Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
Bid Opening for Village of Mantua Trash Hauler
July 15, 2010

Call to Order: 6:30 P.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Roger Hawkins

Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Village Solicitor Michele Stuck

Citizens: Don Johnson from J&J Refuse, and Christopher & Cheryl from Universal Disposal.

Bid Opening: Ben Prescott opened and read the bids. There were four bids received. First read was R&R Sanitation, second was J&J Refuse, thirds read was Ohio Valley Waste Service, and last read was Universal Disposal. The bid opening closed and Ben opened the meeting to discussion. Michele asked the companies if there is a separate rate for large pickups for single bag customers. Both companies said there would be a charge for the pickup unless they had family weekly service. Don Johnson from J&J asked if the Universal price of 10 bags for 2.30 cents was correct. Cheryl said it is correct. Jenny stated “So if I purchase a pack of 10 bags, and use one bag per week, my total cost for 10 weeks of trash pick-up is only going to be $2.30?” Cheryl said that is correct. Jenny said “Why would anyone want a waste-wheeler that holds 6 bags when you can use the bags for practically free?” Cheryl said because they only charge per bag and it is mostly seniors that use it. Ben said our bids will be posted on our website. Don asked if they would be notified who gets the bid. Ben said we can tell you who the Finance Committee recommends, but Council will vote on Tuesday, and after that everyone will be notified. Then it will be up to the voters in November. The refuse companies left the meeting. Linda asked the refuse collectors how old a “Senior Citizen” is. Both agreed that it means age 65 or older, to be verified with a copy of drivers license or other form of I.D. Roger questioned why Universal was so much lower. Michele explained that their bids were quoted monthly, not quarterly. To compare easily, Jenny will calculate their bid by three and put them on a spreadsheet.

Minutes: No discussion. Motion to approve the Minutes from the June meeting by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. Roger abstained due to absence at the June meeting.

Financial Reports: Jenny gave the Financial reports. Jenny said that Middlefield Bank called and said that we were getting 4% interest on accident for four years. They closed our Savings account and are giving us 1.35% on our checking. Jenny called around and that is 4 times more than we would get from Chase, and double what we would get from Cortland. We get about 15,000 per year from interest, so we will be losing money there. The Fund status at the end of June was $328,051 after making the big payment to OWDA. Revenues were $173,619. The $50,000 check was a big part of that. Expenses totaled $76,200. After making the big payment, our expenses totaled $293,453. There were no fund adjustments. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. The bank reconciliation went through with one adjusting factor due to someone cashing their check early because they were going on vacation. Motion to recommend financial reports to Council by Roger, seconded by Linda. All ayes on vote.


Linda reviewed the legislation that will be presented at the Council meeting Tuesday.

  1. 2010-16 American Legion contract for Park Lodge- this is still tabled until reviewed by the Parks Board.

  2. 2010-24 Personnel handbook. Harry had two changes that he wants Council to approve on the second reading. One is to remove the word “full time” in section 4. 4 and the other change is Section 4.1 stating that you have to work 8 hours a day. Harry works 4 ten hour days. Also, there is an issue regarding Holiday pay. The Service employees get paid time and a half when they come in on Holidays, but the handbook says that if someone works on the Holiday, they work at straight time, and take the Holiday off at another time. Ben said we will follow the handbook.

  3. 2010-27 To have the Board of Elections place our tax increase issue on the ballot. This must pass to meet the August 4th deadline.

  4. 2010-28 Choosing the bid of the refuse company.

  5. 2010-29 Allowing the Mayor and Clerk to enter into an agreement with the chosen refuse company.

  6. 2010-30 Authorizing the Board of Elections to place the refuse issue on the ballot.

  7. 2010-31 Authorizing the Clerk to advance funds to Water Debt for the OWDA payment, retroactive.

  8. 2010-32 Approving the recodified ordinances.

  9. 2010-33 Adjustments to the 2010 appropriations in Police Capital. Insurance check came to the Village instead of Perfect Choice, so we can pay the full amount out of Police Capital where we deposited the insurance check.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda noted that people getting gas are not being careful about entering the correct mileage. The mileage is going all over the place, up and down. Jenny said there is someone who forgets to get his receipt for the auditors. Jenny has had to go to Barky Mart and look through rolls of receipt tape twice. One time Barky’s employee, Becky, spent hours going through receipts, and it is not fair for Barky to pay his employee to find our lost receipts.

  2. Roger questioned line 93 for F&S to rebuild an alternator. Are we getting bids? Jenny said it is for the Toro, like a golf cart, and they just bought parts for this from Napa to get it on the road. Jenny said that in the past we have discussed using local mechanics in order to save money. Roger asked if there is a wholesale book that would sell stuff like rebuilt alternators that our guys could put on. Linda said there is McMaster Carr.

  3. Linda had a question on line 121. Lumber for Parks. We got one bill, then we got a credit, then another bill. Roger said they removed the tax and delivery charge. This was lumber for repairing picnic tables. Linda said Ed’s initials were on the Purchase Requisition and he was on vacation so he could not have initialed it. Jenny said there is a stamp that says “RET” that Donna uses, but Linda said it was hand written.
Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Roger, seconded by Linda Clark. All ayes on vote.

Other Discussion:

Authorizing Donna Maynard to sign bills

  1. Jenny said she was reviewing the procedure manual, and there are too many steps to getting bills signed by Ed. They are sent back and forth across town for Ed to sign. Jenny said the actual invoices really should not leave the office. Linda agreed. The Finance Committee said to have Ed stop and sign off the bills once or twice a week. Donna should not be authorizing bills, it should be the Department Head. Jenny said she feels the same was about money. She doesn’t feel that money should be going back and forth across town. She feels Donna could do the payment processing in our office.

Electric Bills at the Park

  1. Roger asked about the usage at the Park. If we changed the meter on the Potato Festival, we would spend about $1000. The box would have to be rewired. Linda said Linda Schilling is getting prices. Roger said Mantua Electric would like to bid. Linda Clark said he is on Linda’s list along with Rapid Electric to quote a price.

  2. Linda Clark asked a question about the Village water bills. Why is it that a renter agrees to pay for water-sewer service, but if they move out without paying, the owner has to pay their bill? Jenny said the renter signs the agreement with the Water Department. Ben said it is not a legal binding contract, more like an application.

Boy Scouts Picnic

  1. Roger would like to know if the Village could donate money to the Scouts picnic since they have done so much for the Village. Ben said for Roger to ask for donations. Linda said she would be happy to donate money. Ben and Jenny both agreed to donate.

  2. Linda asked what the status of the Sage boys sign at the end of the Village is. Roger said they are waiting on the signs. She thought it had to be completed before his birthday in June. Roger said it was completed on time. The signs will always change.

Refuse collection bid discussion

  1. Roger said he was surprised that Waste Management didn’t submit a bid. Linda said she thought Sunburst would have placed a bid as well.

  2. Jenny said Universal made the drop off dumpster simple with just one fee instead of drop off fees, per ton fees, hauling fees etc., like the others did.

  3. Jenny noted that Ohio Waste only wants to give the Seniors Citizens a 1% discount.

  4. Linda wondered if the commercial prices for R&R are monthly. Ben said they are quoted as a monthly price. All of Universal Commercial prices are quoted monthly, but residential is quoted quarterly. Jenny said that we requested quarterly quotes in our bid packet.

  5. Ben said we can pretty much rule out Ohio Valley because they are higher than everyone, and they only give Seniors 1%. Roger thought J&J looked like it may be the lowest. Jenny said unless everyone in town went with the 10 cent bags. Linda said if you have basic weekly, you can call to have it picked up for a charge. With the bags, you have to pay extra.

  6. Linda said to have a roll off dumpster for a roof or something, J&J is the cheapest. It is between J&J and R&R. Jenny said Universal didn’t have any fuel increase. Ben said we should probably look at residential prices first as the most important, then commercial. Linda called someone on her cell phone that used Universal bags, and they said they buy them from Haylett’s for $23.50 for 10 bags. Jenny said they must have left off a zero. Even after questioning her several times, she insisted it was $2.30 per pack of ten. It was obviously a clerical error. For residential basic service, Universal was actually much higher than the other two.

  7. Roger was concerned about critters tearing up the bags. Linda said you would keep them in a can all week, and on trash day, take them out and put them by the road.

  8. Jenny multiplied all of R&R bids by three, and Universal commercial bids multiplied by three, then she ran off copies and distributed them to all Committee members.

  9. Linda said R&R won’t take tires, and they have a fuel charge. J&J will accept tires.

  10. Jenny asked about the fuel surcharge, and how we will pay for it. Ben said it is set by standard percents set by the DOE/EIA which would add an additional $2.40 per quarter. Even with the fuel surcharge, it is still lower than Universal.

  11. Jenny said we need to compare what people are currently paying J&J for unlimited now, compared to what they would pay if this goes through. Linda said she knows someone who has J&J and they pay $63.00 per quarter for unlimited. Jenny said she spoke with someone who has R&R and they said they really beat up your cans. They throw them all over the place.

  12. Ben said he thinks J&J is the cheapest for residential. In his opinion, we should go with J&J. Jenny agreed. Linda and Roger both agreed.

  13. Jenny said she would type up the bid comparison chart and e-mail it to Michele for the websit tomorrow, and e-mail it to everyone on Council as well.

Motion to recommend J&J to Council by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Motion to adjourn at 9:38 P.M. by Linda, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer