Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
March 9th, 2011

Call to Order- 6:00 P.M.
Roll Call: Linda Clark, Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins
Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins
Citizens: John Clark, Norm Erickson


Jenny explained that she changed one thing under “other business” regarding the decks being an Eagle Scout project.

Motion to approve the Minutes from the February meeting by Ben, seconded by Linda. All ayes on vote.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. Jenny said the Auditor has been busy in our office reading minutes, ordinances and resolutions. He has issues with the advances made to the water-sewer fund. He feels that we need to include a repayment schedule for each advance. The Fund status at the end of February was $309,627. Revenues were $153,580. Expenses including payroll totaled $80,864. There were no fund adjustments. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors. There are two new reports that the auditor would like the Finance Committee to review each month. One focuses on receipts, the other on revenues. They are kind of like status reports letting us know where we are throughout the year as far as what we expected to spend and receive. Jenny said she also included a report showing that the street fund is way over on spending their appropriations. Jenny thinks this fund may be broke by August unless something changes. Ben asked if these reports could be e-mailed to the Finance Committee the first of the month so they have time to review them before the meeting. Roger questioned the percentages of appropriations spent in the Street Fund. Jenny said they are not wasting money, but there have been a lot of truck expenses, and wages.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Jenny asked for authorization to pay the Wright Express bill since we moved the meeting up. Linda felt we could get a motion at Council.

  2. Jenny said even though we put a line item in for overtime, the UAN doesn’t apply it that way. We can still include it in the Bills of Resolution.

  3. Roger asked what a bomber jacket is. Linda and Harry explained. Roger asked about the tools that were purchased. Linda said they broke them at the job by McDonald’s.

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Linda, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.


Linda reviewed the legislation that will be presented at the Council meeting.

  1. 2010-40 Ben thinks it’s worked out, but will check with Marty. Marty wants to meet with Michele.

  2. 2010-60 Old water plant building. Roger doesn’t feel that this is the same as the American Legion contract because they share their building with us, but this is a separate independent building. He feels it should go out for bid. The Village needs the money. Ben would like to amend it to say the premises shall be used by the Potato Festival for the purpose of carrying on business. Roger said we have other entities that could use it, such as the Soap Box Derby or the Triathlon event. Roger asked why we are giving one entity a ten year agreement.

    Linda Clark made a motion to amend number three to say “The premises shall be used by the Potato Festival for the purpose of carrying on business meetings, etc”. Seconded by Ben. Linda and Ben voted yes, Roger voted no.

    Donna said it doesn’t say amended on the agenda, and it has been. Jenny said it does say it on the legislation, and she would correct it for the Council agenda. Roger said by ordinance, it has to go out for public bidding, and you are showing favoritism to a Council member. Linda would also like to add a number 17 to this legislation. It would read “The Potato Festival must be given 24 hours notice to enter the building unless there is an emergency” Motioned by Ben Prescott, seconded by Linda Clark. All ayes on vote.

    Ben wanted also to amend number 15 which is a waiver by the Village. Motion to amend it to say Village Council, seconded by Linda. Linda & Ben voted yes, Roger voted no.

    Roger asked if this is found to be in conflict with the ORC, what does it do to this ordinance? Linda said you will have to check with Michele. Donna wanted to note that she is in opposition as well.

    -Linda Clark made a motion to have the Solicitor do legislation to void the old contract with the Potato Festival. Seconded by Ben. Linda and Ben voted yes, Roger voted no.

    -Linda Clark made a motion to forgive any utilities that might be hypothetically owed to the Village under the old contract. Roger asked why we would do this when we are trying to collect money from people. Motion seconded by Ben. Linda and Ben voted yes, Roger voted no. Donna noted that she is in complete opposition on this as well. Harry said the Police Department has permission to use electric from that building to run the security cameras. Donna wanted to clarify that the citizens of the Village of Mantua are paying the utilities, Linda said “Yes, and the Potato Festival pays the maintenance”. Donna said “So you are asking for permission to use something that you are paying for. Donna suggested putting a GFI outlet outside the building. Roger asked if there is any established income to the Village from the Potato Festival. Jenny said the businesses in town see income, but as far as the Village, the Potato Festival reimburses for garbage bags. Harry mentioned that they had the Euclid Beach park benches sandblasted for us. Donna said they only did two and the rest remain to be seen.

  3. 2011-5 Retaining Michele as Solicitor. Ben said we need to suspend the rules and pass this or we will have to go two weeks without a Solicitor.

  4. 2011-6 Relating to water & sewer accounts. Ben asked about exhibit A, part e, the bills would be made out to the property owner. It should be to the tenant. Linda said it has been changed back to read as it stands in the codified. Linda said the deadlines have been moved from 30 days back to 15 also. Linda said in 2011-6 section E7 of this ordinance, and in Ordinance 2011-17 there is a conflict. Accounts for water service must be paid in the order incurred. Payment of a current amount will not be accepted unless prior accounts have been paid. Then on 2011-17 exhibit A number F 2 & 3, it says you have to pay current while making payments on the past due. She spoke with Michele and Michele says when you are on payment plan, you have to keep your current bills paid. Linda suggested to drop the part on 2011-6, section E7.

    -Ben motioned, Linda seconded. Roger said he wanted to drop 2011-17 exhibit A. Linda said we would have to rewrite the agreement. Regarding Ben’s motion, the vote was Linda & Ben voted yes, Roger no. Donna said regarding 2011-6 part F3, the last sentence says “the Village will not discontinue service to a tenant occupied premise on the basis that such tenant has defaulted on their obligation to the property owner”. Why is that in there? Donna’s opinion is that we should strike that. It has nothing to do with how we handle our business. John Clark said if a landlord asks Anthony to shut off someone’s water, this gives him the ability to say he can’t do that.

  5. 2011-7 amending Codified Ordinance Chapter 139 to define guidelines for Auxiliary Officers. Ben said everyone is hired at will. He doesn’t like section (i) “On a volunteer basis shall be paid $10 per year on the date of appointment and then successfully completing service

  6. 2011-10 Wage Ordinance. Linda wants to make a motion to strike the emergency language and go three readings. Motion to remove the emergency language by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. Ben and Linda voted yes, Roger voted no. Roger asked Harry why he feels it is an emergency. Linda said she spoke with Harry about this, and she is not comfortable with the starting wages for new employees. She feels the starting wages are too high. Regarding the Chief’s starting wage, she felt we should consider it a salary position instead of hourly. Ben agreed. Roger said there is a website for starting wages for these positions. Donna said this is worded to become effective immediately upon passage. Linda Clark made a motion to change the language in section 4 making it an emergency. Ben seconded. All ayes on vote. Jenny said it looks like it guarantees raises for the Police Department every 4 years, but for no other employees. Ben feels we need to table this. Donna asked what committee this came from. Harry said Safety. Jenny asked if we just want to give an across the board raise. Harry said no, we just need to establish a wage ordinance. Linda asked if this is guaranteeing a raise every four years. Harry said yes.

    Jenny suggested anyone who wants to research might check with Ed Rance to see which villages compare to ours, and we could look at their wage ordinances. Harry said the increases every year for the first four years have always been done that way. Jenny said with the new Governor’s budget, our employees will get reduced sick leave and vacation. We will be getting less money next year from Local Government funds, we are getting fewer taxes, and we may not be in position to do this, as much as we want to. Donna asked how the Safety Committee can make a financial decision like this. She noted that a part time dispatcher with no requirements are getting a .60 cent raise after the first year.

  7. 2011-11 Amending 339.02 of the Codified Ordinances regarding weight limits for the Village of Mantua. Roger asked who came up with this. Harry said the Safety Committee did this based on State regulations. Roger asked if this ordinance is a recommendation by the state, or the limit. The C.T. report recommends no trucks on our roads. Linda asked if he means the report from 2001 that is 10 years old that states the prospective life on High St would be 20 years, and that it was paved in 1991 and is still in good shape? Roger said he got one third of this village to sign a referendum saying that they want to vote on this. He said some of those people were upset that this Council took away their right to vote on this. Ben said we need to suspend the rules on this. Roger asked what is the emergency? Jenny said it is explained in section 5. Donna asked which businesses are threatening to move out? Roger asked for supporting documents. Roger said “For the record, you are just wanting to blow this over, and it is a Safety ordinance, not Finance”. Linda said there are six Council members that will discuss this tomorrow night and make a decision.

  8. 2011-12 An ordinance rescinding 2011-01 and repealing section 305.11 of the codified ordinances pertaining to truck routes. We are going to suspend the rules and pass this as an emergency and take this off the books. Donna said we are really doing is taking away the citizens opportunity to vote. Roger asked about the people that have signed this petition. Roger said they signed the petition representing them in Council. Linda said two citizens, not a Council person circulated the petition, not on behalf of Council.

  9. 2011-13 An ordinance amending section 921.02 regarding bulk water rates. This authorizes Anthony to charge a certain rate when selling bulk water. Jenny said she is really excited about this, and the fact that Anthony is focusing on our assets to generate revenue. Donna said this started three years ago in Service, and we were getting nowhere. She talked to Anthony about this before he came on board because she has a person that is interested in buying bulk water. Jenny noted that the water plant will be paid off in 6 years, and then we will be out of the woods.

  10. 2011-14 Clarifying due dates on the sewer bills. Linda said there are several related ordinances on this, but Michele felt they should be done separately.

  11. 2011-15 Amending 921.05 and 931.04 relating to additional delinquency charges for water & sewer. No discussion.

  12. 2011-16 Amending section 941.17 to establish regulations for sale of bulk water. No Discussion.

  13. 2011-17 Amending section 941.21 clarifying policies for delinquent bills. This is no longer conflicting with the other ordinance.

  14. 2011-18 An ordinance establishing a new fund for the well pump grant.

Other Discussion:

TA Hours to DMRC.

Donna said she met with Todd Peetz. Downtown Mantua Revitalization Committee needs 36.5 hours. We have 60 hours. We get 30 hours per year. The original quote was for 52.5 hours, but since they are using a DMRC volunteer, therefore, they are only needing 36.5 hours. The value of this is $1,733. Because of the large value, we need to talk to Michele about this. To get the CDBG grant, they have to prove low to moderate income levels. The study they want to do is must have an 80% response rate. They have to go door to door. They are focusing on the South Main Street and Prospect Street apartments. They will need a letter stating that we will donate the hours. Jenny asked if the grant they are trying to get is a matching grant. Ben said no, it is 100%. Jenny asked who decides how the grant is used, the Village or DMRC? Ben said they are a 5013C, so they will be doing it all themselves.

Water Pump Grant

This went through. Donna said the formal papers were filed last week. Donna said the project is almost done.

2012 Budgets

Linda asked if the 2012 budgets have been turned in to the Mayor. Donna said no. Harry said they have until May 31st. Jenny said she sent Anthony a spreadsheet to use as a tool to help him prepare his budget. Linda thought the budget was due March 31st. Harry said not until May 31st. Ben said that doesn’t give us much time if it has to be in to the County by July 15th.

Citizens Tire Damage.

There was a lady that submitted her receipt to Anthony after damaging her tire hitting a big pothole on East High Street. We need a motion to pay her. Donna asked why we are setting a precedence. Linda said Donna Maynard said we always have paid this. Linda said we will ask Michele to research this. Ben thinks we should pay her. Harry said once it has been brought to the Village Administrator’s attention, it becomes his responsibility. John Clark asked if there is a witness or an accident report. Harry said people drive the roads at their own risk. It is like driving into the ditch on an icy road and expecting the Village to pay. Linda made a motion to send it before Council and let them decide as a whole. Ben seconded. All ayes.

Council Rules

Ben is not prepared tonight to discuss this. Harry said the Clerk’s section is not included in his book. Linda found Clerk of Council in the Council Rules. Roger asked if the only one we are looking at is the Standing Rules. Linda said to look at the Council Rules in the Codified Ordinance book. Harry said if you are uncertain if your book is current, you can look at the website. The Mayor asked if there is a way to put a document or packet of information together so everyone has the same information to review. Harry said the Codified Ordinance overruns everything.


John Clark asked how we acquire TA hours. Ben said the Commissioners give them to members of Regional Planning. We pay an annual fee to be a member of Regional Planning. John wonders why we are paying for this if we are turning unused hours to others. Is there something we can use our TA hours for? Donna is checking with Todd. Anthony wants an aerial view that will cost one hour. John said maybe we could use it to help Anthony find our water & sewer lines.

Other Business

  1. Donna said she received a check from Hylatt insurance for the deck damage. Our deductible is $1,000. Linda asked if we should hold the check. Donna said we will see how the project proceeds. Since it is not labor intensive, this money may cover the whole repair. Linda said what if the courts make the boys pay. Donna said they would only pay our out of pocket deductible. It is up to Hylatt to go after the money they are out. Donna asked Steve Kennedy with Hylatt what we do if the estimate is too low. He said to let him know if that ends up happening. It is not closed at this point.

  2. Roger spoke with a lady regarding her high water bill. Can we refinance our plants? Roger said we have legal guidelines. Ben said the EPA won’t let us refinance our loans.

Motion to adjourn at 7:57 P.M. by Ben, seconded by Roger. All ayes on vote.

Linda Clark, Chair of Finance Committee

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August