Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
July 11, 2009

Call to Order- 8:01 A.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Jim Rogers was absent

Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Councilman Giles Seith, and Residents Linda Clark and Norm Erickson.

Minutes: No discussion.

Motion to approve the Minutes from the June meeting by Ben Prescott, seconded by Roger Hawkins. Both ayes on vote.

Discussion of 2010 Budget:

Ben said there were only a few changes including the State Highway funds which our operating budget should be $8,000, not the $28,000 we plan to appropriate at the end of the year. Jenny said she made some changes in the General Fund by decreasing Harry’s OP&F amount since he will be the only one in that retirement plan, and increasing his OPERS amount because the part time officers that he replaces the full timers with will be in OPERS. Motion to recommend 2010 budget to Council by Ben, seconded by Roger, both ayes on vote.

Financial Reports:

Jenny noted that the General Fund ended up advancing $18,000 to Water and $26,000 to Sewer for the OWDA payment. These funds should be paid back as soon as possible because we may and likely will have to advance money again this December, so we need to stay caught up. Jenny reviewed the Financial reports for June and noted that there was an adjusting factor in the bank reconciliation because someone had allowed their check to stale date. Jenny said the State Auditors office says it costs $20.00 to cut a check, so we may have to either consider mandatory direct deposit, or withhold $20.00 from their check if we have to reissue one to someone.


Ben reviewed the legislation that will be presented at the Council meeting Tuesday.

  1. 2009-32- We need to vote it down and get rid of it.
  2. 2009-33- Contract with the Village of Hiram for dispatching services. 2nd reading
  3. 2009-36- Amend appropriations in order to make bookkeeping right with the County.
  4. 2009-37- 2010 Budget amendment for public hearing
  5. 2009-38- This ordinance eliminates hospitalization for the Mayor. Roger asked if we have an ordinance to support what we are doing. Ben said yes, our Solicitor got a ruling from the State, and we have a reading from OML, and Council as the Legislative Body of this Village has the authority to do that.
  6. 2009-39- This ordinance is so Council members are not eligible for insurance, and we need to suspend the rules so we can pass it before the next Council members run in August.
  7. 2009-40 Returning the office back to the Clerk. Ben asked if we are declaring this an emergency. Jenny said we should. Roger asked what is the emergency language. Jenny said she feels the office is compromised. There are people in there at night that should not be. Roger asked who. Jenny said it was Donna Maynard who is a Village employee, but should not be in her office when she is not there. Jenny also said one time she arrived in her office and Wesley Hawkins was standing by her desk. Even if someone is visiting the Mayor, they should not be on that side of the counter. Roger asked if there were any witnesses that saw him there, and Jenny said yes, Harry was in there and so was the Mayor. Jenny said when she was on vacation in Florida, Sue said she came back from lunch and the Mayor had the door propped open. Roger said he has seen Ben sitting in the chair inside the office, and Jenny said it is fine as long as she is in there with him. Ben said we will not go any further and we will save it for Council. Roger asked if he was refusing to let him work things out at a workshop. Ben said no, but he is not going to sit there and argue about it. Roger said “I don’t see how the Mayor can be expected to do her job in an office that is not adequate and we do not provide a budget for the Mayor. You don’t provide anything for the Mayor. When we came in here, this Village was on the threshold of Fiscal emergency. It was this Council that put us on Fiscal emergency. It is this Mayor that took us away from Fiscal emergency. This Council has not done anything to generate money. This Council said the only way to generate money is to raise taxes.” Ben said he didn’t say that. Roger said the Mayor has done things to bring money in to this Village. Ben asked what she has done. Roger said she is working on getting dispatch services to Hiram.

Bills of Resolution:

Linda asked how cold patch comes in. Is it a container that keeps it from going bad? Ben said there are many ways to get cold patch, but he buys it in bags. Linda asked for an up to date total on J & M’s Mowing.

Linda also asked about office supplies. Are we buying our supplies together since Ed said he can get things cheaper than what Jenny pays. Jenny said that isn’t always the case, like this week Staples had a sale on paper, but you had to buy it in store and it would be half price, so she drove over and bought six cases. Linda asked if she volunteered her gas. Jenny said yes she did, and also her evening. Linda thanked her.

Linda asked if the Storm sewer on Regan St. was fixed now. Ben said it has been repaired. Linda said the Mayor is doing an admirable job while Trego is off in moving forward with this stuff instead of it just sitting and not getting done. Jenny said there was a complaint one day, and she put the caller in Donna’s voicemail and the next day the guys were up working on it. Jenny said since she is held accountable and seems to care about getting it done, she is making it a priority.

Linda asked what we use Iron out for. Ben said they must have been trying to get iron deposits out.

Linda asked what floors were we stripping and waxing. Jenny said it is in the Police department.

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Roger, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Storm Sewer Funds:

Ben said there will be a ruling from the Auditor about how the funds will be set up. Maybe the money can come from other funds. Jenny said the Commissioners will be meeting this week regarding assessing the townships for Storm Sewer drain off. So that may be something we will look at doing someday down the road. We are hoping the Auditors will let us dissolve that fund and charge labor and materials into other funds. Jenny said we might also discuss using the money from the quarterly service charge since it generates $10,000 a year, and since we are not doing that project, maybe we could take $5000 per year to Storm Sewers. Even if we did that project, our payment was only a third of what we collect. Ben said we will need to talk to the Auditors.


Norm said on Ordinance 2009-38, he applauds us for doing that and we are moving in the right direction, and also with 2009-40 and it is long overdue. This Clerk needs a private office, and the Mayor’s position has always supposedly been a part time position and she has plenty of other space for doing her work. With the material that is in that office, he doesn’t think there should be a stream of people going in and out. He goes by here at night and there are people in and out of here. The school has a treasurer, and her office is kept locked. That is just professionalism. Ben said he thought we could make this one big office (pointing at the two small upstairs offices). Ben said we will pass this ordinance because they have been working on it for a long time. Ben said the prior Solicitors opinion does not hold the weight of law, and an ordinance does, and Council can pass an ordinance, and we are going to pass it.

Roger asked Norm is he thinks this office space is adequate for the Mayor to do the job that she has to do. Norm said it has always been sufficient in the past. Roger said the previous Mayor didn’t show up. He was an inactive Mayor. Norm said he believes in what he said and he will be here Tuesday night to support Council.

Norm also wanted to let Ben know that the school gets their diesel fuel at rack price, and the Fire department gets it from them, and they would be willing to discuss it at their next school board meeting to allow the Village to use it. Ben asked how we would be charged. Norm said everyone has a code and then we would be billed monthly. Ben asked Norm if he would get some information to Jenny and we would be glad to take a look at it. Ben thanked Norm. Norm didn’t think any other board members would object. Giles said it has worked well for the Fire Department, and you can fuel up any hour of the day or night. Sometimes the school gets fuel at Aurora and sometimes at Cleveland or Brecksville. Nearly all school districts and municipalities are getting it this way. Norm said the fact that we are getting such small volumes at a time is what is hurting us. Jenny asked if there is a way to separate which vehicle is getting the gas so we can do exact accurate billing instead of the current percentage we are using. Giles and Norm both said yes.

Motion to adjourn at 8:37 A.M. by Ben, seconded by Roger. All ayes.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer