Village of Mantua
Finance Committee Meeting
October 14, 2010

Call to Order- 6:30 P.M.

Roll Call: Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Roger Hawkins all here.

Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins.

Citizens: None


Ben asked if we have our December meetings all down. Dec. Council will be on the 14th, after Planning at 6:00 p.m., and Finance will be on the 9th.

Motion to approve the Minutes from the September meeting by Linda, seconded by Ben. Both voted yes. Roger abstained due to not being present at the September meeting.

Financial Reports:

Jenny gave the Financial reports. The Fund status at the end of September was $392,628. Revenues were $101,348. Expenses including payroll totaled $87,831. There were no fund adjustments. Water and Sewer reconciled exactly, as did Income Tax. The bank reconciliation went through with no adjusting factors. Jenny also mentioned that Harry will be asking Council to freeze the increase on the Fire Dept. contract for next year. Jenny feels that since we are on Fiscal Watch, we should not make the sacrifice. The have employee benefits that the Fire Dept pays the employee share, and there are things they could look at in house. She supports the Fire Dept., but feels the Village is struggling more than they are.

Motion to move Financial reports to Council by Roger, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.


2010-16 American Legion contract for Park Lodge- this is still tabled.

2010-40 Ben said there may be some issues and it is possible that a Board was never created. Donna said the current Cemetery Board members were never officially appointed. There is no record. Linda Clark said she asked Council several years ago why the Cemetery Board is not being appointed every year. Donna felt that they stay on once appointed, like the Zoning Commission.

2010-41 Revised Zoning Feeís. Ben asked if we put in a driveway fee. Donna said yes.

2010-42 Water wells on areas of the Village not served by Village Water.

2010-46 The 2011 Appropriations- Jenny mentioned that Harryís safety budget has been reduced based on his usage percent this year. In many areas he is on at 50-60% use. He will be cashing out his comp time and also pay off Clemens out of this yearís appropriations. Jenny said he may be looking at some equipment to help with the vandalism at the Park. Jenny said we are also not putting electric & gas appropriations in the Safety budget. It will all go under Village Hall. Most operating expenses are broken down much more than in the past.

2010-47 Signs on Parked Vehicles. Linda Clark asked what brought this up. Donna said we donít want people advertising on parked vehicles. It would be specifically for advertising purposes. Jenny wondered if it was related to the Stammís wanting to put a cement mixer with an arrow pointing up Orchard. Jenny asked if Ellie could put a sign on S.R. 44. Donna said she could. This is vehicle signage only.

2010-48 Linda asked why we need to transfer $10,000. Ben said because the bill will be $19,000. Linda asked why so much. Jenny said if we spend $19,000 in materials, can we still turn in ďin-kindĒ labor? Ben said yes. Labor, equipment, and materials. Jenny said to do the advance, we have to increase the appropriations in General Fund Advances, but the General Fund is all appropriated. We will have to reduce appropriations somewhere in the Safety budget, which is the only area of General Fund that has wiggle room. Linda thought $19,000 seemed awfully high for materials for two decks. Ben thought the two decks may cost $9000 or $10,000. Linda said it should have been done a long time ago. We always thought there was no money to do this, and now we are spending money like we have it. Donna said it is all being reimbursed. Linda thinks the residents will look at it as the Village asking for a tax increase and then spending money willy nilly on a trail. Donna said we need to educate them that it is not costing us anything, and it is an investment for them.

2010-49 To appropriate the money that will be advanced, plus a small amount currently in the fund that is not appropriated.

Bills of Resolution:

Linda noted that on line 39, the Village is paying for nuts & bolts that Dick Kryz charged for the Civic sign. The sign was to be at no cost to the Village. We have spent man hours having Mike May down there digging. Donna said she had a $150 money order that was left over from a sign. Jason did not cash Linda Elders check from the Historical Society. She mentioned to Donna that her check was never cashed, so she gave Donna a money order so she could close her checking account. Donna will use this money to pay for the nuts & bolts, reimburse Bob Fathauer for his broken drill bits, and donate the rest to the Village. Donna also wants to buy a light to shine on the sign.

Regarding line 191, Linda understands that Mike needs to take classes to keep his license valid, but thought there are cheaper classes offered. Why are we reimbursing Mike May for the EPA class if it is not in the handbook to do so? Ben said he is putting in all of the required hours at the Wastewater plant for us even though he doesnít want the job. Ben said he is our defector operator of record with the EPA. Ben feels that Mike is doing us a huge favor right now with all that he is doing. Donna felt that since there is money for training, she felt it should be sent in, and Mike is not aware of it. Motion to recommend the Bills of Resolution to Council by Linda, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.

Other Discussion:

Truck for plowing.

Ben said we need to find a truck before it snows. We need to stay in the range of $15,000 at the most. Donna said it doesnít make sense to go to an auction because you canít bid. Ben said for everyone to keep looking until we find one. Jenny said in the Spring we had the money available and didnít buy. Now we have spent a lot of the Street Funds and may need to ask for Parks to pay some. Ben said Marty agreed to that. Donna thought the Cemetery Trust might be able to contribute since we will be plowing the Cemetery. Linda said she has a dealership looking for her. Ben said the Freightliner has to have a new carriage. Donna said Paul is the one with the knowledge about that, but he is only here on Fridays. Roger asked what we are doing with the extra money in the funds that we were paying Ed. He wondered if we could use some of that for a truck. Jenny said there really isnít any extra money, we are just putting more towards our monthly transfer that we are usually short on.

Raises and Bonuses.

Donna said she is aware of a situation in the Police Department regarding wages. Ben asked what the situation is. Donna said the Dispatchers are now making more than the Officers. Donna said Harry is aware of the situation. Linda asked if we can legally give bonuses. Ben said yes, but we are going to need to buy a truck, finish up the new pump, replace another pump and we need to hire several positions. Why not wait & see what we have to work with after that. Donna said she would like to see Tom get a $250.00 Christmas bonus, Donna Maynard get a $250.00 bonus, and Mike May get either $100 or $150. Jenny said it will cause a lot of problems. Sue will be upset, and some of the Police Department will be upset. Roger and Donna said they are not taxed, not called out during the night. Jenny asked how often Donna has been called in at night. Donna said she is of great value and to compare their workload to Sueís is not realistic. Linda Clark said we have an elected official that puts in extra hours. Jenny said there have been suicides where Police are kept over or called in, and when I first started in this position Sue put in a lot of hard work while I was in the learning period, and Sue did not get a bonus. Donna said it could have been considered at that time, but that is over and does not change the situation for these employees. Donna feels all employees should be getting raises. Jenny said she feels Tom is very underpaid. At Kent State, heavy equipment operators start at about $16 per hour.

Village Administrator Wages.

Ben said the Operators can be part time, saving on benefits which can help us work towards giving raises. Jenny asked if they will be Salary positions. Ben said the Village Administrator should be, but the Operators really need to be hourly. Linda felt that the operators could still be salary and on call. Linda said, for example, Harold Ullman gets a set fee every month and he maintains his plant, and occasionally gets called in. Ben asked if we could ask him for a range. Linda said it depends on the plant, too. Linda asked if Donna ever called Jeff Sheehan. Donna said yes, but itís been awhile and she has a lot on her mind. Ben asked Linda to call them to get an idea of pay ranges. Linda said she would like to call Jim Reiter and talk about it. Ben said to call him and try to get a salary range. Donna said Jenny gave her some figures used as appropriations. Jenny said she took a guess at wages in order to complete the appropriations, so she looked around on the internet a little and took a guess of $25,000 for a salary Wastewater Operator 2, and $16,000 for a Water Treatment 1 Operator, and $35,000 for a Village Administrator. Ben said that may be a little steep since they arenít doing the plants. Jenny said she was thinking about all of the work that is outsourced, and if we had the right person, most of the work could be done by a working Village Administrator. Linda said we should still consider a BPA. Ben said he would not go along with it. Donna said Michele told her she must ask Council to authorize positions. She will ask Council to authorize three snow plow drivers on a rotation basis which will be contract employees using Village equipment, saving us from paying PERS and Workers Comp. Jenny said we would have to pay them on a 1099. Donna said she also will be asking Council to authorize the positions of an Operator of Record for each plant, and a Village Administrator, part time or full time.

Village property used for Pumpkin Roll Event.

Donna said there is some unused plywood that has been at the Service garage for 25 years, and Paul would like to use two pieces of it to make a sign or something for the Pumpkin Roll. Linda said they will probably end up back in the Service garage after the event to be reused anyway. Ben said to just let him use what he needs since it is for the Village.

Linda Clark.

What is the status of the Franklin St. project? Donna said the Chopper Pump is priority. When that is done, the catch basin on Ambler and Walnut are next priority. Linda asked if she got revised bids for the Ambler Lane project. Donna said Stammís was the best bid, but it was a repair, and she wants it replaced. Linda asked if we were thinking we needed an Engineers signature on the Franklin project. She found old CT stuff, and we already do have Engineering work. Donna said she thinks Rich wants a plan to give OPWC for the extension. Linda said we have that. Donna wondered if we were following the original plan. Linda felt that the sheet shows us doing the catch basins on Franklin St., and we arenít deviating from the original plan. Ben said the project wonít be done in its entirety because we donít have enough money for all of it, but we will start with what we can. Ben said Tom Aldrich has no problem with crossing his property, but he would like to have water tap in fees waived in exchange for an easement. Donna and Linda said they were told it was a sewer tap in fee. Ben was sure it was water. Linda said that for now, the plan is to just do the two catch basins, and we have the plans. Ben said it could be a 6 hour project. Mike McCauley and Charlie are both willing to run the backhoe.

Linda asked about the Chopper Pump. Donna said they are waiting for Paul Janson to fabricate an extension. Ben said if it all works, we will need to get another one next year.

Roger Hawkins.

Regarding the utilities on the old pump house, Roger asked Jenny if the Village is paying the utilities, and Jenny confirmed. Roger said he spoke with Nita Hendryx and Rick Kubic from the State Auditors office, and they said we need to get it straightened out or it could be a ding on our audit. Roger said we need to get the contract straightened out, get the utilities in their name, and what would it take to get the utilities in their name? Linda said her concern is that the gas and electric is shared with the Legion building. He said Edison can put a pole up with a light to measure how much a light uses. It is calculable. Roger asked Jenny if we have a copy of their liability insurance on file. Jenny said she would check. As far as the building upgrades, they are responsible for maintenance of that building. Ben said with all that the Potato Festival brings to this Village, he canít believe this is being done and he wonít help him with it. Roger said they get the building for a dollar a year, and the market value of a rental building like that, they are getting a tremendous value. Roger said it was brought up at Council, so he looked into it. Roger wondered if we can really show revenues due to the festival. Jenny said some of the businesses get busier like Barky Mart. Roger said some of the vendors he spoke to said it is a wash. Roger said the Auditors suggested that we could negotiate a new contract. Linda said we could rewrite the contract to make them not responsible for the utilities. Jenny said Council could forgive the Potato Festival from old utilities. Linda said Council forgave Mantaline for late feeís. Linda feels that we should not go back for the utilities, but look at going forward. Donna said if we are not going to hold the Potato Festival responsible for the utilities, we should rewrite the contract. Ben felt that we should have worked it out instead of going to the state with it. Roger said it is a signed contract. Roger suggested we need to leave it in Committee until Finance agrees to a recommendation for Council. Roger said he did what was asked at a Council meeting. Someone asked why we arenít getting fair market rent. He is acting on citizen comments.

Motion to adjourn at 8:05 P.M. by Linda, seconded by Ben. All voted yes.

Ben Prescott, Chair of Finance Committee

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August