Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
December 9, 2010

Call to Order- 6:01 P.M.
Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Roger Hawkins all here.
Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins
Citizens: Patsi Gast

Roger wanted it on the record that he is also recording.


Donna wanted to clarify that in the November minutes in Res. 2010-40 it said "appointed by her". She said she has not appointed anyone. The three people acting as a board are not yet appointed and therefore should not dictate to Council. Linda thought that if they were not reappointed, they roll over to the next year. Jenny will check the November audio.

Motion to approve the Minutes from the November meeting by Linda, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. The Fund status at the end of November was $513,647 about $100,000 higher than it was a year ago. Jenny said Nita from Local Gov't Services said we are doing fantastic and she would like to take us off Fiscal watch if we can clean up the St. Gobain stuff. Revenues were $174,098. Expenses including payroll totaled $90,033. There was one fund adjustment of $366 in Sewer Operating. That was from voiding two old OPERS checks. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors.

Motion to move Financial reports to Council by Roger, seconded by Linda. All voted yes.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda asked about the high gas bill at the Service garage. Linda thought it was much higher than last year. Donna said it is cold in the garage and the partition was not in place yet. Jenny said October was estimated, so it could be close if the two months were averaged.
  2. Linda asked about AKE environmental. Should it have it's own appropriation line?
  3. Linda asked about the new plow on the Freightliner. When was that authorized? Why didn't we just put new shoes and a cutting edge on instead? The Mayor said the plow was cracked. Butchie welded it once already and said it needed to be replaced.
  4. Linda asked about line 185- Falkenberg. Why did we pay two of our men to stay and open valves and stand there. How much did that cost us? Donna estimated $90 for one man to stay. Linda said Falkenberg had two men there, and we also had two men there. Donna said all Falkenberg does is dig the hole, and then our men do the repair.
  5. Linda asked about Bob Johnson's bill. The computer in the cruisers broke. Linda felt Harry should have been more specific on what was done and why.
  6. Ben said we need to turn off the gas to the Potato Festival building. Ben wants the water shut off and the gas shut off. Ben said Paul thinks there is a valve just to that building so it wouldn't affect the Lodge building.

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Roger, seconded by Linda . All voted yes.


2010-40 Ben said we have made changes. Jenny said in 145.02 Section D it says the Secretary will record all deeds. Jenny said she thinks recording the deeds should remain in the Clerk's office. Then in 145.01 section C- should that say Mayor and Council approval, or just Mayor. Donna said it should just be Mayor since the Mayor appoints. Then in 145.04 section C it says the Cemetery Board of Trustees shall notify the sexton before anyone is buried or graves are sold. Jenny said usually people are buried before the Cemetery Board is aware. We actually don't even have a Sexton yet, but Marty might consider doing it. Donna said she would like to see the Village Administrator be the Sexton, or whoever the Sexton is, should work in conjunction with the Village Administrator. Ben said it should be separate. Ben said the Sexton will be notified when a grave is sold or opened. Jenny said our records are really bad. It will be a big job for the new Sexton. Jenny said we have a good program in the UAN, but we need to take our map and actually walk the cemetery and make sure the records are correct. Probing may need to be done as well. Donna thought in 145.02 section A that we had agreed to amend this Director of Public Service. She thought Michele was checking it out to make sure it relates to us. Jenny will check with Michele. Ben thought we could change Director of Public Service to Sexton.

2010-46 The 2011 Appropriations- Jenny gave everyone the new version with the changes.

2010-51 Establishing a new fund for Special Events. Donna said they would like Council to abolish this so they can go private. She would like Jenny to determine how much money is there so they could donate the leftover funds to making plaques for Eagle Scout projects. Linda asked about meeting minutes. Linda felt we should not vote it down until minutes have been turned in.

2010-53 Outdoor sales relating to Zoning Ordinances. Ben would like to put this on indefinite postponement. Linda thought we should have the Public Hearing as planned. Ben said it will get voted down. We know what the citizens will say, and what we will do. Patsi asked if it means they would not be allowed to have outdoor sales, and Linda said if it passes, yes, but Council will vote it down. Linda explained that if Council would vote no, things would stay as they are. Donna said we should not be discussing how Council will vote and she wants this in the minutes. Donna said we have two Council members making a decision for six. Linda said we are explaining to Patsi how it works. Ben said just let it go to a Public Hearing.

2010-56 Monthly Fund transfers between Water & Sewer Operating to Water & Sewer debt. Donna asked how much money we will need for the December payment. Jenny said she is guessing $35,000. Water is all paid, but sewer will be short.

2010-57 2011 Council calendar. Why don't we just go ahead and change the December meeting date now instead of having to move it in December? All agreed.

2010-59 To amend the Parks Trust Fund Appropriations to pay for the security cameras at the Park. There is plenty of money in the fund, it is just not appropriated. The invoice is already on the Bills of Resolution.

2010-61 Amendment to the Agreement with the Portage County Drug & Alcohol and Robinson Health Affiliates. We need to suspend the rules to have it in place by Dec. 31st.

(At this time, Donna leaves the meeting.)

Other Discussion:

Potato Festival Contract.

We have an ordinance 2010-60 to fill in the terms from Michele. Jenny suggested that the Potato Festival pays the utilities in August & September. Roger said they are under contract already to pay the utilities. Jenny said Michele researched it and felt that the contract would not hold up in court because it was never authorized by Council. Roger doesn't think the old contract can disappear. Linda felt we should just address what is in front of us and move forward. Ben agreed. He thought we could use it for shared use. Perhaps record storage. The Revitalization Committee holds meetings there also. Roger felt that it is a valuable source of income that the Village needs, and we should put it on the market for lease. Roger felt it would bring the Village between $300-$500 per month. Ben said we are discussing Ordinance 2010-60. Ben said he didn't want to lease the building. He wants to consider shared use. Linda agreed that the Eagle Scouts might want to use it, or the Village could use it for storage. Linda said "Share building with any Village organization, club, or civic group. Linda wondered who would do the scheduling. Jenny said since we (Clerk's Office) does the Park Lodge, maybe we could do that, too. There would be advanced notice for meetings. Ben said he also wants to forgive past utilities. Jenny said it has to be separate legislation. Linda asked if we want to put something in there about the user leaving the building in the same condition as they found it. Ben said yes.

Motion to move it to Council by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. Roger voted no, Ben & Linda voted yes.

Roger wanted to go on record that he protests that they are railroading this through without considering making this income for the Village. Linda said we are just moving it up for Council will decide. Roger said the Committee didn't consider it. Linda said we have been considering it for months. Roger said there is an ordinance, and this could be possible income for the Village. Ben said we are moving on.

CT Bills regarding Glacial Esker Trail and Sewer at Green's Funeral Home.

Roger said they ran a sewer line that was on private property, and they are trying to go through the County. Ben said they had an easement. Roger said it is not recorded. Ben said they have to come to the Village for service. They brought a line across the yard between the Funeral Home and St. Joseph's. There is a manhole that they ran it to. Linda asked if they paid a tap in fee. Ben said he didn't know.

Regarding the Glacial Esker Trail bill, they submitted the same 2007 work authorization instead of coming to Council for authorization. Jenny said Harry thought the Department Heads should be submitting a PO for them. Ben said to give it to the Mayor.

Authorizing the Clerk to pay certain invoices for PO's that will close at year end that don't arrive before Council or for other emergencies.

Linda asked if we need a resolution. She was concerned about the wording. What about the "Other emergencies"? Jenny said Donna just ordered $5,000 worth of road salt that we won't have the invoice for unless they can fax it. Linda said they just ordered 75 tons in September, and we have only had one light snow until now. Where is all that salt? Ben thought they wanted to order before the companies ran out like last year. Jenny said they just ordered diesel for the generators. Jenny said they should do an inventory in October and plan ahead. We will have to explain to the auditors how holiday lights are an emergency. Patsi said these deadlines should be flagged. Linda said Jenny reminded everyone at the November Council meeting. Jenny said hopefully our new Village Administrator will follow our procedures better that they have been in the past. Patsi asked if we have a list of guidelines for him to follow. She said we need to tell him what we expect and hold him to our standards so he succeeds. Roger said we could look into a scheduling program on the computer. Ben said they could do that on Outlook Express. Linda said we should consider changing the authorization for spending limit. Ben said to discuss it with Michele.

Ice Guard on our building.

Jenny said she was given estimates for applying ice guard on our building. She recommended that we wait and see if our new Village Administrator can do it, and save some money. If not, we can create a PO to have it done in the Spring when the ice melts.


Ben said we might be eligible for this and get a $50,000 grant. He thought we might be eligible due to "Financial Distress". He would like to get the money for the sewer debt payment. Linda said it is released in stages of a project, and we aren't talking about doing a project. Maybe we could use it for a second chopper pump or something if we can't use it for debt. Linda asked who would fill out the application. Ben said Christine at CT. Bens said we could try to do it ourselves, but they get complicated. We need a grant writer. Patsi knows a grant writer. Ben said Todd Peetz at Regional Planning might be able to help, and we have TA hours. Linda will check it out tomorrow so we can discuss it at Council next week.

Franklin-Regan Storm Sewer project:

Ben feels that a lot of our revenues will be reduced and we probably don't have any extra money to do this project. He said we should get reimbursed for anything we have spent, and close this down. Linda Clark said she asked at Service how the Franklin Street project was going, meaning the two catch basins and pipe that we committed to Tracy to do, and Rich Iafelice started talking about the Franklin-Regan project. Linda said we can do it (Franklin project) in bits and pieces as we are able, but we need to address it. Jenny said maybe our new Village Administrator can start working on this instead of all these giant grant projects that cause us debt. Linda said we should let the Franklin-Regan project drop.


Patsi asked about the sidewalks being cleared by Jeff Blunk. She wondered if there is a fund or anything set up to donate to him for all of his hard work, or to pitch in for gas. Linda said once Betty Mishler once tried to give him some money and he wouldn't take it. Jenny said sometimes Barky doesn't charge him for gas.

Patsi asked if Council could vote on the 2010-53 without a Public Hearing. Ben said there has to be a hearing for any zoning changes. Ben said Council will meet after the Public Hearing and vote on it. Linda said you have to determine what you mean by a vending machine. Is it just pop, ice, and propane? Could the ATM machines or the car wash be considered vending machines? Roger said there is an effort to clean up Main Street. There could be big money investors that may want to invest in this town, and may not want to see things laying all around. There are other communities that have prospered, and they cleaned up their town first. You don't see propane tanks sitting around, and he is not talking about Barky's or Circle K where they are set back, he means on Main Street right on the sidewalk. Linda said she doesn't think we have problems from that in Mantua. Patsi said the businesses should be cleaning their own sidewalks and storefronts, instead of a day where citizens have to come & clean. Jenny said this Resolution also is for outdoor sales. Jenny said putting merchandise out is what attracts customers. Roger said if you look at the Downtown Revitalization Streetscape pictures, you don't see one red box or propane tank or machine out on the sidewalk.

Motion to adjourn at 7:57 P.M. by Linda, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance Committee

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August