Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
April 14th, 2011

Call to Order- 6:00 P.M.
Roll Call: Linda Clark, Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins
Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins
Citizens: None


No discussion

Motion to approve the Minutes from the March meeting by Roger, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. Jenny said the Auditor is winding down our audit. He has issues with the advances made to the water-sewer fund. He feels that we need to include a repayment schedule for each advance. We have legislation correcting this. Jenny attended the Local Gov’t Conference and learned that we will be losing money in the General Fund due to Local Government cuts. The Fund status at the end of March was $365,995. Revenues were $136,809. Expenses including payroll totaled $78,818. There were no fund adjustments. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors. As for the two new reports, one focuses on receipts, the other on revenues. They are kind of like status reports letting us know where we are throughout the year as far as what we expected to spend and receive. The receipts are on target, and the expenditures are slightly over. Motion to move the Financial Reports to Council by Ben, seconded by Roger. All ayes on vote.

Bills of Resolution:

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Ben, seconded by Roger. All ayes on vote.


Linda reviewed the legislation that will be presented at the Council meeting.

Other Discussion:

C.T. Consultants invoice.

We need to ask Council to approve this and pay it out of the grant. We need to put this on the Council agenda. Donna said the formal papers were filed last week. Donna said the project is almost done.

Prospect Street.

Linda said we must have this finished by September 1st. She asked where are the estimates?

Franklin Street.

Linda said Anthony does not have the plans. Donna said he has the plans that Ben drew up. Donna said this needs to go to Service

Portable potties for the Park.

Anthony is looking for a good price.

Misuse of Village Equipment.

This concerns people using the fax or copy machine for personal use. Nobody should be using this equipment except office personnel.

Tier 2 DMRC Grant.

Donna explained the OPWC Grant request for infrastructure. These are grants that will require matching funds. Ben & Linda both agreed that we can’t match any funds right now.

2012 Budgets.

Jenny explained what she learned about budgeting at the conference. She learned that all we have to submit to the County Auditor is a breakdown of “Personnel” and “Other”. Harry and Anthony don’t necessarily have to go to a lot of trouble in breaking out a line item budget. That comes into play with the 2012 appropriations. Jenny said other Clerks said their Department Heads don’t submit budgets. The Clerk’s do the budget, and the Department Heads do the Appropriations.


Proposed ordinance- amending Section 4.4.1 in the Personnel Handbook. Linda said there should be absolutely no overtime without the Department Heads explaining and justifying the emergency. Scheduling issues are not emergencies. Linda said in the Police Department has someone who works 17 hours straight because people call off. Roger said that is Harry’s problem. Linda said a Seasonal Employee was hired as a part time position, yet he gets overtime nearly every pay, and Tom still gets overtime every weekend. Someone should be checking those plants instead of Tom so we don’t have overtime. It’s all scheduling issues. Roger said if someone is doing two jobs and filling in for someone, it should be straight time. We should be able to find someone within two hours to cover rather than working two full shifts in a row. Roger asked if Harry was on salary, would he be responsible for covering that shift? Roger said we need an overtime equalization.

Employee Status Change.

Discussion was about making changing Jeff Davis’s employee status from Seasonal to Part time. All agreed. Donna suggested that we can change him from Seasonal to Part time without changing his pay. Ben said there should be no overtime. Ben said part time should be 25 hours per week. Linda thought we could give him 30 hours. If Anthony needs more than that, they can hire another Seasonal employee.


No citizens attended this evening.

Other Business

Motion to adjourn at 8:37 P.M. by Linda, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Linda Clark, Chair of Finance Committee

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August