Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
September 13, 2008

Call to Order- 8:01 A.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Jim Rogers was absent

Others: Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer, Donna Hawkins, Mayor Giles Seith, Council Member, Marty Hura, Council Member, Police Chief Harry Buchert

Motion to approve Minutes from August 16th Finance meeting by Roger Hawkins Seconded by Ben Prescott. All ayes on vote.

Jenny’s reports:

  1. Fund Status report- none in the red at this timeNoted that UAN budget worksheet estimates that we would be at $67,000 in the red by the end of the year, just $3000.00 off the -$70,000 Ben predicted.

  2. Reviewed legislation for Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Bills of Resolution-

  1. Ben asked about the loop payment

  2. Motion to accept by Roger Hawkins, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Discussion of Salaries and Wages:

  1. Ben explained the spreadsheet of last 5 years wages and overtime. He asked Harry his thoughts. Harry said base salary and average OT would be fair. Harry discussed Federal law for Police overtime being under different guidelines than rest of Village. Police can accumulate OT after 40 hours, but Service accumulates after 8 hours of work. Harry said if the Administrator is doing the same job as employees, they are entitled to overtime. Harry said their overtime from last year is down compared to last year. They encourage employees to take comp time. Limit is 420 hours for safety, 280 for standard labor. We can change this. Ben suggested we look at what is banked up for each employee. Harry said the most an employee can cash in at once is 80 hours, unless there is a separation. Ben said he would prefer that overtime is paid in cash so we don’t build liability of large comp time banks.

  2. Roger said by not paying overtime is like building debt.

  3. Marty asked if we could let it ride as comp for now, and later when we are on our feet, pay

  4. everyone and zero it out.

  5. Ben asked Jenny to get a handle on how much we owe everyone.

  6. Jenny asked if it would be pointless to put them on salary if they are working the same job as the guys. Ben said the department heads would have to determine what work they are doing. Harry said we could say overtime is figured in to their salaries.

  7. Harry said wage negotiations are done through the Mayor’s office. If they can’t agree, it goes to the Committee’s, and if they don’t agree, Council makes final recommendations. No need for legislation. Harry said last years contract called for a 3.5% raise which they didn’t get. Ben said he thought Service got 5%. According to the sheet, Ed’s wages increased 5% every year. Jenny explained that regular wages on the UAN report may not be accurate because it can mean more than 40 hours per week if someone took a sick or vacation day. Harry said contracts for raises which were approved are on file in the Clerk’s office.

  8. Jenny asked if we are obligated to retroactive raises after the Village is on their feet. Harry said it is up to Council, but he hopes so since it was already agreed on.

  9. Ben said there would not be any money for raises this year.

Professional Services & Fee’s:

  1. Ben said we will hopefully have appropriations done for the next Finance Meeting.

  2. Ben said we are going to have to split Tom’s bill by departments since the appropriated money has run out.

  3. Harry disagrees because his charges come from the same pocket as General Fund. Harry said if we do it that way next year, we have to appropriate money to him from General Fund. Ben said next year we will have to appropriate more for Tom next year. Harry said we won’t have the learning curve we had from two top positions, and old lawsuits from prior administration, so we may not need to appropriate more. Donna said we may not need to pay out as much next year, and Ben said at least it will be in General Fund so we can move it f we don’t need it.

  4. Ben reminded everyone that Jenny’s wages will be split. Roger said we need to reflect actual hours worked for Ed and that Ed should have a response in writing . Harry said when we start generating funds to support my wages, he could charge everyone for checking their doors, and it is my job function and should be appropriated to the Clerk’s Office.

  5. Donna said Ed Rance even said “When you can justify work is done in each area”. Jenny said we can do a pie chart to justify.

  6. Roger said Ed should have an opportunity to respond. Donna said it is just Rhetoric and nobody has discussed it with Ed. Jenny said it has been brought up at several Finance meetings. Jenny said it has been in the minutes that we wanted to split Jenny’s salary 50% General Fund, 25% water and 25% sewer.

  7. Donna asked how we can justify. Roger said we should include Donna’s salary, and Jenny said it is already paid out of water & sewer.

  8. Harry said if Jenny does work above and beyond normal duties for a department, then it is fair to charge a department.

  9. Roger asked if there is documentation to support charging Ed. Harry said we could look at percentages. It should be a flat percentage.

  10. Harry said we should negotiate a “Per Case Fee” for Tom to prosecute cases.

Discussion of eliminating a shift of Police:

  1. Ben said the Auditor’s are coming this Spring for another audit. Ben thinks we sill stay on Fiscal Watch until we submit our July budget. He said we need to start bringing down our $67,000 negative fund expectation. Ben said we had discussed eliminating a shift. Harry said we are causing risk to the Community.

  2. Roger asked if it would increase overtime. Harry said not necessarily, but if there was some overtime, it would offset the decrease in salary.

  3. Harry said there would be an impact. In 1988 they shut off street lights to save money, as well as eliminating a shift. It took people a few months to realize there were times that there was no police enforcement.

  4. Harry felt that if we did this, there would be only one layoff. Three officers are looking at retiring in the near future.

Donna mentioned that she wanted Jenny to set up a special spending fund for her to spend out of, which would be funded from performing marriages.

Motion to adjourn at 9:14 by Roger Hawkins, seconded by Ben Prescott. All ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer