Village of Mantua
MARCH 31st, 2010 7:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Council President Ben Prescott, Linda Clark, Linda Schilling, Marty Hura, Roger Hawkins, Giles Seith.

OTHERS PRESENT: Mayor Donna Hawkins, Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Village Administrator Ed Trego, Chief Harry Buchert

CITIZENS: John Clark, Norm Erickson

CALL TO ORDER: 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Hawkins


Pumps for Sewer Plant:

Ben said he feels we should rebuild, not replace the pumps. Ed said there are two RAS pumps that are impacted. New pumps are about $12,000, rebuilds are $7,000 to $8,000. There is about $5,500 in parts alone. He recommends “National”, not “Aurora” brand in a rebuilt pump. They are the same impellor. Ben asked why they plug up. Ed said they get stringy material caught in them and the cost is major. Linda Schilling asked if we could put a screen around them to prevent stuff from getting in. Ed said not at this point. He would like to get prices on baskets. He also recommends going to a vortex impellor. Linda Clark said rebuilding or replacing the pumps won’t fix everything. Ed agreed. We also have clogging in the digesters further in.

Roger asked about those units that grind up stuff before it gets to the pumps. Ed said it is very costly. Roger asked if the pile of goo in the pictures that Ed was passing around is normal in other plants. Ed said yes, that is a week’s worth. Ben asked about the cost of baskets. Ed said we would need to get quotes from Paul Jansen or Butchie Schultz Jr. He thought perhaps less than $2,000. Linda asked if we got baskets, how much of the goo would it stop. Ed thought perhaps about 25-50%. Linda wondered how often we would need to tear the pumps down if we have baskets. Ed said it would take a few months to clean up. Ed recommended we clean up, get a grinder, baskets, and rebuild pumps. Linda Schilling asked if we have money to do this. Jenny said everyone has a copy of the fund status report, and Sewer Operating only has $3,000. Ben thought we could transfer the money from General Fund.

Linda Clark asked if we allow the porta-potty people or other tankers to dump into our plant. Ed said yes. Linda asked how much they dump, just what is in the port-a-potties, or their whole tanker. Ed said the whole tanker. Ed said it is a limited dump, maybe 5 or 6 times a year. Ben asked if it harms our plant. Ed has never noticed it causing a problem. John Clark asked Ed if he notices a problem in the pumps at the time they dump. Ed said he does not. Ben said we need to nail down a price for getting everything done. Roger said seals are not enough, we need to replace the pumps with ones that won’t clog. Ben asked Ed if it is possible to buy a rebuilt pump ? Ed said not from “Aurora”. Roger asked Ed if he has the equipment to rebuild it himself. Ed said no.

Linda Schilling asked Ed if he could have a dollar amount by the next Service meeting on April 6th. Ed said yes, he could. Donna asked if Ed could rebuild one pump to take the pressure off the others, and Ed said no. Ed recommends that we rebuild pumps, don’t go new. Go with a different pump with a chopper/shredder. Let it prove itself, and then decide if that’s the way we want to go with the other.

Donna asked what is the life expectancy of a rebuilt pump. Ed said we would have to pull the pumps apart once or twice a year and look at the wear. Linda Clark asked if the baskets are in place of the screens. Ed said the baskets will trap a lot, and only run us about 2-5% of the cost of screens. Our plant should have screens.

Linda Clark asked how big of a problem is the motor control room where the panel is down? What expenses are we looking at? Ed said “BFD’s and other issues”, and said he should have costs for them at Service.

Service Trucks:

Ben said perhaps we should consider Sandy, our Police Officers truck. Linda Schilling said there would not be a warranty. Linda Schilling said she has been to lots of dealers. If we go through Ford, there is extra savings if you are a municipality. Roger said we should put something out to the dealers with specs. This is a good time to buy a used snow plow truck. Giles said if the dealer is honoring the warranty, it is good, but if it is a private warranty, his experience has not been good. Linda said she would have prices at the next Council meeting. Ben asked her to have them to us before Finance and she said she would have them for Finance. Roger asked what Ed wants. John Clark suggested that we look under the DAS for a state bid.

Harry said it is the Department Heads responsibility to get what he wants. Ed said we pay to belong to the DAS. We need full size, 4X4 with plow and a full size bed, not necessarily a one ton. Give him a budget, cash or monthly amount, and he will work on finding the best fit for the price. What would we do with the old one ton? He recommends fixing it and trying to sell it for a few thousand. Even if we fixed it and parked it or used it, we should get rid of it before another fuel pump goes. Linda Schilling said we need $1,258.42 to fix it.

Jenny recommended not financing a truck. If we find a truck for about $15,000, we can split the cost between about 7 funds, and buy it outright rather than taking on another debt payment. The Auditor’s would not like to see us taking on more debt. Linda Clark thought we should look into paying off the Sterling loan if it is feasible, and then we could finance another truck.

Marty asked Jenny to get the pay off on the Sterling. Harry said we should consider refinance the Sterling to add the cost of a new truck. Ben said we will discuss at Finance about fixing the truck.

Linda Clark said we need a maintenance log for each vehicle. We should be tracking anything we do to our trucks. Ed said we used to have a board that we tracked vehicle maintenance. Now we are short staffed. We had Tim Wojtas that did regular maintenance in the past. Ben said we really need to keep good records. Harry asked Norm if vehicle maintenance could be handled by the school. Norm didn’t think so, but made a suggestion that we call Carol Corbett to find out about calling Corporate Offices of Ford or another manufacturer to see about buying as a government vehicle. He thought that by the time we get rebates, warranties, etc., it may possibly end up cheaper, or very close to the price of a good used truck.

Catch Basin by the High School:

Linda Clark asked Norm what was the status of the catch basin by the high school. Norm said it is done, just has to set. Ed said it usually takes a week to ten days.

ADJOURN: The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 7:56.

Mayor Donna Hawkins

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August