Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
May 16, 2009

Call to Order- 8:03 A.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Jim Rogers (arrived late)

Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins, Councilman Marty Hura, Village Administrator Ed Trego, and Resident Linda Clark

Discussion on Minutes from April. 18th Finance meeting. Roger Hawkins asked Jenny if she had documentation that the taxpayers donít want to pay for the Mayors newspaper. Jenny said she is a taxpayer and doesnít want to pay, and Linda Clark said she is also a taxpayer that doesnít want to pay, and Ben said he will make it three. Minutes could not be approved because there was no quorum. (will be approved later after discussing the Bills of Resolution when Jim is there).

Jenny gave the Financial Reports. No questions or comments.

Legislation: Ben reviewed the legislation that will be presented at the Council meeting Tuesday. Ben said on Ord. 2009-29 we will have to stay on 1st reading because we are still tweaking it. Jenny noted that she had asked the Mayor to turn in the Department Heads budgets to her by Thursday but they were not turned in. Donna then presented the budgets which she had been holding until this morningís meeting. Jenny reminded her that she is the Financial Officer of this Village and they should have come to her.

Jenny asked how he can take such a large cut. Ed explained that he only put operating expenses and left out the debt. He said the Mayor recommended that he do it that way. Jenny noted an increase of operating expenses by $20,000. Ed said there are discrepancies in the wages between his office and the Clerkís office. Ben said we are taking in less and spending more in Water & Sewer and will be short at the end of the year. Ed agreed. Ben reviewed letter the Auditor sent Jenny regarding less money designated for the Village. Regarding the Police budget, Donna noted that Harry only increased $325.00 more than the 2009 appropriations with 24/7 protection. Donna said she and Harry are in negotiations with Hiram Village and hope to secure Dispatch Services by the end of the year. This will add $2,395 per month. With Bob Reitz retiring, we can expect an unexpected shortfall of $11,000. The Village will also hear about the COPS Grant by Sept. 30th. Bobís retirement date is June 13th, and he plans to return Sept 1st, 2009 as part time. We desire to hire Rodney Terry back Full time with dispatch duties through the COPS Grant. Ben said we will have to pass the budget as an emergency next month after Jenny has time to work on it. Ed added that we are not hauling Sewage away as much as we need to be to be in EPA compliance. We still have major issues of equipment at the plants that need attention, especially in the Sewer Plant.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda Clark asked if we can get reimbursed by Italianoís for the amount of money we are paying Barky Mart for the Video recovery charges since the crime being investigated was committed at Italianoís.

  2. Linda Clark questioned the jump in Tomís bill and the charge to Christley Herington & Pierce. Jenny explained that Tom had about $500.00 in charges for Zoning that is above normal, and the charge to his law firm means that someone other than Tom represented the Village and it was related to the Cemetery trust.

  3. Linda asked if the Walter Drane bill is for charges related to the Ordinance 2009-28. Ed explained the need to codify our ordinances and the procedures. Jenny explained that we missed several ordinances that should have been codified, and have implemented new procedures for making sure we donít miss any in the future, because it is very expensive and is only done once a year.

  4. Linda Clark asked about Jim Kotkowski digging graves. Jenny said she contacted Heidi from our insurance company and they said he would be covered by our policy for any damage he may do.

  5. Linda Clark asked how much we spent on mowing last year. Jenny said it was about $5,600.00. Linda noticed that it was a new company doing the mowing and wondered if it was put up for bids. Ed explained that they have a group of people that they sent a quote packet to every year, and then he chooses the best quote. Linda asked if it was discussed at Service, and Ed said it is done annually, and Ben said it didnít have to be discussed at Service.

At this time, Ben remembered that earlier we werenít able to approve the April meeting minutes and called for a motion to approve. Jim made a motion and Ben seconded. Ayes from Jim and Ben, Roger abstained.

Other Business:

  1. We need to change the letterhead and get the new Solicitor on there.

  2. Ben said we need to watch overtime. He wondered if we canít give the weekend workers some time off during the week so when they come in during the weekend it is not overtime. Ed said he is short staffed. He also said we are down $20,000 in wages compared to last year.

  3. Ben said we will need to review the Personnel handbook and start looking at areas that need revisions.

  4. Ben said Jenny will take a look at the budgets and get with Ed to see how we are going to do this, and we will have to pass it as an emergency at the June meeting.


  1. Regarding Res. 2009-26, Linda Clark questioned how we can forgive late fees to Mantaline but not the other people in town that are suffering losses. Ben explained the need to help Mantaline out because without them, we could easily become a Township. Marty added that they employ so many people that are paying Income Taxes. Linda said she certainly agrees, but thought this may come up.

  2. Linda Clark said she felt that Roger should have to let people know when he is taping. Ben spoke briefly about the Sunshine Laws and how we are required to have a Public Records designee. Rodney was it, but since he has been laid off, we may need to train someone else. Donna said we should wait until October and see if he can be called back to work. Jenny said as a courtesy, he could let people know he is taping, like she does for Executive Branch meetings. Jenny said Michelle Stuck expressed an interest in attending any Public Records training that we are offered. Jim thought it would be a good idea to send Michelle to training.

  3. Donna Hawkins asked Jenny if our Financial reports reflect the amount in our CDís. Jenny said if we get an interest payment on one of them, it would show up on the Revenue report, but did not see the CDís listed on the fund status report. Jenny told Donna the value of the three CDís we have.

  4. Linda Clark asked if there will be a need for peak hours that we will need two dispatchers to handle Hiramís calls. Donna said it may be necessary during special events.

  5. Donna said she met with Bob Harris and he said there are two grants we should look into relating to the Smart Growth program that wouldnít cost us anything. Bob told Donna it would involve 8 hours of the 59 we have available. Ben said Bob Harris told him it would cost us 15-1800 dollars and it could be discussed at Planning.

  6. Ed said to be prepared for some complaints regarding the annual cleanup because there are a lot of things we are not accepting per County directives since they are paying for it.

  7. Regarding the Service meeting, the focus was on Storm Sewers and the issue is cash. Based on discussions, we are not going to be moving forward on the Franklin/Regan Storm Sewer fund because of lack of cash. We will do temporary work in the Storm Sewers as much as we can.

Motion to adjourn at 9:00 A.M. by Jim, seconded by Ben. All ayes.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer