Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
January 13, 2011

Call to Order- 6:00 P.M.
Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Roger Hawkins all here.
Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August,
Citizens: Bill and Patsi Gast


No discussion

Motion to approve the Minutes from the December meeting by Linda, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. Jenny mentioned that we ended 2010 with all funds in the black, unlike 2009 where we ended with both water and sewer funds in the negative. We had to advance $31,000 to sewer for the OWDA payment, none for water. We are still waiting for about $10,000 from the county. The Fund status at the end of December was $216,666. Revenues were $73,358. Expenses not including payroll were almost $88,000, double what we usually spend. Jenny suspected people were spending up their appropriations. We made the big payment to OWDA, so including that payment and payroll, we spent $375,000. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. We can expect some tax money this month due to 4th quarter employment taxes due. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors. I also included the schedule of outstanding debt which shows we still have 5.7 million in outstanding debt.

Motion to move Financial reports to Council by Roger, seconded by Linda. All voted yes.

Bills of Resolution:

  1. Linda asked about line 85 & 86- Butchís Welding. We just bought a new plow, so why are we spending so much on this touch pad and solenoid motor? New cutting edges donít state which truck they are for on the requisition.
  2. #93, 94 & 95 do not have purchase requisitions, and these should not be paid unless we get those requisitions before the Council meeting.
  3. Jim Kotkowski charge. Anthony has not seen anything from him with proof of insurance, which Anthony requires. Ben said he thinks Michele said if he is doing work for the Village, our insurance covers him.
  4. Roger asked if we could buy hydraulic oil by the case instead of one at a time. Linda thought we could buy it by the drum. Jenny said Anthony mentioned that he planned to buy things in bulk. Roger suggested buying by the case at Walmart.

Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Ben, seconded by Linda . All voted yes.


  1. 2010-40 Ben said we can ask Marty if itís ready to come off the table. Ben thought the only reason this remains tabled is because we donít know if Marty wants to be Sexton.
  2. 2010-53 Outdoor sales relating to Zoning Ordinances. Public Hearing at 6:45 Tuesday before Council.
  3. 2010-60 Ordinance to set forth conditions of use of the old Water building at the park. Ben would like to amend this to meetings only. Potato Festival to be notified before use and user cleans it up. Linda asked if we are required to have restroom facilities in the building and be handicapped accessible. Roger thought we should ask Michele. Ben said it needs to be the same contract as the Legion building.

Other Discussion:

Franklin-Regan Storm Sewer project.

Ben said we still have $3000 in that fund. We need to do a resolution to transfer it back to General Fund. Jenny said she will have it ready for Tuesday night.

Slowly open & closing valve at Water plant.

Ben said Leslie Otten from the EPA wants us to get moving on this to correct our pressure problem. Linda said we had told Ed back in June at a Council meeting to get pricing. Linda asked if since our plant is so new, could we possibly adjust the valve that is on there? Ben said the new valve works differently. Roger asked if this will correct the problem. Ben said the EPA feels that it will and it is a lot cheaper than doing the project.

Roger asked if we have run it by our Engineer? Ben said it was supposed to have been. There are a lot of calculations needed, and Jenny thought maybe our new water treatment plant operator might be able to do it, but Ben wasnít sure. It is very detailed and rather difficult. Linda wondered if we could do it without CT? Could it be someone else? Ben thought the EPA might require an engineers stamp. Ben said we have a plug valve in there now, and the other valve will have to be fitted. Roger asked if it will need software. Ben said it comes with itís own software. It is electrically operated.

New or Other Business:

Linda said she had a few things she wanted to discuss.

Tiffany Olsen:

Linda said Tiffany Olsen came to the Service meeting and said since we changed her water meter, the last two quarters her bills have averaged around $200- $300 per quarter from $800-$1500 per quarter. She also changed her toilets that were leaking. Her meter was tested by Neptune and couldnít find anything wrong. She wants more compensation. Anthony suggested that we forgive $289 from prior to 2009.

Ben said part of the problem of her high bills were her fault also. Linda said we already forgave her late feeís and once Ed adjusted the sewer portion of her bill. Linda said Anthony would like a clean slate with her. Linda is anxious to see how much we have already compensated her for. Roger said there was a letter from her plumber stating that something was wrong. Linda said Anthony had a verbal statement from the plumber that nothing was wrong. Linda will call Donna Maynard when she gets back so she can review the file.

Special Event Fund:

Linda said we passed the Special Event Fund. At the last Finance meeting, the Mayor said they wanted to abolish the committee and donate the money to the Scout plaques. Linda wants to rescind that ordinance. Ben asked how much is left. Jenny said about $170.00. Jenny said we can do away with the fund and Council can still make a motion to earmark the money for the Scout plaques.

Motion to rescind that ordinance by Linda Clark, seconded by Ben. All ayes on vote.

Chapter 339.02 in our Codifies Ordinances- Commercial Heavy Vehicles:

Linda stated that this is something that is in effect but has not been enforced. The Mayor and the Chief have started contacting businesses in the area that have trucks using our streets, and letting them know that they are going to begin enforcing this ordinance that says gross weight of 5 tons on any street in our municipality is a violation. The only way they can travel on our streets is if we were to designate a truck route. Linda would like to make a motion that we designate truck routes and we would post signs designating these truck routes. Then we would go from 339.02 to chapter 305 which is traffic control to establish these truck routes. She proposed that we allow truck traffic on High Street from the east village limits to the west village limits, Franklin Street between Main and Maple, Maple Street between Franklin to High, and Prospect Street between Main and Maple with the contingency that we review this after a month and determine if the truck traffic is deteriorating our roads.

Ben said he thought there was something passed due to a fire on Prospect that disallowed trucks on Prospect, and if they are making a delivery on our streets, they should be allowed in.

Roger said he didnít see the need for trucks to be going through the Village at all. He said ďThere are so many roads around this Village, and that is the main cause for the deterioration of our roads. Even the County is in the process of reducing the tonnage by 30% on the County roads. Our roads are in such bad shape and the trucks are tearing them up. We canít repair the roads, so we should at least stop the deterioration. There is no need for the trucks to go through, if we were 10 miles and the trucks had a long way to go around, it would be one thing, but we are only 1 mile and the trucks could easily go out Center Road to S.R. 82 or other directions. There are no businesses in this community where the trucks are paying taxes.Ē

Patsi said if they go down Center Road, they will stop for gas out there. We will lose business in town. Roger said they discussed it with Brugmanís and Lakeside, and they didnít have a problem. Linda said if they didnít voice concern at the time, she has heard that they are quite upset about this. Also, Fall and Stebbins will be affected when they take their wreckers home at night. Roger said if it is an emergency vehicle, they can go on any road at any time. Linda said if you read the Codifieds, that is not an emergency vehicle. Patsi said taking the wrecker home at night would not be an emergency. Roger asked why do they have to go right down High Street? Our roads are getting torn up. There are no sidewalks, there are blind hills, and kids walking and it is a dangerous combination.

Jenny said the Townships have gotten wind of this and they are not very happy. We are trying to establish a better relationship with the townships and this is not going to help. Roger asked how we are going to get our roads fixed. If you allow trucks to go through, you are telling him that you donít care about our roads. Bill Gast said Maple Street used to be one of the nicest streets in town, and the Village let it deteriorate. Nobody is doing anything with our streets.

Bill asked about Mantaline. Linda said they would be exempt because they are going to a destination. Jenny said would getting gas at Barkyís be a destination? Roger said they could go around 44 to 82. Jenny said they arenít going to drive seven miles out of their way to get gas.

Motion to establish the truck routes within the Village by Linda. Ben seconded.

Roger asked what the motion is. Linda said she will give her (Michele) the routes to establish after she checks into the Prospect Street legislation. Ben and Linda voted yes, Roger voted no.

Roger said that is one of the biggest things for property values. Have we asked the citizens on that road?

Cell Phones at the Service Department:

Service Department would like to turn in their pagers and get cell phones. They will be Verizon basic phones, no texting or anything like that. The plan is for 700 minutes, and insurance on each phone. Linda feels that 700 minutes is too much because most of the calls will be Verizon to Verizon which is free. Ben said lets go ahead with that. Linda was checking into going with the Police Department plan. It would save an activation fee, but the monthly charge is slightly higher.

Ben also had something:

Glacial Esker Trail Vandalism:

There was extensive damage, and the issue is whether it can be turned into insurance. Can we do the repairs out of the remaining trail money and try to pay it back from the insurance check? Roger said we should look into the grant and see about putting security cameras on the water plant. Linda said maybe the Parks fund can afford it. Patsi asked about the damage. Roger said everything but the floor of the deck is damaged. Bill asked if the Scouts built those two decks. Jenny said they helped some, but we actually hired Bob Fathaur to build the decks. Roger said there is a reward for $100.

Ben said another issue is that the decks are required to be ADA compliant, and the one by the lake is not. Jenny said when she was there; she had to leap to get up on the deck. Ben said we need a ramp built for that one.


Patsi asked about the sidewalks being cleared by Jeff Blunk. She wondered if anyone set up a fund or anything to donate to him for all of his hard work, or to pitch in for gas. Jenny said she spoke with him yesterday because she is putting something in Mantua Matters, and he said he doesnít want the elderly giving him money, but if anyone else wants to pitch him, he will accept it. Patsi said we should talk to Bill Zoller and see if they want to keep an envelope for him at Barkyís for anyone that wants to pitch in. Jenny said Richard Freund is another one that cleans the walks a lot. Ben said Weatherholt helps a lot too.

Motion to adjourn at 6:53 P.M. by Linda, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance Committee

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August