Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
August 15th, 2009

Call to Order- 8:01 A.M.

Roll Call: Jim Rogers, Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins,

Others: Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer, Donna Hawkins, Mayor Village Residents Linda Clark and Norm Erickson

Motion to approve Minutes from July 2009 Finance meeting by Roger. Seconded by Ben. Jim abstained due to absence last month, Ben & Roger both voted aye.

Jenny’s report:

  1. Jenny reviewed the Finance reports and noted that we are adding a monthly reconciliation between the Water-Sewer department’s receipts and the Uniform Accounting Network receipts. There was an explainable difference of $1,345.00 due to the Mantaline tie-in of their new building. It is not recorded in the Water-Sewer departments system.
  2. Financial reports approved by Jim, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Review of Legislation:

  1. Ben reviewed the resolutions and ordinances that will go before Council Tuesday night. Regarding 2009-41, there was discussion regarding splitting the revenues earned from Hiram Village for dispatch services between General Fund and Police Capital Improvements to be geared towards purchasing new cruisers when the time comes. Roger wondered where these ordinances are created. He feels they should be put together at the Committee tables instead of the kitchen table. Roger felt we need to set aside a certain amount for the Mayor to have for a budget. Linda Clark asked what kind of budget she needs. The Mayor said she wouldn’t need a lot, but she would need supplies and training.
  2. Regarding 2009-44, Amending appropriations to buy meters. Linda asked why they pay for meters if the residents are charged. Ben said Ed stockpiles them so they are available as needed, and then charges back the residents.

Bills of Resolution-

  1. Jim questioned the Leads bill. Jenny explained it is related to checking criminals on the computer.
  2. Roger asked if the payment to EG&G was our last one. Jenny said yes.
  3. Jim said there would be questions on the payment to the Mayor from last year’s marriages. Jenny said it is done the way the auditors requested to conform to the Codified Ordinances.
  4. Norm asked about the charge from Green’s. The Mayor explained that the stone was overturned due to vandalism and this particular stone was too heavy for our guys to move. It weighed 1,400 pounds. Ben asked about turning it in to insurance. Jenny said the insurance would pay for it with no deductible, but eventually it would be another claim that could raise our rates. Jenny said Ed agreed that we should not turn it in.
  5. Linda questioned what the hours are for Park wages. With McCauley mowing, what are they doing? Jenny said on the actual time cards at the Service Department, there is a breakdown of what they are doing. Our office does not get that. Roger asked how many hours that amount represents.
  6. Linda questioned the charge for the observation deck permit. She thought it was done. The Mayor explained that it was for the new decks on the Glacial Esker Trail.
  7. Linda questioned the charge to McCoy. This is for a holding tank at the Maintenance building. Linda asked why they wouldn’t tie in with the sewer. She thought it was illegal to have a septic in the Village. Donna thought it may be related to crossing the river.
  8. Motion to recommend the bills to Council by Jim, seconded by Roger. All ayes on vote.


  1. Storm Sewer- Ben discussed the e-mail from the Village Solicitor to Jenny stating that surplus funds in Sewer could be used for Storm Sewer. The key word is surplus , and there aren’t any surplus funds. Ben reviewed a spreadsheet of hours charged to sewer. The EPA requires 20 hours per week, but we are spending about 50 hours per week. Ben asked Donna to speak with Ed about reducing these hours. We need to find a way to fund the Storm Sewer fund. Jenny suggested that we amend the ordinance which collects a $5.00 surcharge and generates $10,000 per year. If we do the Northeast project, we are obligated to $1800.00 per year, leaving $8200 for new meters. If we can designate $5000 per year to Storm Sewers, we have something to work with. Ben said to check with the Auditors and see how we could do it. Finance Committee agreed.

  2. Purchasing diesel from Crestwood- Jim asked if we would save money. Jenny felt that we would because our last delivery from Cuyahoga Landmark we were charged $2.788 per gallon. That same day, Barky was $2.65, Mantua Corners was $2.599 and Crestwood Schools were even cheaper than that. Norm said Crestwood was $2.48. There was discussion about the process of how we would do it. Norm thought Ed has invited someone to the next Council meeting that would explain it. Jenny asked if the school has “off-road” diesel which we use for mowers and generators. Norm said no, they don’t have it. Norm said they use gas from Barky’s. Jenny said Harry would prefer to have an account with Barky so he would pay for what he is actually using, rather than a set percentage. Jim said if there is a cheaper way, let’s do it. Donna said Streetsboro fills up their cruisers at local stations. She felt some citizens might object to this.

  3. House Bill 46- Request to Redact- Ben said if a public official wants to have their information redacted, they need to fill out a form.

  4. Asphalt- Ben said he spoke with the EPA and found out that asphalt is not considered hazardous waste in the state of Ohio, concrete is, and even though in his opinion we probably shouldn’t dump it there (trails), it is legal. Roger asked if it would cost money to dump it somewhere else. Jim thought it could be recycled. Ben said yes. Ronyak might take it.

  5. Personnel Manual Ben said he has asked all Council members to start looking it over because even though it was well written, it needs updated. He feels everyone should be looking it over and making notes. Roger said the citizens group brings it up at their meeting. Roger wanted to know if Council will have time to review it. Ben said Council will have three readings.


  1. Linda asked if Dave Benjamin has paid his invoice. Jenny said no, and she sent another invoice this month.
  2. Linda asked if we are putting money aside for the Clemens settlement. Jenny said yes. We use one half of the money we get in every month for fines and set it in a line item for Clemens.
  3. Linda asked if the Mayor stopped the OWDA payment last month. Donna said she did not. She spoke with Sue Farmer and Sue took it upon herself to stop the payment.
  4. Linda asked if at the last Planning meeting did Wes Hawkins tell the Vyhnals that they should not sue the Schultz’s, but the previous Council and Zoning Inspector. Roger said to ask Wes. Jim said he (Wes) was saying the Village did not follow procedures.
  5. Linda said Jenny and the Mayor need to sit down and clear the air and find a way to work together. She said we have to be able to communicate.

Other discussion: The Mayor wanted to let the Finance Committee know that Windham Township approached the Chief for dispatch services. They currently pay $5,800 per year to the Village of Windham. The Chief thinks it currently is not feasible but would like authorization to negotiate a minimum of $1000.00 per month. Hiram pays us $30,000 per year. Donna said it is a political warfare situation between Windham Village and Windham Township. Ben was concerned that this would make Windham Village mad at us. Jim asked if this would require additional staff. Jenny said we could look at the call log and see how many calls come in to the Township. Donna said Harry checked into it and there were quite a few calls for the Township. Jenny said we need to prove to Hiram that we can service them. Donna agreed.

Donna asked if it would be okay to put the mini fridge that Jenny offered to let her use in the meeting room. She gave the dimensions and felt it would not be in the way. Finance Committee approved.

Roger said with the Potato Festival coming up, he wondered if the Potato Festival causes any additional expense to the Village. This is an event that is it’s own separate organization and some people may think the Village puts it on. Jenny thought Harry may add additional staffing in town because of the high traffic, just as he does for “Art on the Hill” and other events. Jenny said she thought Linda told us once before that they paid for their own water and electric. Roger asked how they meter it. Jenny said they put on a meter. He felt that the last time we checked into this, we thought they did not pay for their own water. Jenny said the Potato Festival does pay for their own security. Jenny said we could ask Linda. Roger said we should be able to see it in the bills. Roger said we let them use a storage building. Jim said we lease it to them.

Donna said the American Legion wants to have some security in that side of the building, such as a lease on their half of the building. They need to know that they have that space.

Donna asked about removing the desk that Sue uses during Council meetings and replacing it by modifying and attaching the desk from the back corner office since it matches everything else up here. The Finance Committee said that would be fine.

Motion to adjourn at 9:27 by Jim, seconded by Roger. All ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer