Village of Mantua
Regular Council Meeting
March 17, 2009

Mayor Hawkins called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the pledge of Allegiance. She asked everyone to remain standing for a moment of silence for Jenny August’s father passing away, Robert Orr, Candy Young’s husband, William Young and resident Charlotte Jarjabka.

Roll Call: Donna Hawkins, Jim Rogers, Linda Schilling, Marty Hura, Ben Prescott, Roger Hawkins, Giles Seith.

Others Present: Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Asst. Clerk Susan Skrovan, Village Solicitor Tom Reitz, Police Chief Harry Buchert, Village Administrator Ed Trego, Rich Iafelice and Brian Rogers with C.T. Consultants.

Public: Ashley & Wes Hawkins, Laura Landreth, John & Linda Clark, Cookie Vanek, Scott Snyder, Ralph Gregory, Cindy Toth, Lauren Weaver, Pearl Campbell, and others.

Minutes: Motion to approve the meeting minutes of February 17, 2009 made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote.

Motion to approve the special meeting minutes of February 25, 2009 made by L. Schilling with a second from M. Hura. All ayes on vote.

Mayors Report: Mayor Hawkins attended a February 23 business workshop held at the Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department’s training room. She thanked Michelle Barnauskas for donating her time to conduct this workshop. She again met with State officials and Portage County Commissioners to revisit the Shalersville Industrial Park. The Mayor recently hosted a meeting of the Northern Portage County Government Counsel.

She has been very diligent working on grant opportunities for our Village. There is a grant proposal for Council’s review tonight regarding police officers. Donna asked Police Chief Harry Buchert to provide Council with some details.

Chief Buchert spoke on the stimulus package money that may allow the Village to rehire entry-level officers that were laid off or to increase forces back to our status before the crisis hit this country. This is a 100 percent grant for three years including all benefits paid. The only obligation is that at the end of those three years, the Village maintains those hired for one year after that date. The deadline for filing is April 14, 2009. Jenny asked if that would cover medical benefits. Harry said it states it will cover “all” benefits, whatever our standard entry-level benefits are. If we were to hire or re-hire someone who is not at entry-level, the Village would have to make up the difference. Giles asked with regard to the laid off officers, whether any have applied to come back yet. Harry replied one of the two officers has retired; the other is already at entry-level so it would not increase our cost at all. We have received grant funding in the past to hire officers, just not at 100 percent. Harry is looking at three positions to fill since one of his current officers is considering retirement in the near future, maybe within the next three years. Giles asked what happens if we can not afford to keep them on after the initial three-year period. Harry replied they have not said; he was not sure whether there would be any penalty. Harry hopes that the money saved in wages and benefits over the three years would be banked to maintain them at least another year. Roger felt if we plan properly for it now, we might be able to keep them. Marty asked Harry what he was looking for from Council tonight, direction. Harry said yes.

Motion to proceed forward with the grant application made by R. Hawkins with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote.

Mayor Hawkins had a situation that was brought to her attention on March 7 regarding W. Prospect Street. She went out to look at the problem to try to find a solution. The Mayor has charged our Village Administrator, Ed Trego, to bring forward a draft report of our storm sewer collection system in its current condition.

Primarily affecting W. Franklin, W. Prospect, Park, Regan and the Ambler Lane area. She is also requesting our service committee to work in conjunction with and alongside our Village Administrator to look into this situation. She recommends Council approve the Franklin/Regan storm sewer project.

Donna wanted to welcome a new business in town, Footprints, storeowner Melissa Lyle and Tia, her store manager.

Finance Report: Clerk-Treasurer, Jenny August gave the financial report as of 2/28/09. Her office has been getting busy with income taxes. Finance Chair, Ben Prescott suggested for tracking purposes, that she use separate line items for income tax payments into her office; this has worked out well. We have paid nearly $17,000 in outstanding C.T. invoices and tomorrow we plan to pay the remaining balance if the bills of resolution are approved. This will give the Village a clean slate with C.T. and she will be excited to let Local Government Services know we are working toward being taken off fiscal watch.

Motion to approve the financial reports: bank statements, fund status, revenue & expenses reports made by J. Rogers with a second from B. Prescott. All ayes on vote.

Bills of Resolution: Motion to approve Bills of Resolution with addendum for March less the C.T. bills made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. Ed noticed duplications on the bills list under water and sewer. Lines 131 and 153 should be crossed out. Motion to approve as amended made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote. Motion to approve the C.T. bills made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote.

Motion to accept a donation of $276.62 from Marty Hura made by J. Rogers with a second from L. Schilling. M. Hura abstained, all other ayes on vote.


ORDINANCE 2009-9: AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A DEADLINE FOR REQUESTING PURCHASE ORDERS FROM THE CLERK-TREASURERS OFFICE AT THE END OF THE FISCAL YEAR. 2nd READING. Roger felt there was no urgency on this; he would like to see Council table it for now. Ed should have some time to present his case for or against it; we have another eight months in order to pass it. Ben felt we have all talked about it and it is what we need to do to get the books cleaned up. Linda also felt there is no reason to table it. Roger asked Ed if he would like more time. Ed said it is an ongoing problem trying to communicate through this administration. He met with the Clerk at which time was advised once she spoke with the Auditor she would get back with him. He was not given that courtesy. He made a phone call today to find out that the auditor was not contacted, it went before our finance committee and was determined this was the way it was going to be. It is not an “Ed” issue; it is an issue for two department heads. Jim felt we need to do this to show the auditors the Village is working to control spending. Ed stated he has not asked for more time. Ed asked if this is for purchase orders only or expenses as well. Once it passes through the legislature in appropriations and budgeting, it becomes an administrative issue and the Mayor has always made that call. As Jim understands with this legislation, Council is establishing a deadline for new purchase orders of December 1, emergencies happen all the time. Ed asked Jenny is this to get all bills in and get them paid by the end of the year. It is not always a perfect world in trying to operate departments and in the past, it has been December 15. Issues come up that might not be done until January; Ed would like to use the appropriation from the preceding year. With proper encumbrance through purchase orders, the money carries over. Ben said the Mayor is not responsible for financing the Village; it is Council. We do not want to be spending money in the next year for the year before. Roger felt there was much more to discuss before passing this legislation. This would cut off all purchases other than emergencies. Harry asked Council how they would define an emergency. Ben said something that absolutely has to be done. Giles commented the Fire Department has done it this way for years.

RESOLUTION 2009-10: A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE 2020 VILLAGE OF MANTUA COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. 2nd READING. Motion to suspend the rules made by J. Rogers with a second from B. Prescott. All ayes on vote. Motion to approve made by L. Schilling with a second from B. Prescott. Ed asked if this document is complete. Jim said it is a living document. Ed said he just received a copy of it and it had pages missing, 51 thru 66. Linda asked why this has to be passed tonight. Jim said it is only housekeeping and called to question. All ayes on vote.

RESOLUTION 2009-11: A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE VILLAGE OF MANTUA TO PURCHASE SERVICE CREDIT FROM THE OHIO POLICE AND FIRE PENSION FUND FOR A PERIOD OF TIME IN 1988 THAT OFFICER ROGER DANIEL FORMAN WAS LAID OFF BY THE VILLAGE OF MANTUA, AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. TABLED AT 1st READING. Motion to take off the table made by B. Prescott with a second from L. Schilling. All ayes on vote. Motion to approve made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. This would cost the Village approximately $6,000. Roger asked how much the benefit would be to the employee. Harry estimated the benefit would be around $13.00 per month. Jim felt we could not justify the cost. Giles felt that after that many years of service to the Village, it should be given to him. Ben called to question. G. Seith voted yes, all other nays on vote.

RESOLUTION 2009-14: A RESOLUTION ADOPTING AN IDENTITY THEFT POLICY AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. Motion to suspend the rules made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote. Motion to approve made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. Harry asked that an amendment be made to the document on page 2. It indicates under notifying law enforcement, to notify the Police Chief, it should be notify the police department. Any officer can handle this. Motion to approve as amended made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote.


RESOLUTION 2009-16: A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN C.T. CONSULTANTS, INC. AND THE VILLAGE OF MANTUA FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURAL, AND SURVEYING SERVICES. 1st READING. Motion to table made by J. Rogers with a second from G. Seith. B. Prescott abstained; R. Hawkins voted no, all other ayes on vote.

RESOLUTION 2009-17: A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CLERK TREASURER TO ADVANCE FUNDS FROM THE GENERAL FUND TO THE GLACIAL ESKER TRAIL FUND IN ORDER TO PAY C.T. CONSULTANTS, AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. Motion to suspend the rules made by B. Prescott with a second from L. Schilling. All ayes on vote. Motion to approve made by M. Hura with a second from L. Schilling. Jenny explained this would pay one invoice as an advance to be repaid to the General Fund. All ayes on vote.

RESOLUTION 2009-18: A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING CERTAIN ADJUSTMENTS TO THE 2009 APPROPRIATIONS AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. Motion to suspend the rules made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote. Motion to approve made by L. Schilling with a second from J. Rogers. Jenny said this is appropriating the money we just advanced in the last resolution and appropriating to the General Fund to pay those other C.T. bills tomorrow. Ed asked regarding the Franklin/Regan storm sewer project whether there would be any money in the General Fund to advance to do the job itself and move forward. Jenny said she would be advancing money from the General Fund for some old Franklin/Regan bills now, a couple thousand dollars. Ben asked Ed to give Jenny a chance to look into that. Jenny spoke with Brian about getting some in kind work started. Brian said that would be done to match the Village’s 50 percent local share. The Village still has to come up with some funding. Marty commented the Village had not had the easements in place for the project until now, causing a two-year delay. We are still working on getting the funds. Ben replied if the project was done right now, we would not have the funds.

Mayor Hawkins said that was one of the reasons she recommended getting the loan to pay C.T.’s outstanding invoices. Ben said the State auditor objected to us doing that. Donna checked with Eunice from the State auditor’s office, she said we could do it; it would not be a citable offense. Ben said it was suggested that we do not do that. Donna said it was only suggested not do it, but it is not a citable offense. Linda said it was suggested only because Eunice cannot flat out tell you no, she told her the same thing. Ben said that has nothing to do with the fact we do not have the money. The Mayor said at a previous Council meeting Ben had stated the Mayor was absolutely correct in handling it in that manner. As finance chair, it was brought before you, meeting after meeting and finance gave the Mayor the direction to go forward in that manner and she did. B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote.

At this time Mayor Hawkins presented her recommendation for Zoning Inspector and asked Council to approve the appointment of John Vechery. Donna had done two face-to-face interviews and two phone interviews. There were 7-8 applications in all. John Vechery was the previous Zoning Inspector for the Village of Mantua. Linda asked whether there was anyone from the Village qualified. Donna said no one near as qualified as John. The previous Zoning Inspector, who was a Village resident, he indicated to her it might be better to have someone from outside the Village. The codified ordinances do not require them to be a resident. Linda asked whether there could be a conflict between the Village and Township, where would John put his priorities. Donna felt John would do his job. Jim said this person is very well qualified and would give some harmony between the Township & Village. Jim feels John is the ideal candidate. Linda would like to see all the applications. Marty said it is a mute point. Motion made to accept the appointment of John A. Vechery as Zoning Inspector by J. Rogers with a second from R. Hawkins. L. Schilling voted no, all other ayes on vote.

The Mayor asked for the 2009 Committee Appointments. Jim presented his slate of committee members. Donna did not agree with Jim’s selection and felt they had discussed this earlier and decided otherwise. She wanted to table it. Jim said per their last conversation, he was to go on Service; all the others would remain the same as last year. Mayor Hawkins said she knew Roger requested to move from Shade Tree to Parks. Donna spoke regarding the Parks board and how instrumental Marty has been. Marty and Linda were both on Parks last year. Donna had concerns that in 2008 not one meeting was attended or held, not one. Marty and Linda disagreed. Marty asked the Mayor to take a poll of the people that were on park’s board and ask them whether we had meetings last year. We did, just not every month, it was not necessary. Donna said she had come to meetings and no one was here, others were here as well and waited for someone to show and no one did. Roger would like the opportunity to work with the Parks board. There are scout projects coming up; Roger is very involved with the scouts. For now, the committees will stand as they were for 2008. Solicitor, Tom Reitz reminded Council that if they elect to attend a committee meeting have four Council members in attendance, it actually becomes a Village Council meeting, which is fine so long as you advertise it that way. Tom also stressed the appointments need to come back before Council soon.

Committee Reports: Police Chief, Harry Buchert reported, as previously announced, there was no safety meeting in February. The next meeting is scheduled for March 26 at 6:30 a.m. The Police Department has hired a new auxiliary officer, James Barrett, who has worked with us in the past. There will be no impact on appropriations. They have received a donation of teddy bears from Wal-Mart to be given out to children in distress. Motion to accept the donation made by B. Prescott with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote.

Chief Buchert also wanted to comment on our Village Solicitor, Thomas Reitz, who has worked closely with the police department. Harry felt Tom has been an excellent solicitor who has earned the respect of the court systems and has Harry’s admiration. His recommendation to Council would be to retain Tom Reitz as our solicitor.

Village Administrator, Ed Trego saw that Mantua Matters is out and looks good. He asked that all cemetery decorations please be taken off by April 15. May 16, 2009 is Spring Clean-up from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

It will be posted on our local Channel and in Mantua Matters. Linda commented she had spoken to Bill Steiner last year about having a shredder available this year to help those with documents of sensitive information to dispose of them safely. Ed said he would look into this being available. April 7, 8 & 9, the service department will be flushing hydrants. Ed asked where the money is right now with the Glacial Esker project. Jenny said the financial office has not received any monies to date. The Franklin/Regan storm sewer project has been extended to June 30, 2009. Ed said the season is here to begin moving forward. Ed complimented the Police Chief on his comments of our solicitor and agrees that Tom has been invaluable. With four positions available on Council in November, they really need to think about what actions they take. The Mayor asked Ed if family services were coming this year for furniture. Ed said no, but he would double check.

Rich Iafelice with C.T. Consultants thanked Mayor Hawkins, Clerk-Treasurer, Jenny and Council for working to reconcile the debt owed to C.T.

Rich informed Council his office has been heavily involved with stimulus money projects, one in particular, the Mats Road project. Plans have been on the shelf for 8 years. Any projects that are submitted must be “shovel ready” within 180 days. They rushed a project in under the Revitalization efforts at 100 percent, infrastructure from Circle K to McDonalds. This work by C.T. was all done under their retainer.

Rich also has been reading and editing the flood hazard ordinance and plans to bring it back before Council and the Mayor soon.

Planning: Jim said regarding the Mats Road project; Stamm Contracting has committed to providing all of the concrete. Jim will be unable to attend the planning meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., due to a family emergency that has kept him busy for weeks.

Service: Linda was unable to attend the last service meeting and spoke with Ed on what was discussed. She said service meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 a.m.

Parks: Marty passed.

Finance: Ben said Jenny went over everything tonight. The next finance meeting is scheduled the Saturday before Council at 8:00 a.m.

BZA: Roger had nothing to report for the BZA.

Safety: Giles said there was no safety meeting last month. As for Shade Tree, the trees are still there.

Linda Schilling asked the Mayor if there was any update on the waterline at the high school. Mayor Hawkins said she had spoken with superintendent, Joe Iacano on the matter. He indicated that we would need to discuss this independently with each board member on the school board. Linda said she heard from Norm Erickson that there was a special meeting tonight. Jim said that is not true, he received his information from Joe Iacano two hours before this meeting.

Linda asked Tom what was happening with Shultz on the zoning issue. Tom said they were served with a letter of enforcement 31 days ago giving them a 30 day deadline. He now plans to consult with our Council president to direct him on enforcement action.

Linda read the last finance report and wanted to comment on something that Roger had said to Ben about spending. Roger felt Ben was unnecessarily scaring everyone that we are spending too much money. Linda agreed with Ben; we need to stop spending, we need to tighten our belts. She referenced the solicitor’s bill going way over the $25,000, which had been appropriated for 2008. Roger asked Linda what caused that, it was due to members of Council unnecessarily going to Tom every time they had a whim. Jim adamantly disagreed with Roger. Roger believed we have to spend money responsibly. Linda stated you have to have the money to spend which we do not.

Tom wanted to mention with regard to his pay and the appropriations set, the $25,000 that Council budgeted, was never communicated to him. He found out about it this year, after the services had been rendered. He does not get the financial reports. The second thing is that he is paid on an hourly basis. He does not go out and look for work to do for the Village. I am driven by the requests of this administration. Individual members of Council rarely contact him. His dilemma is responding to requests from his employer, Mantua Village, and in doing so causing his bill to increase. He would welcome an evaluation so that he could address any concerns the Village has. He can tell you that $15,000 of the $39,000 spent for his services were one-time problems mostly inherited from his predecessor.

Marty Hura would like Council’s approval to attend the Tree City Award Banquet at a cost of $35.00, which he would donate out of his Council pay. Council was all in favor.

Public: Laura Landreth, as a member of the Revitalization Committee, would like to announce “Art on the Hill” which will be located all along Prospect Street July 11, 2009. They have many spaces to fill; people can show their own art or come and appreciate someone else’s art. There will be arts and crafts. She is asking for Council’s blessing. Harry added it would be on Prospect Street between Maple and First Streets. The street will be closed down at Main to Maple and at Main to First.

Motion made by J. Rogers to support Art on the Hill under the direction of the Downtown Mantua Revitalization Committee with a second from L. Schilling. All ayes on vote.

Scott Snyder lives on Herald Street brought up a water problem causing flooding on his property. There is not a storm sewer there that works and asked for some assistance.

Lauren Weaver on Prospect Street read a petition of 100 signatures asking the Mayor and Council members of the Village of Mantua to conduct a thorough, timely, and proactive investigation of the water problems and flooding they are having on their property.

Linda Stevens on Line Street is also experiencing water problems.

Randy Weaver would like to see the service department look at storm grates around town; some are washed out and dangerous to children. At Circle K, the french drain is totally plugged; they need to be contacted to clean it out. He spoke with both George Voinovich and Steve LaTourette regarding getting stimulus money to help and was told we are two weeks late in applying for any of the stimulus money.

Lauren Weaver said Main Street will look great with the revitalization project but the side streets are falling apart. Just because we do not have money, are we going to give up?

Cindy Toth spoke regarding her water problems. She is not new to Council; her problems have been there since 2003. They hired their own engineer and attorney to try to solve the problem. Her sidewalks are so deteriorated; something has to be done.

Ralph Gregory on Prospect Street had a lot of water recently. Some of the systems cannot handle that much water all at once. Walk up and down Franklin, water is not going anywhere near the storm sewer grates; he has a hole the size of a person by his property. The project the Village started on his property has not been finished.

Wendy Jenks lives next to Mr. Gregory; she had pictures of water running into her house.

Cindy Toth said back in 2005, Ed spoke with her about a temporary fix until the Franklin/Regan project could be completed but nothing has been done.

Roger said we need a commitment by all for a coordinated fix; he saw the problems first hand. Roger invited anyone who wishes to attend the service meeting; it is at 7:00 a.m.

Wes Hawkins on Franklin Street felt the majority of people cannot attend a service meeting at 7:00 a.m. Even the chair of that committee sometimes does not attend. If it was in the evening, more people could attend.

Linda Schilling stated as the chairperson for the service committee and Wes made the statement she is not committed, she is committed. She would like to meet with everyone; we can set a date and meet.

Mayor Hawkins reminded everyone in her Mayor’s report she had charged Ed to move forward and do a full evaluation of the storm sewers. She also requested the service department meet along with the citizens, get you all involved to work on this.

Ralph Gregory asked Donna if a timeline should be placed on this evaluation. Ed Trego said to Randy, his wife and anyone else if they can meet with him afterward on any immediate safety issues they saw so they can be addressed. Ed requests going to evening service meetings as long as they are not before a Council meeting. Ed’s timeframe is as soon as possible and no later than a draft to the next service meeting.

Rich Iafelice offered to volunteer his own time to help hit these areas, possibly on a couple of Saturdays. There are maintenance issues as well as engineering issues involved.

Chris Zimmerman is a new resident in town. Her driveway was a river; the storm drains were covered by debris. She asked that the Village at least clean off the drains first.

Linda Schilling asked everyone to allow Ed, Rich and the service department to get a date set; she agreed to call everyone on the petition to attend.

Bob Ress on Franklin Street said the problem does not begin on Franklin as everyone has indicated; it actually begins on High Street. The water comes across the driveways. Everyone works to get the water away from his or her own homes and basements only to send it down the hill onto someone else.

Susana Barba on Franklin Street has not lived here as long as some of the other residents here tonight. She said this is the first time for her to have major water damage. She is here to show her support for her neighbors and was glad everyone had the opportunity to be heard tonight.

Laura Landreth did not realize all these water problems existed; they do not see these problems at the other end of town where she lives. She apologized if she sounded unconcerned earlier when she spoke on the revitalization efforts.

Theresa (Trish) Snyder has lived here for six years; she described Mantua as Mayberry. She loves her little Mantua town and our police chief Harry. When she first arrived here tonight, she was disappointed and down over the interaction between everyone, it was a very heavy feeling. She does have faith in our town. She was baffled by the fact we did not know how much we were spending on a solicitor. In addition, the Zoning Inspector’s position being filled by someone who already has a job. There are many people in our town without a job or on the verge of losing their homes.

John Clark sympathizes with the residents; why do we have these issues of severe safety that our village employees are not seeing when they drive around our streets.

Ralph Gregory said his attorney called the Solicitor six months ago and has not received a return call yet. Tom Reitz responded to Mr. Gregory by saying his statement was not accurate; he returned Mr. Wilson’s call the same day. Tom told him he would accept any information he had to submit, he has not submitted a single thing to him. Tom keeps very good records because he feels it is his duty to the residents. Ed Trego confirmed what Tom said, when that contact came through several months ago, he was given a heads up.

Linda Clark, on another topic, asked Tom Reitz where we stand on the Bina Coit Trust. Tom said the trust has been closed and the funds delivered to the Village.

Linda asked Jenny what fund the money would go into. Jenny said it goes to the Cemetery fund. Linda asked if there was any more word on the other large trust. No.

Linda Clark asked Council if the $500.00 balance owed by Mr. Benjamin was still outstanding. Yes it is.

Linda asked Ed to clarify what he said at the service meeting about the 4” waterline at the high school not being Village’s property. Ed explained the 6” line is the main line that feeds the high school and is not a public pipe. The 4” line from Main Street up to the 6” pipe is a lateral to the school; it is not a public pipe for the Village.

Linda asked regarding the C.T. contract, would there be any further meetings to discuss it. Jim replied that Council would be having an executive session tonight with one of the topics being the C.T. contract.

Mayor Hawkins thanked everyone for being here tonight.

Motion made by J. Rogers to enter into executive session regarding personnel matters at 9:31 p.m. with a second from R. Hawkins. All ayes on vote.

Motion made by M. Hura to reconvene into regular session at 10:10 p.m. with a second from J. Rogers. All ayes on vote.

Motion made by J. Rogers to bring Ordinance 2009-16 off the table with a second from M. Hura. B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote.

Motion to approve made by M. Hura with a second from J. Rogers. L. Schilling voted no, B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote.

Motion to suspend the rules and read for 3rd and final made by J. Rogers with a second from M. Hura. L. Schilling voted no, B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote. Open for discussion. Call to question. L. Schilling voted no, B. Prescott abstained, all other ayes on vote.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:13 p.m. made by J. Rogers with a second from R. Hawkins. All ayes on vote.

Mayor Donna Hawkins

Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August