Regular Meeting of the Mantua Village Council,
March 19, 2005

Mayor Hopkins opened the meeting at 8:00 a.m. at Village Hall and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: M. Hura, J. Rogers, P. Campbell, W. Hawkins, and L. Schilling.

Others Present: Clerk-Treasurer Betsy Woolf, Police Chief Buchert, Village Solitcitor David Benjamin and several village and township residents.

Mayor's Report: The mayor read a letter of resignation, due to declining health, from Carolyn Thompson-Hummel. Motion was made by M. Hura and seconded by J. Rogers to accept her resignation. All ayes on roll call. She will be missed. A notice has been placed in the Record-Courier to accept interest in the vacancy. The Mayor also read a letter from Crestwood School Board offering ownership of the easements and utilities to the Village of Mantua. Jerry Carolton continues to work toward moving his business in the former Mantua Village school building.

Motion was made by J. Rogers to bring the minutes to the floor as submitted. Second by M. Hura. A motion to accept the minutes was made by P. Campbell with a second by J. Rogers. All ayes on roll call.

The Clerk read the financial statements. Motion to bring to the Bills of Resolution to the floor was made by J. Rogers, second by M. Hura. All ayes on roll call. Motion to approve the Bills of Resolution for payments made by M. Hura, seconded by P. Campbell. All ayes on vote.

Citizens: Greg Kovar, representative of the Crestwood Ponytail League advised that the boards on the back stop on the south side of Buchert Park need replaced or repaired. They spent $1200.00 on a back stop last year. Questioned whether it is the responsibility of the Village or League to maintain it. The mayor discussed this with the Village Administrator prior to the meeting and came to the conclusion that the Village will maintain the back stop. Years ago the baseball league installed them, but since they are on Village property it becomes the Villages' responsibility. The Village will obtain quotes. M. Hura will set a time with Mr. Kovar, the Village Administrator and himself to resolve this matter.

Ordinance 2005-9 AN ORDINANCE DECLARING THAT THE PERMANENT PARCEL NO. 1, 2, AND 3 OF VILLAGE-OWNED PROPERTY LOCATED AT 4736 EAST HIGH STREET, THE SITE OF THE FORMER VILLAGE HALL HAS NO MUNICIPAL PURPOSE, AND IS TO BE OFFERED FOR SALE UPON BIDS RECEIVED, SUBJECT TO CERTAIN BID CONDITIONS, AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. 1st Reading. Motion to bring to floor made by L. Schilling, second by J. Rogers. All ayes on roll call. Discussion. This ad had to be in the newspaper for 5 concurrent weeks. Motion to pass on 1st reading made by L. Schilling, second by M. Hura. All ayes on vote. Motion to suspend the rules made by J. Rogers, second by P. Campbell. All ayes on roll call. Motion to pass on 3rd and final reading made by J. Rogers, second by P. Campbell. All ayes on vote.

A motion to accept all committee reports on file in the Clerk's office made by M. Hura, second by J. Rogers. P. Campbell asked why they only receive the financial report in their packets. The clerk stated that some of the committees canceled meetings last month and when the reports are given to her she includes them in the packet.

Citizens: Mr. Keiper discussed the recent rate increases for the township residents. The Mayor explained that council is currently looking at the ordinances and rescinding the 150% back to the 10%. If rescinded a credit will be issued.

John Harper asked if the water/sewer funds are in trouble, why is the back hoe and truck payments split in thirds. The Mayor will look into this matter. A report was distributed by John Harper at the last Finance Committee meeting and the clerk stated that all items are being considered for the 2006 budget. Jeff Angel stated he realizes that the upgrade of the sewer plant was mandated but we need businesses to take the burden off of the residents.

Greg Kovar asked if the increase was an emergency. Was the money used for last year's law suit. The Mayor stated that was part of it. Cities like Aurora have millage and you can't fairly compare them to Mantua Village. Water could be rescinded down the road. Another resident state his sewer bill is $302.00 and can't afford it.

D. Benjamin, Solicitor, explained that over the years council had artificially put off rates. The Mayor has been making efforts to encourage development in the Stamm area and has talked with neighboring communities about Economic Development. It isn't like Council and the Mayor have not worked at it. The Mayor stated that there is a development coming in on the property behind the drug store. That will give income in tap-ins.

John Harper - We don't want to loose the business and industry we do have with these rates. We cannot afford them.

The Mayor stated that even though the citizens were mostly from the township, the six council people we have are here for the Village. We have met with your committee and have been willing to listen to suggestions and will take under advisement.

J. Rogers motioned to adjourn at 8:43 a.m. M. Hura second. All ayes on roll call.

Mayor Claude E. Hopkins

Clerk-Treasurer Betsy M. Woolf