Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
April 18, 2009

Call to Order- 8:04 A.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Jim Rogers, Roger Hawkins was absent

Others Present: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Councilman Marty Hura, Councilman Giles Seith, Mayor Donna Hawkins, Linda Clark, Edie Benner, Michelle Barnauskas


Motion to Approve the minutes by Jim, seconded by Ben. Both ayes on vote.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. Donna Hawkins noted the General Fund balance was $25,000 and wondered approximately how much was in General Fund currently. Jenny said she thought there was about $107,000. Ben wanted to make it known that the checkbook balance that Jenny reports is not something we can just spend. Much of it is tied up in non-touchable funds or certificates of deposits.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda Clark questioned the Garden Girls bill. Should we really be spending $189 on a tree for the mini park? Jenny explained that Marty donated the money for the tree as well as our annual Arbor Day fee and the cost for his attendance in the Tree City USA conference.

  2. Linda Clark questioned the need for a big dumpster at the park. Marty said the people that rent the park lodge wouldn’t be able to do a good job of cleaning up if they didn’t have the dumpster. There would be way too much trash to carry to the Service garage.

  3. Linda questioned the pager bill. How many pagers are out there. She wondered why it isn’t split between Water, Sewer and Streets. Jenny said it is split between Streets and Police.

  4. (Donna Hawkins requested this discussion to be verbatim in the minutes) Jim Rogers questioned “With our financial condition, why are we buying an annual subscription to the newspaper? Donna said it is for her review. Jim said “You can have mine.” Donna said “It is a tool for my use. Jenny said “You could read it on the internet”. Donna said “I tried and it doesn’t work”. Jenny asked “Why not, it works for me” Jim said “Buy your own!” Donna said, “This is something I use here, Jim, it is not something I get for pleasure. I do not enjoy reading the paper. However, it is a tool that I use and it’s something that I need. When you did financials you probably looked at the Wall Street Journal. You probably looked at the New York Times. It is no different.” Jim said “I cannot support that. I can’t, I’m sorry, in our financial condition, if you want the newspaper, buy it at home and bring it in to work.” Donna said “Please understand, I do not want the newspaper for my personal use, I have no desire to read the newspaper other than as Mayor of the Village of Mantua”. Jenny said “Maybe Harry can work with you and show you how to read it on the internet.” Donna said “We’ve tried, and actually Harry reads the paper in the morning, then he puts it back and I take it in and read it so it gets double usage”. Ben said “Maybe Harry can pay for it”. Donna said “It still comes out of the General Fund”. Jenny said “The taxpayers don’t want to pay for it”. Jim said “The point is we are in fiscal watch”. Donna said “It is interesting because it is a vehicle I use to generate money. So, that’s fine, it’s interesting that you feel that way”. Jim said “Generate money, how do you do that?” Donna said “Right now were working with Hiram Village in discussions to take over their dispatch”. Jim said “We have been talking about that for 5 years. Where does that come from reading the paper?” Donna said “I’ll tell you where it comes from, it came from the dissolving of Firecom and it came from being on top of things and attending a meeting. You asked me, Jim, and I’m telling you”. Jenny said “Harry was working on that before it hit the paper. He had met with Chief Lombardi out in Hiram”. Donna said “No actually that is not correct Jenny, that had been hitting the paper and then there was a meeting that we all attended and at that meeting I suggested to Chief that we attend together which we did and that is where it came from, so what you decide you decide, but I have to say I completely disagree with you and I don’t understand how you can tell me what tool I need to use to do my job. It’s like Jenny using a calculator or using this expensive little gadget instead of sitting there and taking notes. It’s nothing more than that”. Ben said “Let’s move on”, and Donna said “So are you telling me, I want clarification please, that this is not being covered” Ben said “I think that is how everyone feels”. Donna said “I think that is a pitiful state of affairs, thank you”. Jenny said “Do you want to make a motion?” Jim said “Make a motion to remove line 40, Record Publishing, the annual subscription for $112. Remove it from the Bills of Resolution.” Ben said “We have to leave it since it has already been done, and then just stop doing it.” Linda Clark suggested we can get a refund. Jenny said “We haven’t paid it. We paid for last year”. Donna said “You thought I could have it last year”, and Jenny said “They didn’t realize they approved it last year, they didn’t notice it on the bills list”. Donna said “I’d like this discussion verbatim on the minutes please”. Ben said to call the question. Motion to approve the bills of Resolution omitting the Record Courier subscription by Jim, seconded by Ben. Both ayes on vote.

  5. Donna wanted to be sure it is noted that the Finance Committee is making it difficult for her to do her job.


Ben reviewed the list of legislation for Tuesday’s Council meeting;

2009-9, a deadline for requesting purchase orders.

2009-15, Changing Council’s pay scale. Jenny said it is changing council pay to $50 per month rather than $40 per meeting to enable us to call special meetings and not have to spend $275. Donna said that was interesting but wouldn’t say why. Jenny said the purpose is to save money for the village. The two people that are on for two more years would not be affected until the end of their term. Linda Clark asked Donna to elaborate on why she thinks that was interesting. Donna said she has nothing to say.

2009-19, Police ordinance. We need to suspend the rules.

2009-20, DMRC- Jim explained our Planning Grant from State of Ohio to enable us to get the grant two years ago. Michelle Barnauskas questioned why there was no money appropriated to Downtown Mantua Revitalization, and Jenny explained that last year we had a negative in that fund and the County Auditor had us reduce the amount. Edie Benner said the Chamber of Commerce can donate another $1,000 so the remaining amount that the Village has to come up with is now $4,000. Jim said we need to suspend the rules and pass it on first reading so we can make 4 payments to have it paid by the deadline. Linda Clark asked where the money comes from. Jim said General Fund.

2009-21, Resolution authorizing the Clerk-Treasurer to return funds from Buchert Trail to General Fund since the state has reimbursed us.

2009-22, A resolution authorizing the Clerk-Treasurer to advance money from the General Fund to Glacial Esker Fund as an emergency in order to meet the September project deadline.

2009-23- A Resolution amending the 2009 permanent appropriations.- Just book keeping for the resolutions 2009-21 and 2009-22.

2009-24- Resolution to hire Michele Stuck as Village Solicitor. We need to suspend the rules and approve her contract so we have continued coverage. Jenny needs to change “monthly Council meetings” to “all Council meetings” in section 6. In section 3 there needs to be specifics that she will include Income Tax collections.


Linda Clark asked if Jim and the Mayor have contacted the Cemetery Committee and updated them on the Delia Thompson trust fund. Ben referred to Marty. Marty said he is on hold since we are changing Solicitors because he would like to get something codified for them.

Motion to go into Executive Session at 8:48 A.M. to discuss contractual matters by Jim, seconded by Ben. Both ayes.

Motion to come out of Executive Session at 9:20 A.M. by Jim, seconded by Ben. Both ayes on vote.

Jim explained changes in the legislation for the Flood Plain and asked Jenny to be sure and have the Flood Plain legislation ready by the special May Planning meeting. He said to have multiple copies ready. He said we need to get the meeting on the Channel as well. Then discussion ensued regarding the bad connection we have and the problems Sue has getting on the channel to update. Discussion followed regarding the Time Warner Cable Franchise agreement.

Motion to adjourn at 9:28 by Jim, seconded by Ben. Both ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer