Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
March 14, 2009

Call to Order- 8:02 A.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Jim Rogers

Others Present: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Councilman Marty Hura, Councilman Giles Seith, Mayor Donna Hawkins, Linda Clark, Kevin Vidmar


Ben asked if we are going to deposit a monthly amount for Clemens, and Jenny said we have not set up a new account for that yet. Motion to Approve the minutes by Ben, seconded by Roger. Jim abstained since he missed the last meeting, ayes for Ben and Roger.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave checkbook balance of $356,828.20. All funds in black, but sewer operating is staying very low. Jenny had to delay running payroll for sewer for two days until Donna brought enough water & sewer payments up to boost the funds. Donna asked if the General Fund balance was before CT payments were made. Jenny said we may not need to advance the whole $25,000 out of General Fund because the water funds are in pretty good shape, and we can pay some CT bills out of the Water Funds. Jenny said the $17,000 has already been paid. Motion to approve the Financial reports by Jim, seconded by Roger. All ayes. Linda asked for a copy of the Financial reports so she could see the Water Surcharge amount. Jenny told her what the fund status was in that fund and said she would get her a copy of the Financial Reports.


Ben reviewed the list of legislation for Tuesday’s Council meeting;

2009-9, a deadline for requesting purchase orders. Roger thinks the deadline should be Dec. 15th. Roger felt Ed needed more time. Ben disagreed. Ben said everyone else in the state cuts off Dec. 1st, and after 25 years, Ed should know what he needs to get him through the end of the year. Ben said if the Police Department can do it, why can’t Ed? Emergencies are an exception. Jenny said we need to have the invoices in and approved by the December Council meeting. Jim Rogers agreed and noted that other Villages practice a cut off date of Dec. 1st. Marty said if they aren’t in by then, the bills are paid out of the wrong years funds.

2009-10, the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. Jim said we should suspend the rules and pass it Tuesday since the 2020 Comprehensive Plan has been around for a long time.

2009-11, buying Dan Forman’s lay off time. Ben said the Auditor’s office objected to the Village paying Dan Forman’s request. Donna said Tom is also against it.

2009-14, Identity Theft Policy. Jenny explained Identity Theft Policy per Tom.

2009-15, Changing Council’s pay scale. Linda questioned that if we can’t change compensation after someone is already in office, why did we change compensation for the Mayor by giving her hospitalization after she was elected? Are we going to make sure this is covered so it doesn’t happen again? Donna said compensation was not changed. Linda said the insurance is compensation, and Donna said you would have to go to a legal opinion on that. Linda said we already did that.

2009-16- C.T. Consultant’s contract. Ben recommended that we go into executive session for this issue in Council

2009-17- Advancing money from General Fund to Glacial Esker to pay CT. Jim asked if we will suspend the rules for this, and Jenny said the emergency language is used so we can continue paying all CT bills within the 30 day period. Jenny felt this advance for paying CT should have come out of their retainer.

2009-18- Amending 2009 Appropriations. Ben said we were waiting for the certificate from the County to appropriate funds that we previously approved for the advance to pay CT Consultants outstanding invoices.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Donna questioned the website charge. Jenny said Michele was changing domain’s for our website, and this is a two year fee.
  2. Linda questioned the charge for two topo CD’s on line 35- Ben explained what a topographical map is. Elevations. Jenny explained that Ed said it started from Becky Newell requesting this because Hummel and Benner were planning to develop Mill St. Ed ordered the CD and decided he should get one for himself as it would be a useful tool to have. Linda wondered if Becky Newell was paying for it. Jenny said she has not, and she spoke with the Mayor about it. Donna said she spoke with Ed about it and he is handling it. Jenny said she will probably have to pay the same as a public records request. Linda said since Becky requested it, they should pay for all of it. Jenny said she wondered if they could have gotten it from the County, and Ben said they could have.
  3. Linda questioned the Zoning wages; when did Bill resign? Donna said that was his resignation was effective Feb. 28th.

Motion to approve by Roger, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Professional Services:

RFP for Solicitor- Jim said we should get the top five choices from each Council member, then go in Executive Session and choose the top three for interviews. Jenny asked if it would mean a special meeting, and Jim said the first week of April we would hold a Special meeting in Executive Session for interviews in order to pass legislation in April for a Solicitor’s contract.

Zoning Inspector- Donna said she will appoint someone at the Council meeting Tuesday.

Regional Planning- Ben said Jenny will be getting this back to them next week. We may not need to add anything to their annual report. The Regional Planning wants three hours from us for “green” stuff. Jim said we need to get legislation regarding towers. Perhaps a zoning ordinance for wind turbines and solar panels so it is consistent throughout the County.

Grants: Ben said Grant applications need to go through Council. Jim said the Mayor is just doing her job. Donna said she is only putting out “feelers”. Only for 100% funding.

EPA Final Ruling: Ben said they are going to adopt rulings and we will have to post to the Public what class our plant is and our licensing. Donna said she will discuss it with Ed and find out if we need to do anything for this Council meeting.


Linda Clark asked what is going on with the tower out front. Linda thought we could rent it to a cell phone company. Donna said she feels it should come down. It is no longer a storm warning and it is totally dysfunctional. It is an eyesore. Marty said the tape is around it because the boards are rotting. Jenny said some of the Fireman may want to see it restored. Marty thought the Fire Department has no interest in it.

Roger Hawkins asked if there is a schedule for routine maintenance for storm sewer drain cleaning. Jim thought we should send out a notice to homeowners to keep an eye on those drains, and if they are unable to clear them, let us know so we can send Service out. Kevin said he would not have a problem cleaning out the one in front of his house. Donna said Ed thought there may be an ordinance for that already. Donna said maybe Diane could put something in the Mantua Matters asking people to keep an eye on those drains in the Fall and Spring.

Kevin Vidmar asked if anyone is following up on the cemetery trust situation. Jim said he and Donna went to the County and got a copy of the original handwritten will that was written in 1902 and Donna is trying to decipher it.

Linda Clark asked if we are keeping the Cemetery Board appraised of the situation. Donna said no. She was not certain that they exist. She thought they were really not more than a citizen committee. Marty said they absolutely do exist as the Cemetery Board. Jim said they were appointed. Marty said we need to amend section 143 of the Codified Ordinance book to reflect what is written in the Ohio Revised Code.

Linda Clark feels that the CT Consultants contract should be open so the public can voice their opinions.

Linda Clark asked about what has been submitted (not applied for) as far as the stimulus money by the Mayor. Donna responded “Maybe 4”, and Ben said “7” and Donna said “Maybe 7”. Linda questioned why Dan Banks is submitting for grants. Donna said because he is free. Linda asked why Rich Iafelice is applying. Donna said everything he is doing is on retainer. Linda asked if we are double dipping. Donna said no. Linda asked how the Village is tied to the Downtown Mantua Revitalization committee application. Donna said our take is in the infrastructure and the 100 year old pipes. Linda asked if Council is aware of any of this. Donna said the deadlines are too unrealistic. Ben said Council needs to be involved. Ben feels that the Mayor is circumventing Council. Donna says she is being proactive.

Motion to adjourn at 9:09 A.M. by Jim Rogers, seconded by Roger Hawkins. All ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance

Jenny August, Clerk-Treasurer