Village of Mantua
Minutes from Public Hearing
For 2011 Tax Budget
May 13th, 2010

Call to Order - 6:00 P.M.

Roll Call: Linda Clark, Linda Schilling, Marty Hura, Roger Hawkins,

Others: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Mayor Donna Hawkins, Chief Buchert, Village Administrator Ed Trego, Solicitor Michele Stuck.

Citizens: none present

Linda Schilling made a motion to excuse Ben Prescott and Giles Seith, Linda Clark seconded.

Discussion of 2011 Budget:

Linda Schilling asked if we have money for Storm Sewers. Jenny said Storm Sewer is Fund 5762 with a budget of $6,000 per year. The old Storm Sewer Fund was 2901 which is now closed because it did not generate any money. Ed Said he thought we should consider leaving 2901 open and leave 5762 for Capital Improvements. Jenny said that 5762 is broader and includes Capital Improvement, labor, maintenance or anything it needs. The old fund 2901 had no way to generate money.

Donna Hawkins asked why this was written as an emergency. Jenny explained the deadline that the budget needed to be at the County. We can go two readings, but the July meeting is after the deadline. Michele explained that by using emergency language, the ordinance will go into effect immediately.

Ed asked about people that are doing work in the Village and whether or not they are paying Income Tax. Jenny said we have to hope they do the right thing and pay income tax if they work in town more than three days. Sandy Prokop is good at reminding them to let the Village know they are working in town. Linda Schilling asked who is responsible for looking for these people. Roger said he doesn’t see how it is enforced, and thought that John Vechery is the authority. Michele disagreed and said it is an Income Tax issue, not a Zoning issue, and Jenny can’t drive around looking for people working in the Village all day. Michele said most contractors and business owners know the Municipal laws because they are the same everywhere.

Roger said there were discrepancies in “transfers in”. He wondered what was the $39,000 in Street Capital was and the $36,000 in Capital Reserve. Jenny said the Street Capital was the transfer Tom did in 2008, and the Capital Reserve was for selling the Village Hall in 2009.

Donna asked about the money earned from the Cemetery Trust. Jenny said it is in the 2031 Cemetery Fund. We are planning for about $5,500, but it depends on what we spend. The Cemetery Committee is buying flowers for Memorial Day, and some paint for the planters. The Cemetery Committee does not have a problem with using about $2,500 in Trust monies towards a used truck, just as Marty does not mind a portion coming from Parks. If we find the right vehicle, we can pay for it out of several funds and avoid taking out a loan.

Linda Schilling asked if that is the correct amount for Police Training. Jenny said we typically don’t use very much.

Roger asked why we jumped up $1,800 in Streets Equipment. Does this have to do with the pumps? No, this is for Streets, such as truck repairs and plows.

Ed wanted to make several points. First, he feels that Tree Care’s budget is too low. He feels that we need more in Contractual Services. Jenny said “Shade Tree” often pays for tree work. Ed also thought that there are some areas they can’t get to, and we will have to hire out. He said we need to budget $1,000 to $1,500.

Ed also felt that the Streets wages are way too low. The streets need attention, and that means wages. Jenny asked if she should lower Streets Operating or Equipment to raise wages. Ed said the budget gets lowered every year. Jenny said our revenues have dropped. Ed said he thinks it is his responsibility to demonstrate need. Linda Clark asked about Streets utilities. Is that the Service Garage? Jenny said yes.

Linda asked if we close the building, that $6,500 in utilities could go towards wages. Donna said it includes the big building, which could not shut down. Ed said even if he moved to another building he would be using electricity and heat in another office. Jenny said she thought the little building looked like it should be condemned with bricks falling right off the wall.

Ed said there is no money allotted to Street Capital. Jenny said if we do pass the Income Tax, we need to designate that the portion being put towards Streets should go to Street Capital, not Streets Operating so it doesn’t get eaten up in broken trucks and wages. It would be specifically for Street Capital Improvements. Donna said it may not pass, then what. Jenny said we know how much money is coming in for Streets, we need to determine how we are spending it.

Ed said the budget for State Highway is low, and ODOT can come in and use our money if it is there. Jenny said we budget one amount, but when we do the appropriations in the fall, we will appropriate all of the money in the fund.

Ed said we have two buildings in Parks that we are giving away free. One is the Potato Festival building, one the American Legion. We should be charging $100 per month for each. With the cost of electric and gas, we should at least charge a minimum charge for utilities. Linda Schilling said the Potato Festival has paid over and above for their building. They have put more than $35,000 into repairs. Roger said we need to look into this. Linda Schilling said there are no controls for electric or gas for them to try to monitor their use. Roger asked if they are unhappy with the building since she is complaining. Linda said they are not unhappy at all, but they should have the ability to turn off gas and electric. Marty said we need to get rid of the three phase meter. Ed said the three phase meter is not making a difference according to Frank Horack. Linda said her husband is going to hook up another furnace to help on heating cost. Ed said it is infrared radiant gas heat, which is more efficient than forced air.

Ed said Water Operating is the same scenario, wages going down year after year. He doesn’t see how it can go any lower. It is not a realistic number. Jenny said revenues also went down. Ed said in 2009, Operating is on a minimum, no maintaining, no fixing. Jenny said we need to look at bulk sales again. Ed said it would have to be off the fire hydrant so as not to affect pressure. Jenny said Brugmann’s provide water to brine trucks, why can’t we? Ed said we don’t have the manpower for someone to be available for this. Jenny asked about our wells near the Park. Couldn’t we put a meter on one? Ed said they are abandoned and plugged. Donna asked Ed what is the cost of our bulk water. Ed said it is $40 for the first 1,000 gallons, and $10 per thousand after that. Roger said if you know the size of a trucks tank, couldn’t we charge that way? Ed said it is not metered anyway. Donna said if we can’t be more reasonable for our cost of bulk water, we wouldn’t be able to sell it anyway. Maybe we should look at our pricing. Donna thought her friend is paying $6 per thousand. Linda Clark thought it might not be right to sell it at a discount to a bulk buyer, but sell it to the residents at top dollar.

Ed said Sewer Operating wages are too low. Jenny said we can’t spend more than we are taking in. We have to send the County a balanced budget. Actual amounts in 2008 and 2009 keeps dropping. Jenny said in 2009, a portion of the Clerk’s wages were being charged to Water & Sewer, as recommended by the Auditor. Now that we are no longer doing this, we can reduce the wage amount. Ed asked about transfers out. Jenny said that is entirely for debt.

Roger asked why we don’t have any tap in fees. Ed said tap in fees are mainly for new houses only. Roger asked about the transfers out. Jenny explained that the transfers from Water Operating are going to Water Debt. Every month we transfer towards the debt payment.

Linda Schilling made a motion to close the public hearing. Seconded by Marty. All ayes.

Adjourned at 7:06 P.M.

Mayor Donna Hawkins

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August