Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
July 12, 2008

Call to Order- 8:00

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Jim Rogers was absent

Others: Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer, Donna Hawkins, Mayor Giles Seith, Council Member

Motion to approve minutes from June 14th Finance meeting by Roger Hawkins Seconded by Ben

Jenny discussed the Ordinance to make the Assistant Clerk Treasurer a part time position that will be on the agenda for Tuesday evening.

Jenny also explained the Ordinance that will be on the agenda which will make monthly transfers for the OWDA payments and the bond payment. This calculated amount will be to clear up the negative fund balances in water & sewer operating and ensure that funds are in place for the December payments.

Regarding the Income tax credit referendum petition- Jenny said if Council wants to repeal the removal of the credit, they must do it before September so ballots do not need to be reprinted.

Ben said the County will be in the red by 2010 according to the Portage County Commissioners. Ben thought it may have to do with sub prime mortgages and unemployment. He thinks this means we will not get as much money from the County as we have previously.

Ben said we need to stop giving money out of General Fund to Streets and other funds. He said we have got to get the General Fund back on track. He also suggested we put Ed & Harry on salary. Roger asked what services will suffer from us taking money away from Ed. Giles said he thought we have a contract with Ohio Edison that we ought to look at. Roger suggested we turn off every other light in some areas.

Roger asked if we need a resolution to cut the Assistant Clerkís position, and wondered if we could just change her hours. Ben said there are differences with the Public Employees than the private sector. Jenny said Tom said we should change it to part time instead of doing it the way the Police Department did by eliminating the position and rehiring her back. Sue told Jenny that she would prefer that also. Roger asked if we could make Sue the Income Tax task Force agent instead of changing her to part time. Ben said we have to show Local Government Services that we are trying to make changes. Jenny said once the budget is finished she will have time to work on taxes. Jenny said we need to look for people that donít know they owe and should be paying. Roger said sometimes we have to spend money to make money. Roger said this is not bettering our situation. Jenny said Traci at Tax Proís will help guide her towards going after non payers. Ben said he hates to put Sue on part time because he is the one that fought so hard to hire her, but he is very concerned about Local Govít Services. Roger said he wants to go on record as saying he doesnít agree with making Sue part time. Jenny said she is hoping that when Donna Maynard retires that we can bring the Water & Sewer billing up to our office and then bring Sue back full time.

Giles said it is, unfortunately, always easiest to cut the Police Dept. Next would be to go after Personnel, then Snow plowing. Roger said we should cut dispatch before Police.

Ben passed out a sheet of overtime wages year to date. So far there is $15,000. Ed is at $4300.00. Roger said Ed is shorthanded. Ben said that is only recently that he is shorthanded. Jenny said Nita said the people that get overtime could be given time off so they would not go into overtime at the end of the week. Roger said we need to see what they are actually doing that requires overtime. Ben said Ed and Harry need to be more diligent about scheduling. Jenny said when he asked Ed about the ad in the paper, Ed said he was not hiring, just taking applications. Jenny said that Sue said the ad cost over $200.00 and it is not even for replacing Paul.

Donna wanted to mention that she spoke with Nita, and her biggest concern is the revitalization grant. Jenny said we lowered our appropriation to Revitalization. Ben said he thinks Downtown will come to a halt because they will not have money. Donna said if they donít raise their $75,000 by September than we are out of our obligation. Donna said she would ask Edie for an update of how much they have raised, so she could submit it to Nita and she would see that we are not really in danger of having to pay. Ben said Downtown Revitalization should cut off E.G. & G. and stop giving them money.

The Bills of Resolution;

Roger asked to see the invoices for Dominicís Tree Service. Roger said if we donít have an ordinance to support anything, he doesnít think we should approve payment. He thinks we should deduct anything she gets from insurance. He said it is not legal to get money from two sources, 1-800-fraud. Roger said we need to investigate this and not pay the bill. Ben said we have to pay it and then determine what is right and then make an Ordinance. Roger votes no on paying this bill.

Discussion about the Maintenance of Voice Recorders, and Fire Department paying half. Jenny said we have to pay the whole bill, then get reimbursed. Ben asked if we can start taxing people at the Fire Department. Jenny said she would ask Janet Esposito.

Donna asked about line item 112- Cruiser Loan warranty for Charles Chevrolet. Jenny explained that Sue probably just forgot to remove it after it didnít go through. Jenny asked about repealing the Ordinance. It was decided that she would put something together for the next meeting.

Discussion about putting Ed & Harry on salary.

Discussion about keeping our meeting topics quiet so we donít have any more incidences like Betsy telling Donna Maynard she was going to part time.

Donna asked about Street repair. She said people pay income taxes for Street repair and how can we not give Ed money from General Fund. Jenny said Local Govít Services said each department should be self supporting. Ben said it has always been so easy to keep getting bailed out by General Fund. Donna said there is money in a Permissive Fund.

Donna said we need to stop paying for cleaning when night shifts just sits & watches T.V. all night.

Discussion of setting budget deadlines.

Discussion of Council being paid per meeting, and pay for workshops also.

Donna said Ben is doing a fabulous job as Finance Chair.

Motion to Adjourn at 9:31 by Roger Hawkins, Seconded by Ben Prescott

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer