Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
April 12, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August

OTHERS PRESENT: Mayor Hawkins,



CALL TO ORDER: 8:00 a.m. by Chairman Prescott

MINUTES APPROVED: Motion to Approve by Ben, seconded by Jenny. All ayes.


Discussed the bills, why is so much work outsourced? We need to eliminate some of the outside services, as much as possible.

Are we getting free hours from Tom? We need to start utilizing the toll free number from Free Legal Advice in Columbus.

Discussed Income Tax withheld from Buckeye. Jenny thought we have to refund this money and we should not be collecting it. Jenny will give Tom the copy of the Resolution.


Chris Tauschís complaint about the sewer back up in his house. We are going to let it drop and hope to let it go since the insurance company said we are not liable.

Forecast for Local Government Services. Jenny will talk to Nita and see if the forecast is what they need and in the correct format. Discussed some changes we want to make, such as Purchase Requisitions. This was recommended by auditors.

Discussed requiring two signatures on checks.

Discussed eliminating pay advances.

Discussed having deadline for anything going on the Agenda for Council Packets to become Thursday at 5:00.

Discussed making sure meetings that are supposed to take place must always take place instead of the committees just canceling. There could be citizens that show up. The committees should meet regardless, and then adjourn if there is nothing to discuss.

Established that the Finance Meeting will always take place the Saturday before council meetings at 8:00 A.M. so we could get as many of the bills in as possible.

Discussed Enertech settlement. We will take that money out and put it into sewer debt.

Ben wondered if Donna has spoken to anyone at St. Gobain. Donna said she just got a name of a contact person two days ago. She said she will ask St. Gobain to donate or write off the debt, even though she has a friend who is a Corporate Executive that said they probably wonít forgive the debt because they have shareholders. Discussed putting a line item in place for estimated taxes that wouldnít be touched and we could earn interest on it. We would draw it out in January. We need to pay back our debts. We have to determine our financial condition and set up payment schedules.

Discussed the Potato Festival. Are they paying for their own utilities?

Roger said we need a meter on the Fire Department, even if we donít charge. Homeowners insurance may pay for cost of water to put out a fire. We still need to know their usage. Also, Ben said since the Village owns one third of the Fire Dept building, their employees may be eligible for Mantua Village Income Taxes.

Donna mentioned that the Service didnít cut in 2007, but the Police did. Ben disagreed, saying we took out Capitol Improvements and Capital Outlay, Operating costs, etc. from Service, approximately $52,000. The Police budget is larger, so their cut ratio is larger.

Ben said we need to get working on the budget because in July we need to send down another budget to the County. If we need to amend this yearís budget, we should so we can get through this year. We donít want to have to borrow money from the bank at the end of the year.


Motion to Recommend layoffs of two Full Time Dispatchers to Council. Motion by Roger, seconded by Jenny. All ayes on vote.

Ben said Appropriations were based on these lay-offs.


Motion to Adjourn at 9:58 by Ben Prescott, seconded by Jenny August. All ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer