held responsible for the cost. We will reimburse him once he has a bill. We may be able to re coup the expense thru the courts.

  3. James Clemens has contacted us reference payment for him. We have until 12-01-2011 to pay him off. Committee discussed options available with monthly, quarterly or lump sum. Committee decided to send it to Finance Committee

  4. Rodney will be in Washington D.C. February 8, 9, 10, for the Night Vision Training, his layoff will be effective on his return.


  1. Lay Offs will be effective for Ptl. Dan Forman and Ptl. Rodney Terry. Ptl. Forman last day worked will be Saturday Feb 7, 2009; Ptl. Terry will attend training and his lay off date is effective Thursday, Feb 12, 2009. Ptl. Forman has indicated he may come back as part time. Ptl. Terry has not indicated to Chief his intentions. If the Officers return to part time status Chief would like to compensate them at the rate of pay they are currently making considering all of their duties and training. Chief advised there will be 33 hours of open shifts a week.

  2. Dan has submitted initial paperwork to Police and Fire Pension for the possibility of retirement. Bob is considering retirement possibly May or June. Would like to keep Bob as part time

  3. Chief discussed with Committee the option of creating new position in part time ranks.

  4. Committee was advised of the projected amounts that would have to be paid out for Bob and Dan upon retirement. Current Ordinance is 240 hours, Chief advised 240 hours very low for payout on sick time.

  5. Committee discussed ongoing talks with Hiram Fire Department.




NEXT MEETING: March 26, 2009 at 6:30 a.m.

ADJOURNED: adjourned at 7:20 am, Motion to close by Giles, 2nd by Marty, all ayes.

Giles Seith, Chairperson

H.W. Buchert, Chief of Police