Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
June 14, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT: Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins,


OTHERS PRESENT: Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer, Donna Hawkins, Mayor Ed Trego, Village Administrator, Giles Seith, Council Member

CALL TO ORDER: 8:00 BY Chairman Prescott

MINUTES APPROVED: Not approved. Unsure if two members were enough to approve.


Ben asked Ed about his budget. Ed said his is done and so is Harry’s.

Jenny discussed the OWDA payment that will be withdrawn at the end of June. Ordinance being prepared to transfer. Jenny explained paperwork of how loan is split.

Ed questioned what each payment is for. Jenny asked Ed if he knows what they are for. He said he is concerned about taking water money to pay sewer debt. He said it has been done illegally in the past. Jenny explained that water debt is paid out of water operating. Sewer debt is paid out of sewer operating. Jenny said Betsy worked with Ed Rance on splitting it up. Ben said we will be checking with Ed Rance. Jenny said Donna said we must pay into water & sewer operating a certain amount before applying payments to Sewer User Charges, per an old ordinance. Ed said she is wrong. We have to get with Ed Rance on how to get money receipted in so money goes into sewer debt.

Jenny discussed the Ordinance she is preparing to amend appropriations for paying $16,000 in income tax refunds. Mantaline is still owed $11,000. There are others.

Jenny discussed Donna’s Mayors school, and said Love Insurance is not paying this year and asked Donna if she has come up with the money some other way. Donna said she got a donation of $100.00. Since the charge was only $70.00, that will cover it. She charged the room on her own credit card, and is not asking to be reimbursed for gas or food.

Ben discussed Res. 2007-40 for Tuesday night agenda. It is to transfer funds from Enertech’s closed account to debt service. Jenny said we need it to pay the OWDA. Ed said it should be applied to 3413 loan. Ben said we need to vote down the 2007-40. It will be fixed in 2008-16.


Jenny will ask Sue to amend the bills of Resolution to see if we can get a typewriter. We keep having to use the one at the Police Station. Ed asked what we use it for and how often. He suggested looking for a used one through a copy company. Roger asked if it such a terrible inconvenience to go to the Police Station. Jenny said it should be part of the office. The Police pay for ribbon and what not.

Donna asked if Jenny’s computer was fixed. Jenny said it wasn’t, but Mike was able to pull the data. Ben said the new one coming in and the old UAN stays with Jenny. She said someone can have the broken one but it will cost $150.00 to fix. Ben asked how the diesel & gas prices are affecting his department. Ed said they are trying to drive less. Ben said natural gas is going up this winter, and we need to budget for it.

Donna asked about the Postage change. Jenny explained that since the price of stamps changed, we had to buy a prom and the cost was split three ways.

Donna questioned the Walter Drane bill. Ed explained the whole concept of the codified ordinance book. Donna said there is a huge stack in the corner of her office that was not being used and wondered if we could cut down on how many copies. Donna said she doesn’t have one. Jenny said all of Council should have one. Donna said they are not being added to the books. Ben said we need to get it straightened out so everyone that should have one does have one.

Ed said regarding the OWDA payments- He explained what each of the loans are for and when they mature. He said Loan # 3413 is for the Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion. Loan # 1713 was the 1988 Waste Water Treatment Expansion plan. Loan #2789- Water Plant Well Field from 1995- 1997 Loan #3945- Booster Station from 2-3 years ago.

Roger asked what is the Staples Revolving Credit charge and what was it? Jenny said it was toner for Service.

Ben asked about the Purchase Requisition. Jenny said people are calling for P.O.’s after the bill comes in, instead of before the Service is performed or the expenditure is made. Ed said that doesn’t happen in his office. Jenny said it does and gave several examples. Jenny explained a “Then and Now” purchase order. Ed said he needs to be told if this is happening. Jenny discussed a Purchase Requisition she made in Excel and said it could be e-mailed. Ben asked what credit cards are outside of Jenny’s office. Ben said all credit cards should be at the clerk’s office and all expenses need to go through Jenny. Ed said he has a Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s card at his office. Roger said Ed should have a bunch of supplies and not have to keep running to the store.

Ben brought up Tom’s bill. Jenny said we will probably run out of money for Tom in August. Ben said we need to stop calling him so much. Ed asked for copies of Tom’s bills up until now. Ben asked if we are getting our free 11 hours that he should be giving us.

Ben brought up Local Gov’t Services, and said we need to cut back so we can keep the General Fund out of the red. Roger said Council was not supposed to be calling him and noted that Jim Rogers and Linda Schillings call him a lot. Ed said we should try to look up as much as possible in the ORC, the Mayors manual, etc before calling him. Donna said David Benjamin’s charges were just as much. Jenny said the total cost between Tom and David Benjamin came to a total of $25,000 and that is how the appropriation for this year was based.

Ben brought up the budget again. Roger asked why we can’t do our own cleaning? Jenny said we do our own, and Ben said it comes out of Harry’s budget and it is his choice. Ben said the County is losing money and the Commissioners will be taking more money from us next year. Ed asked if we have collected our money from the county for the OWDA bill. Jenny said we are doing it Monday. Ben asked if we have any other way of getting more money. Ben thinks we will get $39,000 less next year. Roger asked Jenny if there is a dollar amount of income tax money not collected. Donna said there are people not tied in to water, and Roger agreed. Ed asked for a list of who these people are. Ben estimated that Gen Fund will be broke in October. Donna asked if the Enertech money was going to C.T. Consultants, and Ben said no.

Donna said there is a $4500.00 trust from the Cemetery we will be getting. Ben asked if Kevin Poland found our paperwork for the trust. Donna said no. Roger asked if we are putting a program together to find the non taxpayers. Jenny explained that the Muni Tax is not accurate or up to date and needs to verify all paper work. Ben said it will take Jenny some time to get everything straightened out. Roger suggested we hire RITA and let them keep a percentage. He said it was 10%.

Ed questioned the e-mail from Ed Rance. He wondered why Ed Rance said the Village Administrator is not in charge of the appropriations. Ed said Ed Rance said the budget is not a wish list. He said the budget has always been to demonstrate the needs of the Village. He said the ones who demonstrate the need are the ones that get the money as demonstrated with issue 2. Ben said the “need list” and budget are different. Jenny said Ed Rance said the way we have budgeted in the past is wrong. Ed said the legislators determine the budget. Ben said if other funds become available, we can amend the funds at that time. Ed said we used to get $120,000 from Local Gov’t funds and it is now being cut in half.

Donna asked what she should about St. Gobain. Ben said there is no money in Gen Funds, but LGS is concerned that we are not making any progress with that debt. Donna wondered if we should get a loan for repayment of that money. Donna said we can do nothing, or try to negotiate with them and come up with alternative ways of funding. Donna said she suggested it to Eunice (a loan) and she said that is not the way she wanted us to handle it. Ben said he didn’t think we had any borrowing power. Jenny said Janet Esposito said we should try to get them to forgive the debt as our first approach. Donna said it will be the first approach, but she needs a back up plan first.

Ed said he has predicted for two years that with the loss of Eaton, his funds will also go in debt. Donna said she asked Bill Ulich Director of Portage County Economic Development to call Eaton and he has placed numerous calls and they don’t respond.

Discussion of General Fund debt. Jenny mentioned splitting her salary, and splitting the Insurance & Bonding bill to help relieve the General Fund. Jenny said she spoke with Joan from Middlefield Bank, and they will extend our loans for the cruisers to get us the extended warranties.

Ed Trego asked if we become more financially distraught, could we skip our December OWDA payment. He said our utility funds will hit the wall just like the General Fund. Jenny questioned why we applied for another grant if we are not going to be able to certify the matching funds. Ed Trego said the EPA could put us on a boil alert no matter what Ed Rance says. Ed said we may get the whole project funded. Donna said it is a good project and we should move forward. Jenny said Brian Rogers from C.T. Consultants said we would have to match $45,000, which half may be assessed to taxpayers. Jenny said that is not fair to the taxpayers. Jenny said Ed Rance said it could possibly lead to another citation. Ed Trego said someone needs to talk to Ed Rance and get clarity to the issue. Donna said she is not so sure Ed Rance needs to be brought in on this issue. Jenny said she relies totally on Ed Rance’s suggestions and advice. Ben said nobody knows our issues better than Ed Rance and he will be brought in on everything. Ed said to Jenny “There are issues that you have no knowledge of and some things can’t be discussed with you because those that get money out of a poker game, are the ones that play their hand closest to their vest, and when things are discussed… Ed Rance is sitting in some community that’s maybe competing against or whatever and so forth, in just general conversation I think Ed Rance needs clarity on the process.” Ben said it can be very complication.

Motion to Adjourn. 9:40 A.M.