Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
September 7, 2010

Call to Order: 6:30 P.M.
Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Roger Hawkins was absent.
Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Giles Seith arrived at 7:00.
Citizens: None

Motion to excuse Roger Hawkins by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. Both voted yes.


Linda Clark wanted to mention that the figures used in calculating the Pump House electric bill amounts did not add up and someone should check those.

Motion to approve the Minutes from the August meeting by Ben, seconded by Linda. Both voted yes.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. She mentioned that revenues were high because of some of the remaining quarterly withholding taxes due July 31st arrived the first week of August. We received an inheritance check for $23,000 as well which will be on the September revenue list. Linda asked who it was from. Jenny said it was the Paul Stamm estate. The Fund status at the end of July was $372,538. Revenues were $162,283. Expenses including payroll totaled $102,341. Linda asked if payroll was high because of the large payout to Ed. Jenny said yes, and much of it was charged to Streets. There were no fund adjustments. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. Linda asked if there were a lot of people on extensions. Jenny said yes, extensions go until Oct. 31st, and there are a lot of people on payment plans as well. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors. Ben questioned the $-9,000 figure on the Sewer Operating line in the Cash Summary report. Jenny said we transferred $9,000 from Sewer Operating to Sewer Debt. Those transfers are monthly. Motion to move Financial reports to Council by Ben, seconded by Linda. Both voted yes.


2010-16 American Legion contract for Park Lodge- this is still tabled. Jenny said the Parks Board has not met yet, but Marty has met with Michele regarding the contract. Linda wondered if we are going to have them pay their own electric. Jenny said she thought they might be on a separate electric meter, but the natural gas bill covers the entire Park. Ben thought we could change the Pump House to residential. He thought there had been some electrical work done.

2010-38 Authorizing the addition of an HRA to the Village's insurance program. Jenny explained that even though Council made a motion to go with the HRA option, the third party administrator needs an approved resolution. Linda asked if anyone talked with Pam Priddy and what were her fees. Jenny said Pam came out, reviewed everything, and her charge that we expected to be $200, is actually only $75. Also her fee will be $25 per month, billed quarterly.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda asked why we bought new binders for the Personnel handbook. Jenny said the other ones bend and crack so easily, and since it is an official document for employees, we thought we should buy them.
  2. Ben and Linda agreed that they like the overtime listed on the bills list.
  3. Linda asked if we looked around for a competitive price on the elevator contract. Jenny said Donna Maynard told her that the one we currently have is in the ballpark.
  4. Linda asked about the bill for Bica. Were all of the locks changed? Ben said only the ones in the Service garage & office, but not the plants. She thought we should have changed them all for Ed's protection as well as ours.
  5. Regarding the charge in Sewer Operating of $3142, Ben said we may need a different size VFD. Ben said the horsepower is different.
  6. Linda Clark said that regarding the Biosolutions charges, our E-Coli and Fecal tests came back “AK”. She looked that up to see what it meant and she understood it to mean that they are inconclusive. There are too many communities in the sample to get a good read. We have so many months to make sure we are in the correct range. This just went into effect in June. Should we consider changing companies to one that can read our tests? Ben said we will have to do more tests and see how they come out.

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Ben, seconded by Linda. Both voted yes.

Other Discussion:

Utilities for the Potato Festival and American Legion buildings.

Linda said Roger thought we could leave it on the back burner until some other things get ironed out. Ben said maybe we should ask the Potato Festival what they can do to help with this bill. Finance Committee members decided to wait and let it go until more things are looked at. They have done a lot to that building. Linda wondered if the Park lights could be moved to another meter like the Street lights. Ben doubted it.

2011 Appropriations.

Jenny said the new things added in are in a lighter shade. Harry suggested adding in leave payouts and some other things to help break down operating expenses. Linda asked if we are able to break down the insurance costs such as Police paying for the insurance on the cruisers, Village Hall having a line item insuring the building, Sewer paying for the sewer plant, etc. Jenny said it looks like our policy lists everything that is covered, but does not give the dollar cost for each item to insure. Ben said we might as well let the bill stay in General Fund so it is less money the General Fund has to loan out to other funds for shortages. Ben said breaking down the appropriations like this will make it easier to track certain expenses. Linda thought it would be good for the new person(s) who is hired to follow their expense budget. Linda said it would be nice if we can take trash removal out. Jenny said she has reports that show what we spent in 2009 on chemicals and other expenses. She is also using the report John Clark provided to help break down expenses. She hopes to have the numbers all filled in so we can have first reading on 2011 appropriations in October. Ben said it worked out well to have the appropriations passed last year before the new year started.

Moving December meetings.

Giles said he won't be here for the December Council meeting. He will be in Florida. He mentioned that it is the week of Christmas. Ben said we should move it up a week. Council could be on the 14th. Linda said we could have Service on the 7th, Finance on the 9th, and Council on the 14th. Ben said we will have to check on when the Planning meeting is. Linda said we can put it on the agenda for Council.

Purchasing a used truck for Service.

Jenny said Sandy's truck is still available and she may negotiate slightly on the price. She described the truck and noted that Sandy has all maintenance records and the truck also has a plow. Jenny thought we could take a few thousand from several funds to pay for it outright. Ben said we have repairs on the freightliner ahead of us, plus a new incubator and lots of other expenses coming our way, so the idea of buying a new truck is out for now. We can look at used. Linda said we can nurse the incubator along for awhile so we can look for another one. Jenny said our codified ordinances say that the $5 quarterly water charge can be used as directed by Council, and could fund the new incubator. There is over $7,000 in the Water Capital Improvement fund. Giles said a full size truck like Sandy's should be able to plow the roads instead of always getting out the Freightliner or Sterling. Linda thinks this is the way to go and we should discuss it further at Council.


Linda said at Service, Roger and the Mayor asked her to bring this up. It was discussed that maybe we could give Tom and Donna a bonus since raises are not being discussed right now. Giles said we can't give bonuses. Linda said we have in the past- by Claude. Jenny said this has already gotten out and there are people that aren't happy. Ben said maybe we can consider giving bonuses but not raises right now. We have to be sure that we are able to make our payments. Ben said we will have to wait until we determine how much the new person will cost us before we can really look into raises.

Hiring a Village Administrator & Plant Operator(s).

Linda said she heard someone wanted to place an ad for part time help. Ben said he was out of line when he told Linda Schilling that we could go ahead and put the ad in. It is the Mayors responsibility to determine what positions will be filled and by whom. As far as the new Village Administrator and Plant Operators, Ben said he recommends that these are all part time positions. Ben said if we go with contract operators we will lose the plant. Linda said Jim Reiter and Jeff Sheehan can help. Jim is from Geauga County and Jeff is from Garrettsville. She would like to see one person cover both plants part time. Our guys will still do a lot of the daily work. Jenny said in Jim's e-mail, he asked what we need and how can he help. Linda said she heard that someone was told that there would not be maintenance involved. Ben said anyone who knows these plants knows there is maintenance involved. These people will not only have to be on call, but they will have to do maintenance. Jenny said she forwarded an e-mail around for a class to get your water licensing. She wondered if it might be something for Tom. Linda didn't see why not. Ben said the new positions should be salary and part time. It is up to the Mayor. We have to get through our debts first. Linda said maybe we can have an executive session with the Mayor to discuss all of this.

Cleaning Lady.

Jenny said that the cleaning lady earns $200 per month. It does not count as years of service in OPERS unless you make $250 per month. She wondered if we could increase her pay to $250 per month and give her additional work such as deep cleaning the Park Lodge twice a year, or something else. Finance Committee decided to not do it at this time. We have volunteers to deep clean the Park Lodge.

Paying out Harry's Comp Time and Clemens Settlement.

Harry would like to use this year's appropriation to pay off his comp time balance. It has to be either used or paid out within 6 months of the new handbook going in to effect. He thought he could better afford it this year. He knows he will not be using it. Jenny said it will amount to about $5,000 and he can put it into Deferred Comp to avoid having it all taxed, but he will still have to pay OP&F and the Village will have to pay their portion of OP&F on it as well. Harry would also like to get Clemens paid off this year as well and be done with him. The Finance Committee felt like it would be fine as long as the General Fund can do it in December.

Benefit and wage split at Service Department for Donna and Tom.

Jenny asked if we can split Donna Maynard and Tom's benefit cost from Streets, Water & Sewer and not charge Parks & Cemetery. Cemetery Fund is down to $200 and won't even be able to support the next payday. Ben said that is fine. He said to split their wages three ways also.

C.T. Consultants reviewing new pump.

Ben said the pump company won't release the new pump until the Village Engineer certifies that it will work for our application. That concerned Giles and Ben both. Jenny said CT is charging us $750 for doing this, so we will need a purchase requisition. Ben questioned the RPM speed. It may not be enough. Also the Engineers have never heard of a grinder pump being used in that application before. Jenny said maybe we should look into a different pump. It's not too late and it hasn't been shipped. Ben said they just need to make sure that they can make it fit.

Motion to adjourn at 7:52 P.M. by Linda, seconded by Ben. Both voted yes.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer