Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
February 10th, 2011

Call to Order- 6:00 P.M.
Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Roger Hawkins
Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins
Citizens: John Clark


No discussion.

Motion to approve the Minutes from the January meeting by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. The Fund status at the end of January was $236,691. Revenues were $114,640. Expenses including payroll totaled $96,285. There was one fund adjustments for $178.90. It was a check we sent Verizon that never cleared, so we had to void it and reissue. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors. Jenny sent the appropriation status report to Anthony and answered any questions he had.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda asked Harry how many memberships he belongs to, and does he really attend this international association? Harry said no, but the resources are worth the $120 per year.

  2. Linda asked about the payment to Mike May. Jenny said it is to reimburse him for classes he attended for his wastewater licensing.

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Roger, seconded by Linda. All ayes on vote.


Ben reviewed the legislation that will be presented at the Council meeting Tuesday.

  1. 2010-40 Ben thinks itís worked out, but will check with Marty.

  2. 2010-60 Old water plant building. Ben thinks it should be tabled and reviewed some more. Jenny said she gave everyone a new agreement and Michele wants us to discuss it tonight so she can prepare it for Council. Ben has issues with Section 1A. Jenny said Michele will amend the ordinance once Finance approves the agreement. Roger asked if it limits other groups from using it. Ben said that is what we want to do. Roger said by ordinance it must go up for bid if that is the case. Roger said it is different than the American Legion because it is only a part of another building. Ben said we should table it and take time to look it over.

  3. 2011-2 Rescinding the Special Event Fund. Jenny said we have to approve it anyway because the Auditorís Office didnít approve it. Linda asked if we still have to have minutes for the Auditorís. Jenny said yes, because it is a Committee and all Committeeís are required to keep meeting minutes. Donna asked if we could earmark the money for the Scouts Troop 575? Jenny said she didnít know why not. If the Auditorís donít approve, we could pay just for the plaques.

  4. 2011-5 Reappointing Michele as Solicitor. She didnít change much in the contract. Roger asked if it has to go out for bids. Ben said no.

  5. 2011-6 Requiring meters to be in property ownerís name. Linda said at Service they talked about different scenarios. Roger said if there are multiple units with individual meters, tenants are billed. Linda Schilling made a motion at Service for homeowners to be billed. Linda said it is not written like the motion was made. It will have to be amended. Ben said the issue is $25,000 in unpaid water bills. Roger said it needs to go three readings and not rushed through as an emergency so property owners can be heard. Linda said the way we currently are doing it, the tenants and landlords get a notice when they are 30 days late, then they have another 30 days before they get a shut off notice, effective in 30 days, and then they are up to 90 days late and itís time for a new billing cycle- it doesnít make sense. Donna said she spoke with Donna Maynard and most of the outstanding bills are not tenants. Most are homeowners. Roger said there is no need for this ordinance. Linda said she will contact Michele and have the ordinance written as it was motioned at Service, then it can be tweaked at Council. Donna said she wanted it known that they own rental property, but none in the Village of Mantua. Second, everyone knows that the Village never shuts people off, so she wants Michele to draft a new shut off notice letting people know that when we send a shut off notice, we will be following through. Linda said Michele has several prepared for Donna to look at and decide which one she wants to use. John Clark asked about assessing the taxes. John asked who pays the bill in the meantime because it takes a year to get the money. Donna said we donít get the money until the house sells in some cases. Ben said we should have been following the ORC all along by collecting from the property owners. Harry asked if this is a seasonal thing. Donna said it is very common all year and usually the same people. Roger said a payment plan could avoid a shut off and should be written into the ordinance somewhere. Linda said Anthony is willing to accept payments, but it must be caught up before the next billing cycle.

  6. 2011-7 amending Codified Ordinance Chapter 139 to set guidelines for Auxiliary Officers. Harry said the present ordinance doesnít deal with wages and uniforms. He wants to bring the ordinance in line with the new handbook.

Other Discussion:

Clerk Attending Local Government Conference in Columbus.

Jenny would like to attend this conference. She mentioned that she didnít go last year because she had a back problem. Ben asked if we have it in the budget. Jenny said yes. She said she would keep the expenses as low as she can. There were no objections.

Easement for Police Driveway from Barky

Harry said we need one. Roger asked how the property transferred hands without transferring the easement. Donna said in this case, we did not do a bank mortgage. Roger said there is an easement by prescription. Ben said we will not do that. Linda asked why we donít just play nice with the property owner. Harry said we need to open a dialogue with the property owner. Ben said he has talked to him twice about it. Harry said he asked Michele to draw up an agreement. He asked Michele to not put a dollar value in it, and see what they want. Harry said we might be able to work out something using other property. Donna said we just need permission to use the property. Ben said Harry can get this started.

Council Rules

Ben said he doesnít want the Mayor approving Committee members. Council is Council, Mayor is Mayor. Also the number of Committee members. Linda wants to add correspondence back in. Ben thought we could form a Committee to look at this. Linda said the Finance Committee has to approve it anyway. Donna said Finance Committee is Personnel, so why not leave it in Finance? Ben said it canít be changed until next January anyway. Roger said Mayor approval is like a checks and balance system. Ben said we can all look at the Council rules and discuss it next month.

Pay Raises for Police Department

Harry said it is time. The employees have made a lot of sacrifices. Linda said if it can be done without changing the appropriations we should discuss it and take it to Council. Harry said if he has to reduce shifts he will. Harry said it is funny that the Clerkís Office is the only one that gets a raise every year. Jenny said it is not fair to say the Clerk gets a raise every year. Her pay scale was set up that way by Council ordinance before she even ran for the position. There are employees that get longevity every year. Harry gets nearly $5,000 per year in longevity, another Police department employee and several people in the Service Department get longevity. Jenny asked about section 3, merit increases. Ben said we did away with that in the handbook. Harry asked if Anthony is going to be able to give raises or not, because he doesnít want to do this if Service canít. Linda said she has been going over this with Anthony, and looking for places in his budget to support this.

Contract with the Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department

The Fire Department is feeling that the equipment cost should be split three ways instead of two or they would like to have a contract similar to Hiramís and not be responsible for equipment. We currently have jointly owned equipment. The service contract for the voice recorder is currently split two ways. They want to pay one third. Hiram pays $31,000 per year, where the Fire Department pays $53,000. Jenny said there is a big difference in calls though. Harry agreed. The options are to renegotiate with them, or they can pull out of the contract. Harry says he and Joe, the Fire Chief have reviewed this new contract together, and they both agree with how it is written. If Finance agrees, we can have Michele do an ordinance for Council. John asked what the Fire Department can do if the Village doesnít agree. Harry said they can go to Ravenna City. Harry said in about five years, the County is moving towards County wide dispatching.. At that point, we could lose our dispatching as well. There will be two dispatch areas in the County. Kent wants one and we donít want the other. We might be considered as a satellite dispatch.

Donate TA hours to the Downtown Mantua Revitalization Committee-

Ben said we should call Todd Peetz and see how many we will be losing at the end of the year. We might as well donate what we are losing. Donna said she will call Todd.

Water Pumps

Ben said the pumps were never maintained. One is dead, and the other two are in poor shape. There is an emergency OPWC grant we can apply for that is 90/10 for all three pumps to be rebuilt. It is roughly $60,000 and it would cost us $6,000. He thought we should try to include the other grinder pump if we can. Roger suggested we buy a software program that is a time organizer that gives you an alarms when things need to be done. It could be used as a maintenance record for the trucks or anything. It costs $40. Ben said to show it to Anthony. Ben said the issue of past due amounts should never have happened. Donna asked that we make a motion to support Anthony with shut offs.

Motion to support the Village Administrator in collections of outstanding water bills by Ben Prescott. All ayes.

Nomination of Chairperson of Finance

Linda Clark nominated herself, Ben seconded it. Roger nominated Ben, Linda seconded it. Ben refused the nomination. Ben made a motion to close the nomination. Linda seconded. Vote is called to nominate Linda as 2011 Chairperson. All ayes on vote.

Other Business

  1. Ben feels we need to have committees get their agendas ready a few days before the meetings so people can have time to prepare. Jenny said if there is a cut off of a day or two, we might be able to get it on the channel or website so people can decide if they want to attend the meeting.

  2. Donna has an estimate that she feels should be submitted to the insurance company. Jenny said she thought the kids were doing the work. Donna said repairing the decks may become an Eagle Scout project with one of the boys that did the vandalism helping to repair them. One parent has made the offer to supervise the repairs. One parent was opposed to her son doing the work because she didnít want her son to get a sense of pride in doing the work. Ben said it will boil down to what the Prosecutor says. Donna said another deck was destroyed out by Peck Road, which the State Department built for the bog, and the State will be handling that one. Jenny asked if the Village should accept a check from the insurance company even if the boys are doing the work. Donna said it is being covered under our liability insurance. There is a $1000 deductible, being done as one incident. The boys family will pay retribution back. We will put out the money to start the repair process, and the boys will reimburse through the courts. Linda asked if we get a check for the damage, and then the boys pay for the repairs, do we have to pay the insurance company back? Jenny said we canít be paid twice. Donna said the courts and Michele will work it out.

Citizens: No comments.

Motion to adjourn at 7:42 P.M. by Ben, seconded by Roger. All ayes on vote.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance Committee

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August